Tulip Time

This morning after breakfast I forced our family to a little wholesome family time. Because that’s what families do. When I declared that this morning’s wholesome family time was involving going to Tulip Time (in Bowral) to look at, well, tulips, I can tell you Rob was less than impressed. But we were going! We were going to enjoy the tulips! And we were going to have fun! BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT FAMILIES DO IN THE SPRINGTIME ON SUNDAYS.

They loved it. Well the girls did. I did too.

Even though an arctic wind was blowing it was SO beautiful. It does your soul good to soak it up.

My favourite bit was in the CWA rooms where all the old ducks set up their goods to sell. Like scarves. And slippers.ย And beanies.

DEAR GOD LOOK AT THOSE MANNEQUINS. No really, look at them. The bearded one was Rob’s favourite bit of Tulip Time.

You can sit in here and eat home made scones with jam and cream and proper tea.

And why wouldn’t you?



  1. Oh! So very beautiful. I have been in Bowral at Tulip Time and it is a sight you never EVER get tired of. Thanks for sharing your fabulous pictures, Beth. I bet you’re glad you all made the effort to go, even Rob! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. the bearded mannekin is my fave too

  3. Beautiful photos, what amazing colours!

  4. I love tulips!!!! So damn pretty!

  5. Oh those mannequins are all kinds of ugly….I mean…awesome.
    The beauty of the tulips simmers that though. Gorgeous photos as always Beth. Love me a bit of wholesome family time ๐Ÿ™‚ My hubby & I had our first full night away from our kids last night, for a wedding. It was bliss!! As much as I adore family time, I loved every moment of that child-free time ๐Ÿ™‚ And now we’re back home to bask in baby cuddles and wholesome family time ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Lovely! My wholesome family fun involved taking my children, who haven’t really mastered the art of bike riding, for a bike ride around the ‘hood. Your idea looks way more fun and undoubtedly involved less screaming.

  7. Should have driven through Canberra to Floriade. Although those tulips in Bowral are very beautiful.

  8. Beautiful pictures Beth. I love your photography. I hope you frame some of these and put them on your walls. Even the one of the mannequins. Especially for Rob!

  9. I want that bearded manniquin! Looks more than a bit like my partner.


  10. so beautiful. I’ve been pining to go to Floriade (I know..) but Southern Highlands is much more daytrip-doable from Sydney. I totally forgot about Bowral’s Tulip Time. I wonder if its on next week. Nobody pick the flowers!!!

  11. You are so wholesome right now! Those tulips are stunning and the mannequins are.. hysterical. xsx

  12. Oh how beautiful, our family really needs to go check them out, all though I say that every year! It must have been freezing, there is so much snow about! Glad you enjoyed.

    Holli xo


  13. I have very similar photos of Tulip Time (although slightly grainy) circa 1977 when we had a day of Family Time too. It must have been an unusual year for the Highlands because I have some kind of interesting purple paisley dress with a big hole in the tummy and one either side. My 5 year old sister had some bum freezing shorts and a tight t-shirt. I WOULD NOT let my daughters out in those outfits.
    We also had some Tulip Time today, but after 5 years in the Highlands my kids thought it was shorts and t-shirt weather!

  14. gorgeous! I used to be able to drag the boys around tulip gardens when they were small but you should see their faces when i suggest it now! the 4 year old might still give it a whirl but the 10 and the dad-year old …. forget it! poor me boy mother! your gorgeous photos help tho! Hx

  15. Haha go the bearded mannequin!!

  16. Those tulips are magnificent. They grow lots of tulips up in our hills (Darling Range) east of Perth and yes, you can afternoon tea with all the trimmings. I miss all those things now I’m unable to get around very much and that’s why blogs like yours are so enjoyable as I can share your outings with you..thanks. xx

  17. Beautiful pictures!! Looked like a good day out.

  18. Haha! Those mannequins are hairdressing mannequins. The guy, I think his name is Brad. He’s sporting quite the manicured beard there. And the ladies, well they’re just a rubber face pulled over a blank head, poor girls! Quite disturbing!
    Looks like you had a wonderful day. Don’t think my husband would be quite as obliging as yours Beth!!
    Rach x

  19. Haha, creepy mannequins… but spectacular photos! LOVE them! Those tulips are simply stunning, all that brilliant colour… definitely some wholesome family fun, that you’d be crazy to miss. That first pic of your girls is so so lovely, beautiful little treasures xo

  20. Wow! How gorgeous. I just love tulips. Not too sure about that bearded mannequin though!

  21. Those girls of yours!! Adorbs! xx

  22. I took my girls and hubby to Melbourne tulip festival today and it was fantastic! Definitely wholesome family time! ( Ps – The mannequins are hilarious!)

  23. Holy Crap. That bearded mannequin is what nightmares are made of.

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