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Last night when we were walking home from dinner, the girls and I stopped by to talk to the cows. We had quite the conversation, they all looked up at us, and particularly liked a song I started to sing. I wonder what they were thinking? Weirdos, I suspect. In other news, look at the pasture! We are back to green, green, green! Our lawn & garden is out of control, despite the hours I put in this week. Thank goodness we are almost at the point when it finally starts to slow down…usually around April.

This week I finished (finally) doing our photo book for 2012. Do you do one of these? It’s the new version of getting photos developed and put into albums I suppose. I use the iphoto one on my Mac, but I think I need to get on board some other ones. Fat Mum Slim had a great deal on Blurb ones a month or so ago so I might have a look at that one next. You can do with your Instagram shots too.

My online shopping package arrived from Benefit yesterday. I did what I was told and ordered from the States as they were much cheaper and it took about 2 weeks to get here. From left to right we have…

: Fine one one – this is like a blush thingy for your cheeks or lips. It’s three colours and you apply it to your cheeks with the light colour being at the top. Used it last night and quite frankly, loved myself sick. You can learn more from YouTube too. Who knew?

: High Brow – a white pencil to use under your brow line and then blend in. Made quite the difference!

: Instant brow pencil – got this in NY and have run out. They are the business.

: Ooh la lift – conceals darkness under the eyes. I have plenty. It works.

: Mascara – well you know what that does right?

I watched the movie Inception last weekend. Wow! It hurt my brain, but was quite fabulous. It’s one of Rob’s favourites and has been trying to get me to watch it for years. I’m glad I did.

Daily Mail shot of the day was Julia Ranic in a delightful one piece swimsuit. Call me old fashioned, but it was a nice change to see someone in a one piece. I can assure you that even though I buy these styles of swimmers, I do not look like this. More squeezed sausage with tides of flesh escaping from the top and bottom.

Superior drying conditions out there this week – got lots of washing done. Just as well as it’s been visitors a go-go. Off to cut some fresh flowers for the next lot arriving in a few hours. Consuela needs to get to the housekeeping.

Do you make photo books or print photos old school style?
Wear a bikini or one piece?
Got any hot make up tips?
Seen Inception?

Happy Weekend friends!


  1. I only just finished my 2011 photo book last week. You have reminded me what I need to do this weekend!

  2. Ah! You’ve reminded me that I haven’t used the Blurb offer from the PB conf last Oct. And I do love photo books. The last one I did was for my second son’s 13th birthday, a collect of photos from his childhood to mark becoming a teen. Cute no more!

    What is this make up stuff??

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Blurb is awesome! I used the fab deal fatmumslim posted. Really good quality. I use Snapfish a fair bit too 🙂 and now I’m twenty types of jealous.. Because I’ve run out of my benefit mascara! It is indeed something awesome:)

    Yay to green

  4. I love a photo book, I do mine through big W online, not as often as I should though!
    Definitely a one piece, I invested in a gorgeous Jets one this summer. Glad I wore lots of tiny bikinis in my 20’s because those days are definitely over!
    I was introduced to the brow pencil recently, now I’m hooked. Maybelline do one that’s good for blondes.
    Tried to watch Inception but it got too much for me.

  5. I used Blurb for a photo book of our trip to the States. It ended up being over 200 pages long. From the moment I pressed enter it only took a couple of days for the finished product to be delivered to my doorstep. I was more than impressed and would recommend them to anyone.
    As for swimmers…one piece every time….no body wants to see my middle…trust me!

  6. Anonymous says

    I am doing the photo books too. I just know that one day my computer will die and I will lose them otherwise. Starting with 2011. My little girl has started school this year and I figure I will do one year a term, otherwise my head will start spinning I think. It’s a big project. Good luck with yours. Love Georgia x p.s Always enjoy your blog.

  7. Loved this post…so many things happening in your life as usual.
    Not green over here in the west…..still no rain. All gardens (and people) suffering from the hot, dry conditions. Send us some rain, please.
    As I am an oldie I still prefer printed photos to put in real albums. Nobody bothers these days so I have no snaps to show friends of great-grandies etc. Shame really.
    I don’t wear make up apart from lipstick so no tips to anyone on that subject.
    Not a movie fan so haven’t seen Inception.
    Haven’t had a pair of bathers on for yonks and it’s always been one piece for me even when I was a little one. haha

  8. I love the photobook! I am wanting to do all my instagram pictures, and am toying with baby books for my boys seeing I haven’t had time for baby albums. Such a good mother, right there!

    As for one pieces, me neither. I have one, but my husband hates it. He thinks I’ve gone to the ‘other side’ (that would be the old side). While he thinks all that flesh is sexy, I think that I’m trying to be appropriate!

    Liked inception. x

  9. Yup…I do an iphoto book once a year.
    I love doing it…I delete so many terrible photos, pick my favourites for the book, and enjoy looking back over the year…generally with a glass of wine in hand!

    I do one pieces for swimming lessons and bikinis on the beach…but I rarely take my coverup off so I suppose it doesn’t really matter!

  10. I do Project Life weekly so get lots of photos printed. I fail at getting Photos up on our walls though.

  11. Traci Sparkle Devlin says

    Very excellent that your Benefit gear arrived. They are def the go-to brand for me. Next time you’re in Sydney get yourself to the Benefit Brow Bar in Myer (or on Oxford St) for a brow shape and tint. So fabulous. I’m addicted.
    And I think once you go a once piece you don’t look back. The last one I bought was strapless from Asos and had amazing body slimming lining. It’s a nightmare to get into but definitely worth it!
    And I’m totally stealing your idea for a yearly photo book. Thanks lady!!
    Have a happy Sunday xx

  12. I do blog and photo books for my family as gifts but still keep photos for myself online. I use Snapfish for the photo only books (holidays and the like) and Shutterfly for the blog books. I liked Shutterfly’s templates.

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