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You know what time it is right? It’s SHOW TIME people!

Last year I had great hopes. They were never realised with Harper recovering from her operation, but now, well there are no more excuses. It’s time to step up Beverley.

Today I picked up the show guide. I’ve left my run late, entry forms have to be in on Tuesday and Rob was devastated to see that there is indeed no category for his Belizean hot sauce that he has just created. It’s a tragedy I know.

I’m thinking of entering into:

Scones, 6 plain
Jam (NOS)

The girls will do a little artwork and perhaps even a flower arrangement in an egg cup, junior division of course.

It’s ALL happening. Wish us luck!


  1. Fun!! Go for it….

  2. Best of British to you mrs Mac. A few years ago I won runner up in the open chocolate section at our local fete. I still don’t know who beat me but I want to kill them before the next show. Ha Ha.

  3. I love regional shows. When I was young we lived with my grandparents who had a farm… I remember the local ‘show’ very fondly. From winning a 1st prize for my cross stitch place mat, the bake off between my Auntie and another local woman for who did the best ‘scones’ and ‘pikelets’ a competitiveness probably not seen again in downtown Delegate (for a 25 year period!)… The showing jumping tantrums and the small rides, how I loved the community spirit…so good luck with your ‘scones’ and ‘jam’ I think it’s awesome your entering!

  4. When I was 17, I won the local art prize at the Show which was $500. I pissed it up the wall. It was my greatest achievement ever x

  5. Oh, scones! Competitive category! Lemonade scones would be cheating, right? I love the Robbo show, where else can you see sacks of potatoes trying to kill people!

  6. Good luck with the scones and whatever else family members contribute. Knowing you and your family I am sure you will all have a fabulous time. I remember when I was about 14 I won a prize for a sponge cake I had made and when I was quite young got a ‘highly commended” for a rafia bag I’d made at school. I used to love our Perth Royal Show but just can’t walk around now and I do miss it so.

  7. I LOVE country shows! I never actually enter ours but it amuses me walking through the pavilion each year and checking out all the entries. Good luck!

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