1920s Speakeasy Ball 2019

And we are done. PRAISE BE. Always such a relief when an event you have been working on has been and gone, without any dramas and lots of happy guests. This year was particularly tough for us as the committee consisted of just two of us: Lucy and I. We treated it like a dinner party (except for 130 people) and figured that as long as there was good food, plenty of booze, some music and the old hall looked a but different than the normal floor lights then we would be doing alright.

You can check out some of our past balls here and then last years ball here. This is the 5th village winter ball that I have been a part of organising – and this year we decided to go with a theme that people could dress up for: A 1920s Speakeasy. We wanted to create a secret location for people to come into that then looked like A Great Gatsby wonderland inside. It’s always hard when you have pretty much no budget to do stuff, but we managed to pull it off…I think!

Here are some of the ideas we had from Pinterest as our inspiration:

We made our invitations on Vistaprint (as I do every year) they are cheap as chips and I usually just find their wedding invitations or wedding save the date cards and then change those with the words that we need and delete what we don’t. You can get them done really cheaply if they have a sale on too. Here’s the finished product:

We sourced some chandeliers and fairy lights that we hired from South Coast Party Hire (we used them for Rob’s 40th too) and then managed to get all the rest of our decorations on eBay. They were CHEAP as chips. A search through 1920s will bring up lots of suppliers and we had no trouble with any of them – just make sure you read reviews and see if they have sold lots of products before. The best find were the signs that we got that were like $15 each for the small ones and a little more for the bigger sign. They were on a fabric backing and were great quality. We also had an idea for some home made gold chandeliers which we made from hula hoops from the reject shop ($5) and the gold foil 1 metre (2 metre drops) that were cheap from eBay. I think you can get these curtains from Kmart too but they were cheaper on eBay. A little lighting (fairy lights fix everything) and we were good to go.

We set up the middle hall (where guests walk in) with some crates and normal bright lights on so when people arrived it looked like nothing much was going on. As guest arrived we let them through to the speakeasy in groups which had a great element of theatre about it as the next guests arrived into an empty room but could hear some music pounding next door (that they didn’t have access to). It was great fun doing this – Luce and I were great twenties door bitches.

I bought a wig online too (wig outlet I think) that delivered the next day for like $30 and just wore my Birdsnest jumpsuit and a Bohemian Traders blazer I had with some fringe on it.

The room had a great impact when the door opened into lots of gold and black and sparkling lights! Guests had canapés and drinks before we sat down to eat dinner.

Our brother managed to make some seriously good playlists for us that created some great atmosphere too. Fabulous cool twenties music ready for anyone to enjoy!

Burrawang Ball Drinks playlist
Burrawang Ball Dinner playlist

There was dancing and drinking and lots of fun had by all…and we managed to raise a bit of money too while we were at it. The next day it was straight into clean up (DEAR LORD THE WORST PART OF IT AND ALWAYS NEEDS TO BE DONE SO QUICKLY) but with the help of our house guests we managed to get it done without too much stress.

Then it was home to relax and collapse…we did it! I’m not sure I have another one of these in me for a while yet. They just take so much time and mental space – especially with young families and businesses to run – it’s impossible to get it done and I’m sure there are lots more people in the village with more spare time than us!

Special thanks to all the businesses that supported us with donations for prizes: Bendooley Estate, Winton House rugs, Ms Peacocks Chocolates, Zoco Candles, Cottonwood & Co, Add to Cart, Moonacres, Burrawang General Store…so kind to constantly help us out and provide prizes for free. And of course to the committee members who helped out on the night and Rob for doing the auction for us on the night.

So there you have it – our bit for the community done for the year and hopefully lots of happy people that enjoyed a great night! Now time to get those feet up (yeah right…more like focus back on work so I can actually do something that I get paid for!)

Hope you guys enjoyed the virtual trip to the village winter ball too x


  1. It looks awesome, you two really should be event/wedding/party planners and get paid for it.
    Do you have to organise the catering as well?
    Honestly I wouldn’t even know where to start, I won’t even organise a dinner at my place with family that is anything more than a bbq or pizzas in the pizza oven. I’d love to have the courage/confidence/self belief to put on an event.
    Enjoy your short feet up before the work starts up again
    cheers Kate

  2. Playlists are epic! Thank you! Love me a themed party. Well done x

  3. The room looked magnificent and the hostesses more so. Who knew that blonde curls would suit you so very well? You and Lucy did a great job. Perhaps ne t year you can put your feet up while others do the 😓

  4. Please tell me more about Lucy’s frock….. it’s gorgeous!

  5. Looks amazing!!!! You 2 are so talented – another business idea?!! Well done!

  6. It all looks FANBLOODYTASTIC!!!!

  7. Hey Beth
    What does the money raised go to? The community or the school? Amazing. I am in awe of you. We too have a small little community and small school of 60 kids but in country Queensland. We are contemplating doing a big event too next year. It gives me the chills. Although you had to do everything yourselves, obviously the workload is bigger but was it easier to make calls yourself and run on what you thought rather than consulting lots of others?

    • It just goes to the School of Arts Hall – separate to our little public school – but much needed funds for there! I think it was easier in the planning with less but much harder in execution…we did it though!

  8. This is sooo good and so much fun! You guys did an awesome job, I’d be very happy to turn up to that party! Take a bow and a rest!!

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