Getting {a} wood

You know what time it is?


Wood time!  The weather has done a Tina Turner on us and we’ve had the fire on again. Tonight we will be burning the very last of our wood pile from last winter. Which is good timing because our man arrives tomorrow with the first delivery of wood for the season. I may not be able to sew, crochet or craft properly, but I can tell you this: I CAN CHOP WOOD LIKE IT’S NOBODIES BUSINESS. I turn into some kind of pioneer woman when it comes to the wood.

I actually LOVE to chop wood. Piles, in various sizes…kindling collecting, piles arranged in order. This shit turns me ON. I just love it. I’ve been known to stack 4 cubic metres of wood, just so. And it’s no trouble to me….because I LOVE THIS STUFF. Baskets filled with wood, ready for the season ahead. A sense of preparedness, collecting. I must have been a beaver in a past life. Or something.

I thought we best honour the humble wood pile. In all it’s beauty. In all it provides. And I will always respect a good wood pile when I see one….

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I look forward to full reporting on my wood pile shortly.
Do you have fires during the winter?
Tell me your woodpile stories…I am ALL ears!!


  1. Carls Alejandra says

    I want your woodpile to look like the one in that last photo. GO!!

  2. I know someone who will be a little too excited by this post x

  3. joolzmac1 says

    We chose a gas ‘real flame’ log fire over an open fire when we built our house. No chopping/sourcing wood, no soot and dust, cleaning out the fire and absolutely the most important thing for this little arachnaphobe … No huntsmen spiders in my house! Love a real log fire but at the click of a button, we have a little fire that toasts our toes with no mess and bother.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Plenty of people are making that choice when they build new places I’ve seen…no mess does sound VERY appealing!

  4. I posted a photo of our wood pile on FB the other day, I love a great big organised pile of wood. We are still having quite mild weather but the cool weather could come any day now……yippee. I can’t take any credit for our wood pile though as my hubby does all the sourcing and cutting. Roll on Winter!

  5. Our wood pile will never look that pretty!

    We haven’t started the wood fire yet however I did collect kindling today as the parents in law are coming from Sydney on Friday and they WILL feel the cold. We usually try not to light the fire until after Anzac Day. Seems to be the unwritten rule in the Snowy Mountains. Works for us.

    I love this time of the year. Unfortunately this year has cooled down much quicker than usual and I have lots of green tomatoes. Looks like a Green Tomato Chutney year!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Yum! Yes, we always have the fire on when visitors come as they think it’s colder than it is. My rule is usually 10 degrees or under and it’s on!

  6. Nashuagirl says

    Was stacking ours in the shed last week and felt so content & blessed that I was doing something which will keep my family warm during the upcoming season. Far more fulfilling than working to earn money to pay for gas or electricity. Our ‘STC (stuff the city)’ change has dished up so many more amazing benefits than I ever comprehended. Collecting pine cones with my girls for fire kindling is another of my ‘how lucky am I’ moments. Sounds like the most basic of stuff but it feeds my soul like nothing I’ve ever known.

  7. Love seeing your fall. Just gorgeous. I think I spent the majority of my childhood either cutting wood, using the wood splitter or piling wood with my very fussy Grandfather. The smell is tied to everyone of my best memories with him.

  8. “I must have been a beaver in a past life” = you have the title of your memoir right there

  9. It’s that time of year around these parts too – although my husband would have an absolute pink fit if I ever paid to get firewood. We generally do a weekend of wood collecting and chopping around the farm sometime in Autumn to stock the woodshed. We take a thermos, the dogs, a chainsaw and the footy on the radio. Around here there is an abundance of pine cones also so a spud bin full of those as fire starters have always been collected too. Anally retentive husband is more into the just-so wood stacking, lives for that shit.

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Alas having no paddocks to collect in leads us here….how are you feeling? How’s the baby baking going? x

      • Baby baking coming along nicely. Bit buggered after moving on the weekend but trying to take it easy this week (husbando away all week for work so has left boxes strategically placed for ease of unpacking). Very loowwwww baby (more to do with my long body type I’m sure) so seems like I’m carrying around a watermelon (with epilepsy such is the eruptions going on in there)…and yet it will get bigger…and lower…!!!!!!!!!

  10. Alli @ ducks on the dam says

    We used to have to buy wood but no longer. We have been kindling collecting for weeks now and will do a wood run around the paddocks very soon. Wish our woodpile looked like that though….

  11. We have a gas fire place thingy in our backroom and by jingies do I love it! Those flames, that clean heat…which usually means I have trackies and socks on and a glass of red in hand. Good times!

  12. We are super in love with our wood pile. Fully stocked and ready for a chilly winter ahead. Here are some favourite pics of our supply. Smokey the blue dog is a big help when it comes to collecting wood!

  13. We fill two old trailers full of wood (termites) and I keep the fire burning 24/7 . I am going to miss the fire for 6-7 weeks when I will be away in FREEZING Orange having radiation treatment -OMG I forgot how cold it is going to be. I love our electric wood splitter and the chainsaw my hubby got for my birthday 2 yrs ago…I did use it for 1 min , once.
    I need a new wardrobe now – the silver lining.

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