Maggie is 23 months old!

Um, someone will be turning two next month. No more baby. No more liddle person. Just this BIG, adorable, BUSY little lady. Who is now 23 months old.

It’s also occurred to me that I forgot to do a monthly update last month on her (because: well busyness and getting ready for NY and perhaps like many things these days, I just plain forgot). Maggie has grown SO much in the last little while. Perhaps it was because we were apart for almost 2 weeks but she is BIG. And talks. She talks so much!

And she sings. Those Grandmas were really working the nursery rhymes while we were gone because girlfriend can SING them all. All of them!

She is obsessed with cows (still) and going on adventures with anyone who is keen. Walks to here and there, who knows what we will see along the way.

It’s her favourite time at the moment – with her sisters home from School on holidays so there are so many people around. Not to mention Dad to play her whatever she likes.

Of course the person she loves and fights with most of all is Archie. These two are pretty much like twins, fighting and loving like brothers and sisters. It’s so special to watch.

She is sleeping well (still waking once a night for a cheeky bottle which I still give her) she loves that dummy still, is a little obsessed with the iPad and watching You Tube videos of cows or fire trucks if she is with Arch. She loves the trampoline, eating, running and dancing – she wiggles those shoulders and hips and dances in the funniest way. She is pure joy and delight.

And in a few short weeks she will be TWO YEARS OLD. I’m unsure how that happens, but here we are. Heading full force into toddlerhood and stubbornness and everything in between. I wish I could slow it all down, or even pause, but as sure as all the leaves are turning here, I am reminded that nothing stays the same, the only constant is change.

And how lucky we are that we have her here.


Happy 23 months young lady x


  1. Gorgeous Beth. My youngest, Phoebe turns 3 in July. You wonder where the time goes! I agree this toddlerhood is exhausting and sometimes frustrating (for both mum and kid!), but also full of joy. Love your pictures once again. You have a beautiful family. xx

  2. Absolutely adorable. Maggie and Archie are the perfect pair. What a fabulous friendship these cousins have. I can’t wait to read about all the mischief they will get up to as they grow together xx

  3. Katie Elliott says

    Gorgeous Maggie! It must be so great for you to be able to look back at these blogs in the future and be transported back. Geez I wish Miles would sleep like Maggie though! I am woken a minimum of 4 times a night still. The terrible two’s are creeping in!

  4. I totally remember the post of you standing on the front steps of the hospital leaving with newbie Mags and talking about how Kate (of the royal family) managed to do the same in nude pumps and pantyhose. Wasn’t that all just yesterday???!!! My grand finale is turning 3 next month. Slow down cherubs. PS. Nice pipes Pappa.

  5. what can we say but thankyou beth for sharing your adorable poppet with us!
    she is too adorable! would melt anyone!
    love her singing and rob singing to her! … OMG!
    and especially love all of her shoes and boots!
    she is a ray of sunshine indeed!
    much love m:)X

  6. You do of course know she is so very like you. At least from what I can see. Beautiful pics Beth.

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