Ladies Slumber Party: a cheeky mid week escape

It’s my birthday tomorrow! Yay! I have a love/hate relationship with my birthday (as most people do) so wanted to make sure there were no disappointments so took matters into my own hands. I very rarely let myself down (except for not keeping ups regular exercise regime). Knowing it was approaching, a few months ago I decided to book in a mid week slumber party for my friends at the gorgeous Bendooley Cottages. I was lucky enough to visit there a while ago when they first opened and I got the chance to have a sneaky peak at the 3 bedroom one that was amazing. I knew from then that I wanted to get back to that cottage as soon as I could…and then a year and a bit later I pounced on the idea.

What’s better than a mid week escape somewhere close to home? Weekends can be so tricky with sport and family commitments and mid week if you escape for just the night…still do school pick up and then back to work the next day…well it’s worth it.

I was so excited to get back here…I was like a kid before their birthday party waiting for their friends to arrive from picking up kids from school and getting them home. I was walking about squealing with joy at the beauty of this place.

See? EXCITED you guys.

I’m wearing this top in a Size L (size up)

Not to mention the chopped cushions everywhere. I got that Prosecco (and water so sensible now I am 42) on ice and waited for everyone to arrive.

Finally they arrived before sunset…we got to take a talk before it got too dark and watch the moon rise. It felt like we were much further away than being 30 mins from home – isn’t that the best?

We then settled into pj’s and soft pants, slippers and way too many bubbles as we ate our way through cheese and everything we had brought (which was way too much). Ot’s food for the soul to sit for hours with friends that you love and talk without being interrupted, without anyone waking up anyone, dance and be silly, have a bath, we had masks and facials…you name it, it was a grown up version of a slumber party (which isn’t much different from the ones you had when you were 12 except for Prosecco), just the best fun.

We crashed about 1am (those 5am wake ups are a killer for me staying up late) and of course I slept TERRIBLY as I had too much to drink…was hot then dehydrated then needed to wee…you get the picture…I felt very much like I was 42 when I woke up this morning. We had to pack up and get on with our days but we were all so grateful for the little time we had taken for ourselves.

This is the stuff that makes me so happy: chopped cushions, food and drink and soft pants, being silly, and sometimes you just need to take matters into your own hands to make the things you love to do come to life…no one else will make it happen so you must!

Maybe that’s going to be my 42nd year resolution…take matters into your own hands because no one can make you happy like you can.

Got any escapes planned anytime soon?


  1. Zero escapes planned here so I’m vicariously living through yours. What a fantastic break, so important to treat yourself – especially involving soft pants! Have a brilliant birthday x

  2. I’ve been organising my birthday get away for the last 4 years. As my kids are grown and mostly left home I invite my family along. I think I need to do a half birthday each year as well and invite the girls for a slumber party. Last year was my 50th and I went alone, not even the hubster was invited I just wanted to totally indulge myself and not have to consider anyone at all. It was heaven.
    Cheers Kate.

  3. Happy Birthday 🥳

    Hope tomorrow is amazingly good

    Can’t wait for a trip to Bright and our annual pilgrimage to the Sunny Coast

  4. Big escape….. going to Vegas then on to New York with my sister in 5 weeks! Shenanigans!!

  5. Love the white frill shirt. Where is it from? Ochre away looks fabulous. I’m going to plan one with my girlfriends very soon!

  6. What a gorgeous place Beth! Happy Birthday…I didn’t even know chopped cushions were a thing. Clearly I have been under a rock x

    looks like you girls had a great time there!
    love the decor!
    much love mxx

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