Maggie is 19 months old!

Another month gone? Surely not!

Thank goodness there are cherry overalls and dimply knees to help us through this all.

Any remaining signs of baby are fast disappearing, leaving us with a little girl.

Still a very little (thank goodness) but growing like a weed nonetheless.

19 months old is pretty busy. Really busy actually. Drawing and playing and begging people to play “nigh nighs” with her where people have to put her to bed. That or bathing the baby. That just never gets old.

We’ve had our niece/cousin from Melbourne staying with us since last week and she has been a trooper with Mags…someone to play with while the bigger two are at School. I know that Maggie is going to have the BEST school holidays with her sisters and cousins and friends over the next 6 weeks. Swimming, playing, time at the farm and away with my family for Christmas….it’s going to be wonderful to watch.

She is most impressed with the Christmas tree, and has really not pulled everything off it surprisingly. Actually, being bossed and ordered around by a 7 year old will scare off most people, myself included.

Our days are pretty quiet and boring, spending most of them at home pottering about in between me getting work done, but she’s happy and thriving. Kids really don’t need much do they?

So Miss Mags, another month done and dusted and a new year we are about to head into. Archie turns TWO tomorrow (how can that even be?!) and there seems to be nothing we can do about all this growth, but merely stop for as many “cuggels” as we can get, deep sniffing of the head at any opportunity, tickles post bath and bottom squeezing as we run down the hallways, cherishing those dirty baby giggles.

I can’t wait to see you enjoy Christmas, I have a feeling you will like it as much as this cannoli.


  1. Oh, Mags! You truly are a delight to watch grow. Thank you for sharing her with us Beth xx

  2. thankyou for sharing the incredibly amazing little bundle of smiles that is Maggie with us. I miss “cuggels”, my baby turned 14 today

  3. Jill Unsworth says

    Oh how beautiful she is! 19months, good Lordy ! This Christmas will be magic for you all. Thank you for sharing your family with us. Best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful Christmas surrounded by all those you love.

  4. omg! maggie is too adorable!
    thankyou for sharing your sweetie with us beth!
    what a face full of expressions! she is such a character!
    hair’s doing well too!
    I need a shirt like hers!
    much love m:)X

  5. Liss Ramsden says

    oh she is just so divine!!

  6. Oh my goodness me Miss Maggie – you are just precious!

  7. Mags basically IS Christmas. ????

  8. Thank you for making my morning xx

  9. Beautiful! Thank you for putting a smile on my face this morning! A reminder to treasure these moments ( my son is 18 months)

  10. My two are 14 and 10 and I so enjoy soaking up a bit of baby/toddler softness – I always enjoy your Maggie updates. She’s a treasure.

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