Southern Highlands Cookbook giveaway

This giveaway is now closed and winners have been chosen (Melissa, Caroline & Felicity) who should have received an email by now from me. Thanks for entering!


I am not only grateful for this little part of the world we are lucky enough to call home, but I am immensely proud of the produce that comes out of it. Dairy farms, potato farms, organic produce cattle and pigs, you name it you will find it in the rolling green hills of the Southern Highlands of NSW.

moonacres-16 Untitled

I’ve shared some of the stories on the blog before like this piece Rob did for a local organic farmer Phil Lavers from Moonacres Farm in Wildes Meadow.

MAN ON THE MOON – FOR BEVERLEY MAGAZINE from The Butterfly Armoury on Vimeo.

Or this video that Rob also produced for our local butcher in the village, Maugers Meats.

Maugers Premium Quality Meats – Pasture Raised, Free Range Meat. from The Butterfly Armoury on Vimeo.

And not only do we have great produce, we’ve got some really great restaurants and cafes in the area that I try and get to as much as possible. Some are local like the Burrawang General Store Cafe, in our own village and others further afield in the various villages that make up the Highlands. You can check out my guide on where to eat in the Highlands here.

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Quicksand FoodΒ  have just launched a new cookbook in their range of quality cookbooks that specialise in regional areas. They are passionate about food, local chefs and producers and love to share their stories and recipes in their lovely hardcover books. And on Sunday they launched their newest book…on my beloved Southern Highlands!


The book is filled with recipes from the producers themselves, cafes and restaurants and is really beautiful. I managed to get my paws on it when I was out to dinner at one of the featured restaurants with Rob on Friday night.

Bistro-Officina-390x442 Burrawang-Chicken-390x442

And thanks to Quicksand Food I have THREE signed copies to giveaway to you guys! You don’t have to be local to enjoy these wonderful recipes…although we now have the secret to Maugers Meats pie which may be the best in the whole country! Just leave me a comment below telling me why you’d love a copy. Giveaway opens 23rd August and will run till 9pm AEST Sunday 28th August 2016. You can check out the rest of the T&C’s here.

You can buy a copy of the book online here for $39.95 and check out the range of their other regional books from the South Coast and Canberra here.

Have you visited our lovely Southern Highlands before?
Fancy a copy of the book?
Just leave a comment below…good luck!


  1. Oh! I’ve been pining to visit the Southern Highlands after reading all your wonderful adventures! Nothing more delightful than country life and local businesses growing food and dishing it up. Gippsland is a pretty wonderful region for that, too. I’d love that fancy pants recipe book from the Southern Highlands – it looks glorious (and my mouth is watering already!) x

  2. I live here and absolutely love it. Maugers is where I get all my meat and we try our hardest to source local fruit and veg. Have you checked out the Moss Vale farmer’s markets yet? Love it. I’d be a pig in mud with this recipe book. Speaking of pigs have you checked out Farm Club?

  3. Simply because… I am a crap cook. I’m ALWAYS making excuses as to why we have the same old thing the same old thing the same old thing the same old thing. I bore myself and my 2-year-old. Plus, I’ve totally just judged a book by its cover by looking at that amazing dessert, and if my husband came home to find me browsing through this thing of beauty and planning/cooking a meal, he’d be speechless and check he was in the right home. Basically, I’d really love to make that dessert!

  4. Oh it looks beautiful! Ive been wanting to visit the southern highlands for too long, I’ve been searching for and testing meat pie recipes for years but always with disappointing results, I’ve just never mastered it, I’d love to try this one.

  5. We visit the Highlands regularly from Sydney, staying in Burrawang and eating our way through the area every visit. I’d love to be able to recreate some of the yummy dishes we’ve eaten at home!

  6. Oh! I would just LOVE a copy of this lovely book. Not terribly spoilt for a great selection of produce here – although plenty of Beef and Barra! We Station folk are VERY good at improvising! Yummo!

