Monday Meal Ideas: Show Time!

We had a very productive afternoon around here yesterday: it’s show time next weekend so there was LOTS of studying of the guide, cooking, creating going on as entries have to be in by Thursday. Harper was busy making Lego, Daisy crocheting for the first time, Rob with various sauces and pickles bubbling away and Mags attempting her first drawing.

I’m still not sure exactly which direction I will go in…maybe some more cooking but I think some more “decorative” like last year. In any case, forms and categories have to be decided by tomorrow and those entries will be in by Thursday morning. There’s nothing like show week! Some of my best memories of our time down here.

Lemon Butter
Date Loaf
Pickled Cucumbers
Chocolate Cake
Date Scones
Ginger Fluff

And if you’re interested to see some more details about the show over the years here are some posts for you:

2017 Show
2016 Show

I hope you all have a good week ahead – we have some more rain this morning (YESSS) but then it looks like it’s fining up for the rest of the week. Can you believe that it will be Autumn on Thursday? I am SO ready (I think) but also wondering how things can move as quickly as they can and do. Sheesh. Have a great week friends, I look forward to reporting back on the show later in the week.


  1. I won a first place for my lemon butter last year (my first time entering) and upset a few of the old stalwarts. A lady asked me what kind of lemons I used and when I said I didn’t know she was a bit upset! I stopped short of saying yellow ones!
    They’re a tough gig these show comps!

  2. Ah the ginger fluff – made this for my mum’s 79th birthday last month – it was a hit!!!!

  3. I’m an expat and love hearing about the show. Bring back the podcast! Maybe a special show episode?

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