A Holiday bucket List

It was the week before Christmas, and all through the house, Beth’s family were vomiting, and she has about to lose her SHOUSE.

Yep, we now have 3 down with 2 of us standing, the vom PHOBE and myself. It’s been real. Actually, it’s been OK, it’s pretty quick so my calculations are if we go down which is likely, it should be before Christmas. So there’s that.

So while I sit here like a ticking time bomb, wondering if the slightest twinge or sound is the start of IT, I thought I would share some of my summer holiday bucket list items that I have, a plan to tick few things off over the next few weeks, before the year kicks back off with Hot Cross Buns in the supermarket and deadlines and ALL THE THINGS and then suddenly it’s May and we are wondering what happened to summer.

Go walking most days.

I always complain that I never have time to exercise or go for a run, and what will I have? Time. I’m hoping I get back into some kind of routine for a walk most days. Not fast, or timed, or specific. Just moving.

Not blog

You know what? I never NOT blog. I always blog! In fact, this is my 273rd post for the entire year. I think the last time I took a decent break from the blog was when I had Maggie (but then still I blogged) and the time before that was when we went away for a week in 2013 and I left my laptop and phone behind. But other than that? Always doing something all the time. So a little break will be nice.

Eat a potato scallop, OK capped at 10
Try some new recipes
Catch a fish
Read as many books as I can
Do some writing, just because
Take some video and try and teach myself how to use it on my camera

Social media detox

I also share a LOT of things. If you are like me, I spend waaaaay too much time on Instagram in particular. I could dead set watch Instagram stories mindlessly for way too long. It’s like TV for me, I literally will sit and watch crap over and over again like I have had a lobotomy. And every time I want to sit and relax I ALWAYS go to my phone and mindlessly start scrolling. I am SO DONE WITH THIS. Done. Done. Done. Done. Done. We are done. I don’t want to be sitting my the pool scrolling, I don’t want to be in bed scrolling, or waking up and scrolling. And the only way I will be able to do this is to delete the apps from my phone. So that’s what I am doing from tomorrow night onwards, I will be OFFLINE until early Jan.

Go for a night time swim
Play some cards
Sit and talk to my husband without distraction
Play a game of back gammon
Do a puzzle
Watch some movies or TV series
Get Maggie toilet trained
Drink beer at lunch while eating some prawns
Spend one on one time with the girls
Spend a few minutes every day, eyes closed, listening to the world around me

And not get sick.

Best to cap it at that right? Don’t want to overcomplicate things. Let’s see how we fare at the end of it. I’ll be around until tomorrow night, blogging, online, on Insta and the like and then I will be off until at least the 2nd Jan. Radio silence on all of the things because man do I need to take a break.

Tell me, what’s on your Holiday bucket list?
And what do I need to add into mine?


  1. Nicole Perry says

    You have inspired me like you I wake up and scroll I sit down and scroll. So social media detox here I come. I want to get back to basics read, laugh and make the most of every moment of having my family at home.

    I hope you stay well and enjoy your Christmas.

  2. Oh I love your list Beth! Several of those are on my list including learn how to play backgammon. I know what you mean about mindlessly scrolling. At night when the girls are in bed the hubs and I are both on iPads with rubbish tv on in the background. A habit we need to get out of. I want to read, play games as a family, go to yoga & have decent conversations with my hubs. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Good luck with the toilet training! Fun times xx

  3. I love this list but the two I love most are “ not blogging “ & “ social media detox “. It will be hard for the first few days but seriously Beth, you will not know yourself!!!! I love myself a million times more when I have no Instagram & again I wonder why I’d ever go back….oh and reading all the books- BEST!!! I think I’ve read about 70 odd books this year & that is flipping amazing! Join goodreads, you can set yourself a reading challenge, track your books, see what friends are reading & get recommendations. It’s great.
    My list includes swimming in the ocean & after reading your list I want to do a puzzle 🙂

  4. Oh no, worst timing… but also the best if it has to be before Christmas. Everyone will be ravenous for food after its passed. Love your list. I hope you have a fabulous Christmas and a Happy New Year Beth. xx

  5. oh no! not good on the bug front beth!
    ginger in everything and I hope it passes soon!
    KISS = keep it simple schweetheart! … my mantra!
    hope you enjoy your Christmas and holidays!
    much love m :)X

  6. ‘Tis the season for gastro 🤢 Our boys had their last swimming lesson for the year and then about 4hrs later went down with gastro. Oh man WHY???

    Thankfully, our house has seemly recovered…but I’m keeping us quarantined as to not spread the bug and have a healthy family for Christmas Day.

    This will be the first time, in approximately 18 months, that our immediate family will spend a substantial amount of time together. I’m aiming to do be divorced at the end of it 😳

    I’m hoping to swim in the ocean EVERYDAY. Read a book or two. Catch up with a girlfriend and have lunch – KID FREE. Go shopping with my Mum – KID FREE. Go for a drive to see all the Christmas lights. Eat an icecream on the beach after dinner. BBQ.

  7. I presume you won’t read this until early Jan seeing as you are ‘switching off’, but yes I am totally with you on this. I have gradually been detoxing from scrolling through meaningless crap for a couple of weeks by 1) switching phone off and leaving in kitchen when I go to bed and 2) accidentally leaving my phone at a friend’s place which I couldn’t pick up for 4 days made me realise NOBODY CALLED ME in that time anyway. Clearly I don’t use my phone as an actual phone anymore, it’s just another smaller convenient way to scroll through meaningless crap. It has got to stop. Good luck with that!

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