Around the grounds: Spring doing its thing

I ran around this afternoon (in the freezing bloody cold, yes it’s cold again) to try to get some shots of the garden. I call these weeks (there are about 3 in total) the money shot weeks for my garden. The pink clematis is in flower around the ENTIRE house. The lavender is loving itself sick. The cherry blossoms have popped into pink puffs. The daffs are still giving it a red-hot go. The one and only tulip is yet to flower and the wisteria is doing what it does best: being absolutely glorious in all its white glory.

Almost 3 years on, I STILL pinch myself each and every day that I get to call THIS place home.

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What’s in flower in your garden at the moment?
Need some rain? Everyone does I think.


  1. Alli @ ducks on the dam says

    Such gorgeous plants and flowers. I also love this time of the year, especially since we have had plenty of rain. Someone obviously loved your garden before you moved in for you to have such well established plants to work with. As we built our house in a fairly bare paddock mine still has a long way to go!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Yes the original owner planted some great stuff – I’m so sad we have lost most of our flowering pear trees that were also here…they would be looking so pretty now. Long may your dams be filled with rain this summer!

  2. Kirsty Michalzik says

    You’re such a lucky SOB!
    Definitely need some rain here for my sad gardens. They also need to be weeded! :-/

  3. Anita Holmes says

    Weeds are what’s in my garden. Oh and probably lots of dog poop as hubby hasn’t done poo patrol in AGES!!! And I refuse to as I do everything else in the garden except mow it……….and weed it BUT I’m working on that ;0)

  4. So beautiful…I love the chairs on the verandah too…such a pretty place for a cuppa in the afternoon sun! Unfortunately I’m an unintentional plant killer so not much survives around me ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. We used to live in the Blue Mountains and it is the one thing that I really miss – our flowering pear trees that would be showing off right now. The murraya would be flowering and the lavender would be beautiful and your photos make me homesick. Thank you and I love this time of year.

  6. Really beautiful shots.
    At the moment we are waiting for our frangipani tree to bloom. Our camillas have lost all their flowers now.

  7. Lots of rain here in Victoria, but its great for the garden. Your wisteria is divine. I love white. I have the neighbours purple wisteria hanging over my front fence and its lovely. Hugh is mesmerised by all the bees. Im loving walking in my front gate everyday after a walk as there are so many lovely flowers and surprises every time I look. Aggghhhh spring! Im still taking lots of pics..I cant help myself…

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Me either…there can never be enough shots of flowers right? Hope we get some of that rain up here soon…

  8. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Yes we do need rain especially with that effing wind we have been having,your garden is just stunning Beth!

  9. Reannon Hope says

    That wisteria Beth- MY GOD!!!
    We’ve had more than enough rain here in Perth- wettest September in 40 years!!! It’s sun that we need here which is really strange as it’s normally the other way round .
    My garden is also in it show off phase. It’s fleeting so we soak it up while we can. The jasmin is on the turn but those few weeks it’s in flower are the best! The birds are loving the grevillia & bottlebrush. The native hibiscus is going nuts! As are all the other natives we have in the gardens. I love going out there each day to see how things are growing & changing ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Emma Steendam says

    Well. Now you’re just showing off.
    Alas, our garden here is a bit uninspiring, and there’s only so many herbs in pots I can take photos of… Times like these my mind wanders back to the house we left two years ago, the house we thought was our ‘forever home’, so planted all these gorgeous trees we got for our engagement, hundreds of bulbs up the driveway, hedges of lavender and a wisteria to climb over the back verandah. Then we left. I do wonder how it’s all looking…


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