    • Congrats Felicity! You’ve got a copy coming your way! Shoot me an email with your contact details and I will arrange to have it sent to you! x

  7. I think the area has so much to offer so many, we are so close, the epicentre of at least 5 cities and have some of the best basalt soils, only 4 other places in Australia have such beautiful earth to grow and nurture food and our families, this book has touched on the area and some of what is available, place somewhere so close, our beautiful soils, the rainfall, the closeness to selling markets a foodie bowl only just being discovered, where our forebearers cropped potatoes, cabbages, swedes, dairied and had beef cattle and did many hard yards for our communities, with our rolling green hills and rich red volcanic soil …. A place Somewhere in the Southern Highlands…so close to so much…

  8. Charmaine Wan says

    The Southern Highlands always holds a special place in my heart. I came over as a fresh eyed 17 year old from Malaysia and was studied at St Paul’s College in Moss Vale – Year 11 and 12. During my two years, I took every opportunity to explore the region and form friendships with the locals; my introduction to Aussie life and culture. Boy was it an eye opener for me. 20+ years down the track, I still visit the Highlands at least once a year to stay with close friends (I met whilst in college). It’s been wonderful to see how the region has develop and grown; how many great cafes and restaurants, wineries, shops and so much more. The book to me represents an amazing place that has had such a profound impact in my formation.

  9. The Southern Highlands sounds so lovely. A secret meat pie recipe sounds pretty amazing too. I have a bit of a cookbook addiction so would love to add this to the collection.

  10. Oh Please, PUHHLLLEASE pick me Beth! I’d love a copy so I can linger over every gorgeous page and dream holiday dreams. The recipes are sure to be well utilised too – we live in rural South Australia where dining out is limited to a bag of soggy hot chips from the takeaway deli – how I love the idea of such culinary spoils at my doorstep!!

  11. When we were kids, my dad would take us for a ‘Sunday drive’. We couldn’t think of anything worse then being trapped in the car for hours with nothing to do but look out the window, but at least it normally ended with a hot pie somewhere. We normally would call into the Southern Highlands and find a pie and then take it up mount gibraltar to eat.

    Then my Aunt and Uncle bought a property on Mount Gibraltar – so I have lots of beautiful memories of eating Christmas, Easter and other family ‘special occasion’ meals in the region. So much great produce…

    I’d just love to win a book for the memories.

  12. Ooh, now I want to try a pie from Maugers. We made quite a long detour just to have pies from Stones Patisserie in Berrima the other day. Delicious!
    The book looks gorgeous.

  13. Wendy Dore says

    I am blessed to live in the beautiful highlands and make a conscious effort to shop locally, buying gorgeous fresh locally produced fruit, veges, meat, bread, cheese and wine. We really are spolied for choice and very lucky to have such excellent produce to choose from, thanks to the hard work and dedication of our local producers.
    I would love a copy of this book to send to family in NZ to entice them over for a visit πŸ™‚

  14. I’m a local southern highlands girl who has from the time I could hold a wooden spoon, baked and cooked for family and friends and for myself …it’s one of the ways I love and nurture . When everything is crazy flicking through cookbooks and magazines to plan special treats or meals brings great comfort and simplicity . I’d love a local cookbook to get lost in and add to my repitoire of soul feeding , love giving food . The food is always a great conversation starter so this book would bring lovely stories ….

  15. Hi Beth,
    We are a family of three who live in Central Western NSW and we are starved (literally) of cracking cafes and eating opportunities. Thanks to your recommendations we have had some great food experiences in your neck of the woods. We travel to Mollymook for holidays and since reading your blog I find we often go ‘the long way’ to get there…
    So just imagine if I could cook like a Southern Highlander!
    This book would be a wonderful read and I’m sure my little family would endorse my entry into this giveaway as they will reap the benefits too.

  16. I live ‘just over the hill’ in the Shoalhaven. I pine to visit the highlands to stroll through the stores and partake in some cafe culture, but alas, that same hill results in projectile vomiting from my 3 year old. Cook book the next best thing? lol

  17. I’d love to win a copy of this book for my mum, a fantastic cook. I grew up in the Highlands, and she has recently moved back to the area. Unfortunately she is spending all her time caring for someone, but I know she’d love to leaf through this book in her rare spare moments.

  18. Why? For my husband for Fathers Day. The man who loves to cook, has pictures of various cuts of meat on his phone, and dreams of moving to the Southern Highlands. This book seems written for him.

  19. I grew up in the highlands, it will always hold a special place in my heart…..I’d like to do a “Julie and Julia” with this cookbook to remind myself how lucky I was growing up in the area

  20. Donna Douvartzidis says

    I’d love a little bit of Beth in my home … and would be so proud to cook these meals for my children <3

  21. Southern Highlands for me is my little piece of England in Australia! I married a wonderful Englishman and we visit often. The wonderful cafes, pubs, attractions, produce, markets and much more is a delight each time and we never tire of visiting! To own a cookbook would be like bringing a bit of the Highlands into my home!

