Monday meal ideas: mid week dinners packed with veggies

Good morning friends! Hard to believe we are back at the start of another week isn’t it? They are FLYING by at the moment and we are hurtling towards the end of the year. I kind of wish everything would slow down a little…I’m not ready! The school weeks are so full at the moment too and are only going to get worse so thought I would share some of my favourite mid week dinners that are packed with veggies – got to keep them up before the complete party season madness takes over!

Roast chicken with vegetables
Green pig Pasta
Chicken fried rice
Zucchini fritters

Hope you guys all have a great week ahead! We are keeping VERY busy with the shop  and while we think that we still have ages before Christmas it is fast approaching so start your shopping now! I have a busy week with lots of deadlines and a trip at the end of it that I will be sharing with you guys…it’s going to be great. Hope you all have a great one! x


  1. Karon Turner says

    I just made your Chicken Fried Rice and it was a hit with a 17.5 year old and 24 year old who are not great vege eaters – they used to be. The younger wanted to know why I would mess around with the recipe I have (my Mum’s) and I think we are changing. They were lucky I didn’t have the full assault of vege – no ginger (but I will), not enough frozen peas(they couldn’t care less), no chard (what’s that?) or spinach (thank God!). I added a grated zucchini and carrot (just like spag bol to this day) and capsicum! I’ll freeze the left over thermie rice for next time. Thanks Beth!


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