Pretty in Pink

You know what time it is here don’t you? The festival of pink blossom has begun! My very favourite time of year when the garden and surrounding trees explode with pinks of various shades. My personal highlight (which I have written about before) is one of the oldest and prettiest trees in the whole village. Never fails to take my breath away in these few weeks she is in full show pony mode.

IMG_3426 IMG_3427 IMG_3429 IMG_3430 IMG_3432 IMG_3434 IMG_3436

And elsewhere, colour is springing forth. Blossoms which will turn to fruit in the late summer looking glorious.

IMG_3438 IMG_3440 IMG_3441

And all around our house the pink clematis budding up ready for it’s annual show.

IMG_3443 IMG_3445

The crabapples next in line looking a picture.


And another clematis, the faintest shade of pink, just about done with its display.

IMG_3449 IMG_3450

Just SO pretty. Are you enjoying the spring delights at your place?


  1. We stayed at that cottage with the pink blossom – it’s just as lovely inside

  2. No! I bought my husband a chainsaw on a stick for Fathers Day and he has taken to our hedge at the front and it looks horrible. I am devastated and feel like a dickhead but it’s taken all our privacy and it just looks so shitty! I get that pruning is necessary but this was some kind of massacre!
    I will continue to just appreciate other peoples gardens and try not to get a case of the sads when I pull up the front of our joint 🙁

  3. I absolutely love pink blossom as it always reminds me of my Victorian hometown with streets adorned with blossoms during Spring. At the moment we are enjoying the Autumn colour delights here in Moscow which are pretty spectacular too.

  4. hi beth, your photos are always great!
    what gorgeous blossoms it’s such a pretty time of the year!
    love m:)X

  5. Oh I hear you! I’m loving the spring blossom – loads of trees with pinks & whites on every street. It’s been my fave thing about moving down to Vic:)

  6. Gosh that’s so beautiful! I’m feeling the pink bloom love at the moment too, I was given a bouquet of pink roses for my birthday and they’re opening up now. Stunners! They’re showing off a bit I think.

  7. love love love these photos…where is this cottage i need to go there…

  8. This is so very lovely Baby Mac, the blossoms are insane. At our house we don’t have a lot of spring delight per say, but we do have a lot of overgrown gardens that I’m excited just to be near now the weather is warm and inviting. I love this time of year. It’s feels like the air is full of possibilities! x

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