A letter to Lucy before her 2nd baby

Dear Lucy,

Today we celebrated a little baby shower for you, because apparently you are going to have another baby. Real soon. I might even miss it which I am entirely NOT ok with.

It was a small gathering with just a few friends at Mum’s place on a cool autumnal day. The smell of delicious slow cooked lamb filling the house and onto the deck where we shared a glass of fancy champers and opened pressies while Mags and Arch trotted about completely ruining any kind of ladies lunch ambience.

Mum trotted out a seriously good lunch, I am still thinking about that salsa verde and wondering why I didn’t get any potatoes? And also thinking about the pesto that swirled in the minestrone and the fluffy ginger cake Aunty Tricia made. Dear LORD.

How could we forget giving Mum shit (eternally) about her baking skills despite her cake being DELCIOUS and adorable.

What a gorgeous little afternoon. I hope you had fun.

There’s so much I need to tell my little sister as she goes into the next stage of Motherhood. We both share our wedding anniversaries this weekend (you 6 years, me 12) and I can’t believe what a journey you and Chrissy have been on in those 6 years. Some really shit times with Chris, but look what what you have achieved in the past 2 years?

A beautiful son, glorious Archie who fills any room with joy and happiness when he enters it. He makes my Maggie very happy and I am so thrilled that they are such tight friends. Long may that last. You are such a confident Mum, more than I ever was. You’re tough, in a good way and just know what you are doing, I have rarely seen you lose your shit, when I seem to lose mine all the time.

Look at the life you have created for yourselves. The dreams followed despite being risky and scary, a successful business is happy clients and an ability to be your own boss. Look at Chrissy and his own business that he has started to. I told you good would come if you just took the leap. To see you guys in Mulberry Cottage with your little family, and Kevin, in that gorgeous home (not to mention 30 seconds from my place) fills me with so much happiness. You gives deserve this and so much more. It’s just the beginning, I know it.

So, there’s this new baby. A baby! Thank goodness for babies. You will nail it darls. I have no advice for you, because you already have it more together than I do. The birth will be wonderful, of course (open lotus flowers and all that). Try and enjoy it, it may be the last time you ever do this. Trust your body, it knows what to do. Tell your mind to stop playing games and just get on with it, I know you will.

And as for life with a busy 2 year old and a newborn. Well, it will be hard at times. That baby is the least of your problems but that’s why I live 30 seconds away to take him away and distract him with his cousins and trampolines and STUFF. You have SO got this.

Be kind to yourself.
Hold onto every moment of that newborn ness because it is over too soon.
Work can wait.
Rest, try and rest. I know you won’t.
Breathe in every minute of that baby smell.
Trust yourself.
Have a sense of humour.
Get a script for antibiotics for mastitis.
Eat a shitload of baked goods and watch that weight fall off in the first few weeks.
Sit. Often.
Stare at that baby.
Give Archie a break when he is being full on, it’s a big adjustment for you all.
Be kind to Chris even though he will be annoying. They all are.
And give yourself a pat on the back.

You have grown a baby. Moved house 23 billion times. Left a business. Had a tree change. Started your own business. Supported a husband that has done the same. And raised a good little boy.

Shit hey?

I love you and am so proud of all you have done and all you will do. You are a great Mum, truly. I can’t wait to jump on this next bit of the ride with you. Just as soon as I get back OK?

Lotus flower.
Jam donuts.
Engorged boobs and all.

Your sister,
Beth x


  1. I’m pretty sure Lucy will be bawling her eyes out when she reads this because I definitely am! #pregnancyhormones

  2. I’m bawling! And far from preggers!! Wishing you all the best Lucy – you’ve got this x

  3. Debs Sutton says

    Feeling like shit after having phone call about my Mum’s slide into dementia and now this gorgeous tribute to Lucy. Pass the tissues it’s going to be a snotty ride!!! Xx

  4. Tears are welling in my eyes!! I blame the fact I just got my period ( thank god im not pregnant is what I say every time they arrive even though hubs has had the snip!) & am a hormonal mofo ( just had a tanty because everyone hated dinner. Ungrateful bastards.) but really, what beautiful words for your sister to read. Babies are the best!
    All the best Lucy x

  5. Awesome advice babes I hope Luce drinks in every word of it, sadly me and my sisters didn’t ever live close enough for my liking in those early years, you chicks are so blessed x

  6. Wish I had a sis – I feel my message to her would be pretty much the same! So incredibly lucky to be living next door to each other – my life might just be complete if my bro were down the road! Good luck Lucy Mitchell, may your lotus bloom (and remain intact!) xx

  7. Wish I had a sis – I feel my message to her would be pretty much the same! So incredibly lucky to be living next door to each other – my life might just be complete if my bro were down the road! Good luck Lucy Mitchell, may your lotus bloom (and remain intact!) xx

  8. Beth if I’m crying then Lucy is blubbering profusely. What a beautiful letter, and what an amazing lunch you all had. Sending good luck hugs for Lucy xx

  9. I’m not even pregnant and I’m balling my eyes out, just beautifully written Beth ❤
    Best of luck to Lucy!! xx

  10. Just brillo!

  11. Gah!!! sobbing here alone. Gotta love a love for a sister. Im the youngest and have THE best sister ever whom I couldn’t of parented if it wasn’t for her and some fabulous advice and calm ways….. lucky you to have another baby in the family ours are all finished. happy days xx

  12. what a lovely letter to your sister beth!
    you obviously are very close!
    how lucky that you all have good solid family support!
    all the best to lucy and chris on the birth of their new baby!
    and you two have the best holiday ever beth and rob!
    much love m:)X

  13. Really lovely Beth, you are a beautiful big sister! Your letter makes me think of my sister many miles across the ocean..
    Liz XO

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