  22. Oh… how wonderful to have a chance to try out a little bit of your Southern Highlands in my home. I’d love to trial all these fabulous fresh recipes

  23. Wow that sounds like a delightful book. We have just had a sea change from Brisbane to rural VIC and this has also changed the way we cook, what we eat and where we get our food from. Living amongst the farms makes you appreciate and want to support more local producers. This would be perfect to fit in with our ‘change in taste’. Amazing thank you!

  24. I would love a copy bc I love learning about regional specialties

  25. Lisa Kelly says

    My husband and I dream of moving from Sydney to the Southern Highlands when the time is right for our family. We have had that dream for some years and talk about it regularly however until we can make the move why not cook like a Highlander. I even have a suburban vege patch and mini orchard and would love to be able to use my home grown produce with the recipes in this book.

  26. Ooooh la la! I would be over-the-moon to win and use this cookbook πŸ™‚

  27. inthegoodbooksblog says

    Yes please! I’d love to feature this on my blog if I won πŸ™‚ Fingers crossed!

  28. Marnie Dalrymple says

    Having read your blog weekly from
    Brisbane for the last 4+ years, I have been itching to visit the southern highlands to soak in the goodness you preach about! I love reading about the scenery, locals and food you have at your fingertips and have added many of your recipes to me repertoire. Seeing as though that visit is not going to happen in the near future (3 littles and a very busy life) this cookbook would give me a taste of what to look forward to. Pick me Beth! ??

  29. Hi Beth,

    As a cult follower and stalker of babymac since 2012 – your blog inspired me to move to the country. My partner and I have purchased a old orchard in the Yarra Valley in April of this year, with the intent to build our dream country home and have a more quiet lifestyle. Our house plans have just been handed into council, I’ve just quit my job in the big smoke and found something much closer to the home thats not even built yet – and I love a Sunday roast. My partner is the cook of the house and his collection of recipe books is something he is obsessed over. We love the produce our area has to offer and have started introducing ourselves to the local farmers and suppliers to reduce our food miles and support the local community. I would love a copy of this special book – inspiration for the one day long lunches well have on our front porch.

  30. I LOVE collecting regional cookbooks! It’s the first thing I buy when we go camping around Australia, you cant beat them!! Most of my favourite recipes come from these books and this looks beautiful. Such a lovely addition to your area, I wouldn’t be able to wait if I won it, work would be getting baked goods that week!!

  31. I would love a copy of this cookbook because it looks gorgeous and I’ve always loved the Southern Highlands. I love to cook, so it will be very well used!

    Lots and lots of not very nice things have happened to me lately (including my husband being made redundant) and feeling more than a little crap. This would bring a bit of sunshine to my day xx

  32. I’d love to visit the southern highlands from our home in country nw nsw. Following BabyMac over the last few years has ignited my interest in the area, and until I can get my young family packed up (and husband to take time off work to visit!), I’d love to recreate some southern highlands cuisine in our kitchen at home. ?

  33. I’d love a copy of The Southern Highlands Cookbook to help me re-live and share memories of my childhood. I lived in Moss Vale for the first 15 years of my life, and remember every time there was a sausage sizzle at school there would be Mauger’s Meats sausages and hot bread bread rolls (my mouth is salivating right now!), and for a dinner, a spit roast catered by Mauger’s – so delicious!! The Highlands has so much to offer the foodie, and I am thrilled that the community foodie pleasure-hosts are sharing their secrets in this book.

  34. Ooh how lovely! You certainly live in a special part of the world. I’d love this book as I’m still desperately trying to get my Australian cooking mojo back and I’m moving into my new kitchen in my new house any moment now. After 3.5 years cooking in Dubai, I’ve forgotten how to use Australian produce (does that sound strange?).

  35. I grew up in the SH but moved away over 15 years ago. As a teen, I couldn’t wait to get out of there! Since following your blog, you’ve helped me fall in love again with the place I call my home town. I’m actually excited for the first time, in a long time, to visit! This cookbook would be just another way to keep the love affair going!

  36. Lyn Mauger says

    I’m immensely proud of coming from the Southern Highlands. Would love to have the cookbook lying casually on the coffee table so I can brag about be beautiful area that I come from!
    Wouldn’t mind knowing the secret to Mauger’s meat pie either! Especially as it’s quite possibly a family secret that I’ve never been let in on!

  37. I haven’t made it to the Southern Highlands YET, but after years of loving Country Style stories of tree changers and their renovated cottages, and now following your blog and being introduced to great local producers and makers, I would love to dive into recreating some local dishes.
    New cooking inspiration is always such a treat. I’d love to win a copy of this tome.

