A golden ticket to visit Ms. Peacock Fine Chocolates

I still get that flutter of excitement I first got when I watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when I watch it with the kids. You know the part where they walk into the hallway that gets smaller and smaller and then the door opens to the factory inside?

“If you want to view paradise
Simply look around and view it
Anything you want to, do it
Want to change the world, there’s nothing to it”

Those piano keys repeating over and over until the magic is revealed…man it’s there stuff of childhood dreams come true! Those life size gummy bears that were pulled off the tree! Or the bit when Charlie reveals his golden ticket under that bar of chocolate. It really captured my imagination as a kid.

And last week I had my own Charlie moment as I got to visit Lisa from Ms Peacock Fine Chocolates at her store and kitchen in Bowral.

Ms Peacock is Lisa Morley, a pastry chef and chocolatier who uses only the best ingredients and perfect shine on all her creations. I was first introduced to Lisa’s work through another business down here who were selling her chocolates at their shop. One taste is all it takes to make you a SUPER FAN of her work, it’s just that good. From the packaging and logo, that gold perfectly wrapped paper, it’s all beautiful, inside and out.

Her store is based in The Mill at Bowral (shop 1, 210-224 Bong Bong Street Bowral) nestled amongst the gorgeous setting there. I arrived on a gorgeous, warm sunny Friday where the kitchen was bustling with chocolate and various production lines.

I got to stand and watch Lisa and her team at work…tempering chocolate, topping various bars with new layers and LOTS of taste testing. What a treat!!! It’s so wonderful to be able to watch a master at work, creating and perfecting their talents, it’s truly a joy to behold.

Lisa has quite a selection and range available both in store and online, but my favourite would have to be the newly renamed JOIE bar (previously the pseudo snickers) which is almost too pretty to eat but SOMEHOW even better when you taste it. Seriously, this THING YOU GUYS.

There’s the DESIRE BAR which is Orange & vanilla bean, almond crunch and salted caramel which is also pretty ridiculous and delicious…think orange chocolate but crunchy!

There are shelves of gorgeous packages all wrapped up and filled with JOY.

The shop may be small but it’s full of style and smells DELICIOUS.

There’s no wonder it made Donna Hay’s list in her final magazine of her favourite things and no wonder that Lisa recently won a number of awards at the Australian Fine Food Awards, her warm and welcoming smile as even more gorgeous than her creations!

I was so excited to be able to spend a little time watching a master at work, taking in everything that I love…chocolate AND cooking in a kitchen….I think I am going to have to head back there sometime soon and get my hands dirty…well chocolatey!

If you are visiting the Highlands make sure you head into Lisa’s flagship store to do some taste testing and buying and watch the master at work through the window to the kitchen and even if you are far away you can get online and get shopping, start with that JOIE bar and go from there, you will be a raving fan like me in no time!

You can check her out on Facebook here.
You can also check her out on Instagram here.

Thanks for having me Lisa and thanks (well maybe not so much) for all the extra goodies I now have sitting on my bench). Oink!

Ms Peacock Fine Chocolates
Shop 1, “The Mill” 210-224 Bong Bong Street Bowral NSW 2576
Open Wednesday – Saturday 10am to 4pm


  1. Charlie’s mum sweaty and tired working in the wash house reminds me of us haha

  2. Adding this to my highlands list!

  3. We did our first visit to Bowral last October, and was thrilled to find Ms Peacocks! May have splurged quite a bit… oink

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