Welcome Miss Dorothy May Mitchell!

I’ve been a nervous wreck waiting on the arrival of Lucy’s baby. It’s been such a wait, and when you find out someone is preggers from the very beginning, well it seems like a VERY long wait indeed. There were plenty of false starts, but FINALLY yesterday afternoon one Miss Dorothy May Mitchell arrived. What a relief! Both Mum and baby nailed the whole thing in a very short amount of time, and now they are both a little shell shocked that it’s done!

This morning we got to visit the wee darling. Oh there is NOTHING like a newborn, especially one we have all been waiting for. And a girl! Rob is thrilled that all the boxes of clothes in the garage will be gone eventually.

She’s actually perfect. Cheeks! And long legs and feet and rosebud lips. Are babies not absolute proof of miracles in this world? A perfect human formed and grown? Honestly, there’s not much better.

I got a hold and she managed to tell me the secrets of the universe. We love each other very much already, and it’s been 10 minutes.

I tell you who else loves her. Maggie. Look how big she looks! Weren’t we just here doing this with her?

And there are two older babysitters on hand ready to show her round the traps.

You guys! A baby girl. A new member of our family to love and cherish. I am so glad she is here safe and sound. And perfect.

Dorothy May you are loved. Welcome sweet girl, it’s so nice to meet you at last.

You better get used to the sight of me, it’s going to be dangerous to have you a 40 second walk away. Hope you guys are ready for some baby spam, I have a feeling there might be a bit.

Happy Saturday friends, a happy day indeed x


  1. All i can say is congratulations. She is perfect. What a beautiful family you have been born.into. keep the pics coming.

  2. So exciting! Congratulations to you all. Love that newborn bubble you go into. Looking forward to lots of pics in the coming months.

  3. Your little sweeties will bring much joy, fun and adventures to this precious new life, so much love?

  4. Omg look at your girls with their new cousin…precious. congratulations to all x

  5. Welcome Dorothy May, you will be surrounded by so much love and support, congrats to Lucy and Chris and Archie!

  6. Oh my gosh! My mother’s name is Dorothy (she’s 87!) and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a baby Dorothy! She is beyond gorgeous! Best wishes to all xxx

  7. Those cheeks!!!!
    Babies are the very best thing ever!!!!
    And honestly, I’m bloody nuts but gosh photos like that, with the hospital blanket, just make me want to go back there all over again. I won’t, not EVER, but jeez, it’s the most magical time.
    Congrats x

  8. perfection indeed beth!
    well done lucy! … she is gorgeous!
    certainly girl force!
    how is archie faring???
    much love m:)X

  9. Pure perfection. That little miss is very lucky to be born into such a wonderful family. Congratulations to you all xx

  10. congratulations! such sweet photos of your kids with her x

  11. Oh Beth, your words about babies being miracles just brought me to tears. I’m not a baby person at all, and those sweet words about their absolute perfection just got me. I never thought of it like that, that I formed and grew 2 perfect miracles myself, as I absolutely hated pregnancy (hyperemesis will do that to a girl) and my second was a premature c-section due to a ruptured placenta, which in true mothering style, I blame myself for…both the prematurity and his time spent in the NICU and SCN. my boys are both perfect and healthy (I mean…as perfect as a 2.8yo and a 4.4yo can be ?) and reading your words tonight have done much towards healing a heart that has been very broken for quite a long time about it all. And BLESS sweet Dorothy May and her family. Dorothy (and Maggie!) were both on our now unused ‘girls names’ list, and my middle name is May also, so please pass on my love for her beautiful name!

  12. So beautiful! Love the name. xx

  13. She is just glorious. How sweet and precious little babies are. Miracles indeed. Congratulations to your sister and family. Enjoy those snuggles and that delicious new born scent. x

  14. Robyn Jokic says

    So precious nothing smells so sweet as a newborn. She is adorable enjoy those cuddles congratulations!

  15. Oh Congrats to Lucy. How cute. The girls must be beside themselves. And how lucky is Lucy to have 2 little babysitters so close. Gosh it must be nice to have your sister so close… I can only imagine. I am so pleased for all of you. xxx

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