  38. My mum just moved to Bundanoon, what a welcome gift this would make! Would love to win her a copy!!

  39. Thanks for the opportunity Beth! I would love a copy because I am constantly looking for that special recipe to cook for the family when they all come home for lunch on Sunday. There’s 12 of us around the table now as we added 2 more spouses to the mix this year. I love my family and I love to put some effort in to the meal we can share together after a long week. Good company, good food and good conversations shared around the family table!

  40. Such an amazing and awesome location to live and raise your family The food, the scenery, the people…. What’s not to love? A cookbook would be an amazing addition to my library. Thanks for the chance.

  41. Michelle Liston says

    Looks like a ripper! Would love to add it to my collection and cook up some of its yumminess!

  42. We are always looking for new and interesting recipes, Darren has just discovered he is an amazing cook, he’s developing a real talent, and I’m the lucky recipient, which sounds really spoiled , but I have a broken ankle, so that kind of explains things, anyway, I know I’d love this prize, but Darren would be really excited if I won this for him!!!

  43. To expand my repertoire with 48 mouth-watering recipes to excite and delight our palates, it will be like dining out in our own home πŸ™‚

  44. Karen McGuire says

    I would love a copy of The Southern Highlands Cookbook as it might help improve my cooking skills and bring a little piece of the Southern Highlands to my home (and my food). πŸ™‚

  45. I would adore a cook book from the Southern Highlands. Every chance i get my daughter & I high tail down to the SH for a break & visit and wishing we could live there. I kind of feel like it’s home especially reading your blog…x

  46. Helen Rodgers says

    Awesome unique Southern Highlands recipes. My heart is aching for a copy of this gorgeous book. πŸ™‚

  47. Ruth Jones says

    On my bucket list for a visit!!

  48. As the daughter of farmers and married to a farm manager I always try to support local producers. I would love a copy of this book to explore more recipes made with fantastic Australian produce.

  49. We’ve just spent the last few days in Canberra with our daughter who’s moving to the UK next weekend for a WHOLE YEAR! I talk about you Beth and your wonderful part of the world. A lot. ? With your beautiful book, our daughter would have a little piece of home to refer to as often as she likes. Even if I can’t squeeze her every now and then, I can at least imagine her whipping up some lovely wholesome dishes over there in chilly Cheltenham. ?

  50. Sarah Aberdein says

    I’m a self confessed recipe book junkie and would love to add to my library! I’m also a farmer, so a local cookbook full of beautifully cared for produce tugs at my heartstrings (and makes my belly rumble)!

  51. Oh I do love a good country cookbook – while my woman’s weekly one is well loved & used regularly I’d love to expand my collection!

  52. Comfort food recipes from an amazing part of the world, what’s not to love. Now I live where the air is cooler need to learn to produce something other than salads?

  53. Lauren Burke says

    Ohhhh we always admire the highlands as we pass through on our way to the South coast. Looks like we need to stop and enjoy it next time – where’s the best place for scones??? πŸ™‚

  54. Caroline Coady says

    Oh how lucky we are to live in this gorgeous area. I’d love to learn some of the secrets of my favourite eating places. I wonder if the Cafe Rosso donut recipe is there?!? I’d love to find something yummy in there to bake for my midwife colleagues for the early hours of our night shifts. Xx

    • How could I not give it to those lovely midwives? Congrats Caroline – you’re a winner! Can you send me an email with the best address to send it to? Thanks and congrats x

  55. Alana Hodge says

    Wow, this recipe book looks gorgeous Beth! Many of the photographs you’ve shared of the Southern Highlands over the years remind me of my home here in Tasmania ❀️ I’d love to serve up the dishes that are showcased in this book for my husband and two little boys xx

  56. Allyson Down says

    This book would take pride of place in my bookshelf because although we can’t make our tree change just yet, we can pretend by cooking some wonderful recipes. Savouring the flavours of the region may just get me through the next few years until we can make the move!

  57. Gabby Howlett says

    I’ve never been to the Southern Highlands and love your blog for so many things but especially your pics of the beautiful place you live and the local places you go to. I would love to win a copy as I love to cook and eat and embrace the goodness your area has to offer.

  58. @fairview_farmhouse says

    I have never been to the southern highlands before but after seeing so many wonderful places that you have blogged about, it’s definately on the to do list! But with baby number 5 days away, it may not be for a while so the cookbook would be a wonderful alternative!

  59. The southern highlands is beautiful and breathtaking views, what I really loved was the freshness of the local food – this cookbook would mean that I can relive those memories and recreate to the best of my abilities the food

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