Maggie is 21 months old!

Where does a month go?! I’m with you Mags. It’s entirely NOT Ok that you will be 2 in just 3 months time.

But despite all the protest and crankiness that we feel about the situation, here we are Miss 21 months old. Full of new words, an obsession with her older sister, a love for the dummy not seen before in 21 months and smiles that will make your heart burst.

It’s been a bit of a come down since her big sisters started back at school, but she’s getting through with Frank, as ever, and her beloved cows.

My word she loves any kind of farm animal. I had to throw cold hard cash at a season of Playschool for the iPad on life on the farm and we have watched the Baby Einstein Baby Macdonald video on YouTube about 567 times. And you think I’m kidding!

She also loves her dummy. Or dummies I should say. Seen often walking around with two in her hands and one in her gob, I know it’s something that we will need to shut down at some stage but right now I am letting her go full Maggie Simpson on that stuff.

She’s also obsessed with Play doh which you can imagine I am THRILLED about. Mum told me I was being awful not letting her play with it so of course I felt bad, then remembered when I now have fluro green playdoh wedged into every rug we own. THANKS MUM.

It’s been HOT. And no one likes too much heat. Especially not the babies. It’s been lovely having Archie just around the corner…trying to explain to Mags that another baby is coming soon. She’s not interested. I AM. Thank goodness there will be another baby to cuddle. My sisters. Not mine. WE ARE DONE.

Her words and speaking have gone through the roof in the past month too. Every day there is something new. Check out the counting here. SCFREEE, SFOOOOUR. Daisy has taught her to count to ten.

We’ve been getting back into our routine of normal life when the girls are at school, quiet mornings, long sleeps in the middle of the day and running around in the afternoons. I love the rhythm of these days. Long may they last.

So Miss Mags, slow down on this growing business. The clip in the hair makes you just a little bit TOO much grown up for my liking. You are a joy, every day, to every single one of us.

As for the shoulder drop you do when you dance? Long may it stay that way FOREVER.


  1. She’s a delight Beth. ?

  2. Have you seen this super wooden model farms, they are great, I don’t remember where they come from but Ainsley Mcarthur’s children have a big set.

  3. what a gorgeous child she is beth!
    thankyou for sharing her delightfulness with us!
    much love m:)X

  4. Much love here? Happy 1.75 years Maggie!

  5. She is so cute. They grow up so fast.

  6. Beth where has the time gone ? Maggie is so grown up now, a real little girl. That smile, the clip, her dancing. Pure delight. I think she looks like you more every day xx

  7. As I was signing permission notes for my baby the other day it hit me that these were the last permission notes I would ever have to sign. That’s it! Done! Another adult in the house. I’m not okay with that but I have 29 school weeks to get used to it.

  8. I’ve just recently started reading your blog (thanks Mrs Woog) and can relate to so much of what you write about ๐Ÿ™‚
    My little dude is 21 months and also has an increased obsession with his dummy as well as a new found adoration for his big brother (11).
    I’m enjoying reading about #febulous and how it is becoming your new “normal” and producing noticeable changes in body and mind as it’s definitely something I want to embrace later in the year once this next baby is done ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for sharing. I look forward to the next update.

  9. Maggie and Archie…two peas in a pod!!

  10. Khali Whatley says

    Oh my goodness Maggie, you are just too cute for words. My ovaries are literally bursting.

  11. Oh Maggie, little blossom! She’s got the life hasn’t she Beth?! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m seriously thinking of another one, but I have 3 already (all out of nappies) and I’m probs just being greedy!! Must stop looking at your blog Beth seeing as you’ve another cutie to be added to your family, and I can just imagine the baby spam to come, swoon!!
    Love to you! Liz XO

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