Maggie is 2 years old!

Another whole year has passed. That sweet little baby girl, is now a little girl. A 2 year old girl. My how a year flies by.

There’s so much to say, and then nothing much at all. Rob said it to me today while we were watching her run about in the Autumn sunshine, free as a bird, happy as a clam “what would we have done without Maggie?”. The answer is, I don’t know.

I had so much trepidation about having another baby after such a long time. About going back, being pregnant again, being older, breast-feeding again, all that lack of sleep, going all the way back to the beginning just when we were starting to see the light. And I remember something inside of me telling me just to suck it up and get on with it, stop being so selfish. We’d be making a whole new person, that would live a happy and long life, bring their goodness and change and love into the world to connect with other people, who was I to stop that? So we gave it a ridiculously short window to make it happen, and in approx 2.3 seconds later, I was pregnant with our baby girl.

What took you so long guys?

And wasn’t she worth the wait! This child, quite simply, has made our family whole. In going back to the beginning I have been able to right so many wrongs, heal and be the Mum I always could have been: filled with trust and instinct and belief. She’s taught the girls so much, bought Rob and I closer and given us a reminder at what a good job we’ve done. She’s been a sister to her cousin Archie, those sweet soul twins who are so lucky now to live together. She makes every single person she comes in contact with  day a little brighter, she just does.

Sweet Maggie, thank goodness you are here.

Today she turned two in a quiet and happy way. It was uncomplicated and not fussy. Her balloon following her wherever she went. She was happy and comfortable and confident with the people that she loves and knows around her. She had a few, but really lovely presents which she loved. A dodgy bakery cake, and enough confidence to try blowing out candles for the first time. She smiled and she laughed and she told every single person we saw today “It’s my birfday today. My’s two.”

As simple as today was, I’ll keep my words that way too. Maggie, my angel, Happy Birthday. We love you so much. Thank goodness you are here, thank you for being here.

Because I know I may be asked Maggie’s cattle yards were from Country Toys and her Maggie Moo Print (given to her from Mum) was from Estelle & Friends.


  1. Must see video of “My’s two”. MUST! SEE!

    Oh god, what a DELIGHT your girl is!!

  2. She is a treat! Thank goodness for Maggie☺️

  3. What a sweetheart. your children are adorable, Beth.

  4. She is adorable, Beth. Absolute sunshine beaming through the screen. In your words it is so obvious to get a sense of what she means to your whole family. Happy 2nd birthday to your little country bumpkin. I am sure she will live a charmed life, spreading joy as she goes.

  5. Maggie brightens my day. As does all your family. You are so blessed to gave 3 beautiful kids. Beautiful inside and out. I didn’t really need to tell tou that though, you already knew it. You and Rob have done an amazing job in making thise 3 little humans. Enjoy your day Maggie. X

  6. Such a heartfelt post about this delightful little girl made by you and Rob. Thank you lovely Beth for sharing her life with us. As a grandma who doesn’t see her little people anymore, your Maggie brings sunshine into my days! Love, Denyse xxx

  7. Like you I had a third child wondering if it was the right thing to do. I also got an amazing human that seems to draw people to her. My girl is now 12 and still as lovely as she was as a toddler. Happy Birthday Maggie!!

  8. Maggie is like sunshine on a rainy day, she certainly brightens a dull day. Happy birthday Miss Maggie xx

  9. I have loved seeing her grow and all her mischief and heart delight making. Thank you for sharing her with us. I have two adult children,so always nice to see her innocent antics

  10. So beautifully written, simply love this post, thank you xx

  11. your maggie is soo adorable beth! …
    just returned from no devices holiday and gorgeous to see pumpkin
    looking soo happy on her special day!
    much love m:)X

  12. She is absolutely delicious. Bless. Well done to you Mama! You DID IT! Xxx

  13. Suzanne Wright says

    As a grandmother I enjoy your writings about parenting and life. Loved this one about your delightful Maggie’s special 2nd birthday. May her third year be filled with happy adventures. Regards Sue

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