Date night at home: celebrating 15 years

As you guys would know, Rob and I celebrated 15 years of marriage last week and while we were meant to be having a party with all our friends and family (which will hopefully be at the other side of this bloody pandemic) we instead decided on making the most of the creative ideas local restaurants have come up with of getting their food to customers at home.

A local of ours in Moss Vale, Birch Restaurant, have opened up a cook at home pack of some of their creations that have been prepped by the chefs and just need to be finished off at home. I was so excited to receive our delivery in the afternoon: a box filled with all the food colour coded and instructions printed with even illustrations on how to plate up…such a clever idea!

We got the kids sorted with their dinner, then it was time to get dressed for our hot night…in the lounge room! I got dressed up in a new Arlington Milne top you can check it out here and set the table with the good fancy monogrammed napkins and placemats, some roses from the garden.

Even though we thought we would get our little friend to bed early, she managed to set herself up with her own table that she decorated with a rug, a candle and she even managed to snaffle some of the food of course. Lucky she is cute.

And then I got cooking the entrees (so easy to follow instructions and seriously delicious and amazing!) and then the mains…note to self: take it easy on the wine when you have to FOKUS on the cooking.

It was one of the BEST date nights we have ever had at home. No babysitters and happy kids because we were at home. No driving so able to drink plenty of wine and the wash up was pretty easy and worth it for such a delicious dinner. If you live down here in the Highlands, I cannot recommend this highly enough.

The creative team at the restaurant are also teaching people through Instagram how to make your own bread and pasta and have packs available to make your own at home. If this is pandemic takeaway, then I will take it. So excited to be able to get this stuff all the way out at our place.

You can check out all their online stuff here.

Have you missed out on something special or a special occasion?
What are you doing to make up for it?
Any local businesses doing cool stuff like this at your place too?


  1. Everything about this is cool Beth…I loved your Insta stories from the night, they were hilarious. How good is that restaurant home pack…such a fantastic idea! Your presentation is spot on, both food and outfit. How do you think Wills and Kate are going in isolation? Random question. x

    • It is random, but I like it. I think they are loving it! No pressure to do anything or see anyone they would be in their element x

  2. Where is the restaurant, l can’t see any links in your post to it, so glad you had a great time together.

  3. Meg Jeffreys says

    Happy Anniversary. Your night looks gorgeous. Just wondering where your monogrammed napkins are from?

  4. Everything looks wonderful, love Maggie’s little set-up!

    Glad you got to have a special night together.

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