Monday Meal Ideas: The one pan wonder

Good morning friends! How are you all this dark Monday morning? Sunrise is getting later and later round these parts so my early morning wakeups are getting a little harder I must say. We’ve got another busy week ahead with a different school juggle as Harper starts her new class in a different school this week (it’s an Academically gifted class she goes to one day a week but this week they have 3 days) so I am looking for my favourite kinds of dinners…ONE PAN TRAY BAKES.

I love these not only because they only use up one pan, but you can build up layers and flavours over time – bringing in different elements as the cook goes on. Once you get your head around the concept you can really do anything…be adventurous and have fun with it. They are perfect mid week dinner cooking methods I think!

Ottolenghi pasta bake
Chicken & chorizo bake
Salmon, potato and spinach bake
Sunshine Rice

How’s your week ahead looking? I have a feeling I am going to have a tricky one with Maggie and school as we had a LOT of tears about going yesterday and a very unsettled night last night. We are flat out in the shop after the trade shows on the weekend with lots of new orders coming in and new products to launch to you guys. Harper will be nerfous about her 3 days in a new school and class and Daisy is flat out with school too. I’m trying to be good and exercise and eat well which is pretty busy…is it weird to be looking forward to Friday night at 6.15am on a Monday.

In any case, let’s do this! Hope it’s a good one for you all x


  1. Congratulations to Harper, how super exciting for her! X

  2. Congratulations to Harper – what a clever girl! Sadly, it doesn’t seem to matter how clever they are, change is daunting for most kids, which is understandable – lots of adults don’t like it much either 😂. I hope she loves her new class and that Maggie remembers how much she enjoys school x

  3. Linda Jenkins says

    Thanks for your ideas again Beth, I have made the Ottolenghi dish plus the chicken and chorizo before. Both delicious ! After 6 months of flexible work and home to cook every night, my husband starts a new job in the CBD next week.
    Meal planning and easy after work dinners will be key so we are not eating too late or resorting to takeaway !!

  4. mum’s are the juggling queens!
    one pot wonders are the best!
    hope mags is going to settle! and sweet sensitive harper … keep her being creative where possible it will be her outlet!
    much love mxxx

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