Two is a pretty cute age. Sure, there’s tantrums and all the bits that go with it. But it’s mostly sweet little people emerging with sentences and words and playing and innocence and joy.

As for these two? Well. It’s an absolute joy to have them here, growing up together. Two peas in a pod.


  1. How beautiful. It’s lovely to see how close they are. Mates for life x

  2. Stop it!! They are ridiculously cute – those chubby little hands – deeevine!!

  3. That is just totally gorgeous !

  4. The knuckle dimples…..I CAN’T EVEN. Divine.

  5. Gorgeous photos. Can’t help but smile! They are truly adorable looking children.

  6. they are so adorable together beth! … they are just like an old couple!:))
    love those photos! you captured delightful moments hun! … priceless!
    I see maggie didn’t let go of little teddy once!
    much love m:)X

  7. Lovely photos…

  8. Cuteness overload! Is he still “Harchie”? And 2 is waaaaay better than 3, imo!

  9. Gail Virgona says

    Absolutely divine. Love the first and third child – first has quality, leather, good-for-growing-feet shoes on. Third is barefoot. That’s my kids to a tee.

  10. Oh those little faces 🙂 Kiss them, squish them tell them they are divine! Your Mum must be sooooo happy to be close to all her grand-kiddies Beth. I’d love this when I’m Nanna one day.
    Love Liz XO

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