Kindness and corn fritters

Is anyone else feeling like an overtired 2 year old at the moment? I am expert at dealing with such people, given that we have one living in our house, so if you are, you’ve come to the right place. Our little lady has taken to only sleeping every now and then, so the over tiredness combined with trying to do and say and BE all the things all by her self-es is full on and exhausting for ALL of us.

On the weekend I found myself a little like this. Picking fights with Rob in the first 5 minutes of him being up, I recognised the behaviour and took myself out for a run to see if that would clear the head and heart. It kind of worked, but I am finding myself falling back into that trap over and over.

Much like Maggie, I am tired. I have been trying to do and BE all of the things, all year and I am tired. We all are. We’ve been working hard, we’ve been keeping the family fed and happy and clothes washed and dishwashers unpacked and carried ALL of the mental load for the family, day in and day out. We have tried to be healthy and fit, we have beaten ourselves up over the smallest things. We have partied too hard when we have some freedom, wished for some time alone and miss our kids the minute we have it.

It’s exhausting being us isn’t it?

So yesterday when Maggie actually had a sleep! IN HER BED! Instead of jumping onto the laptop and working, I took some time to treat myself the way I would treat Maggie when she is feeling like this. With love, patience and kindness.

I decided to make myself a yummy brunch, using something that no other person really likes in this house and I sat down and ate every last drop. It was a simple gesture of self kindness that was like a warm hug from my Mum.

I have shared my recipe for corn fritters before, but here’s what I did anyway, because they were extra good and made with love.

Corn Fritters (makes 8 fritters)

2 corn cobs
Half red onion
2 eggs
2 tablespoons self raising flour
Half bunch coriander (finely chopped)
Salt & Pepper
Avo, English Spinach, lemon juice and Sriracha (to serve)

1. Into a bowl stand up the corn cobs and cut the kernels off using a sharp knife

2. Add in the other ingredients and mix. If the picture seems a little wet add in a sprinkle more flour

3. Heat up a fry pan with rice bran oil (I use enough to cover about 1cm to shallow fry)

4. Use two spoons to place a small amount of mixture into the fry pan and fry until golden brown on each side.

5. Drain on paper towel and sprinkle with sea salt

6. Serve with whatever you like! I used some chopped English Spinach, avo, lemon juice and sriracha with lashings of salt & pepper

[gmc_recipe 24003]

This was so delicious and so lovely that I ate every drop and thanked myself for taking the time to do something nice for me. We so often forget to do that, putting everyone else before ourselves. And while we might do things like exercise or a walk, I usually spend THAT time, convincing myself that I should be doing more.

It’s enough.
We are all doing enough.
Be kind to yourself.

I remember a post I wrote a few months ago that I thought we could all be reminded of, especially at this time of year. We are fragile, and no one else is going to look after us, so make sure you take some time every now and then to look after YOU. You deserve it.

How are you feeling at the moment?
Tired? Cranky? Like a 2 year old who refuses a day sleep?


  1. My dad used to make these on the barbie but he added some curry powder in them as well, time for ourselves is very important

  2. Corn Fritters remind me of my childhood. Mum used to cook them for me when I got home from school. I still love them today. I agree… they are like a big warm hug

  3. Yep, it has been a tough old year this one. This past weekend I took myself off to my parents for the whole weekend. Just me and them…. I have never in the whole time of having children (my eldest is 18 now) have I done this. Can’t begin to tell you how good for the sole this was and how re-energised I now am. One simply weekend…. Who knew it could be that easy and why has it taken me so long to realise this. LOL.

  4. I have been trying to be kind to myself too. As soon as my head starts talking trash, I shut it down. Even though my to-do list is as long as the Nullarbor, if I want to just sit & ignore it, I am. If I want to eat the junk, I eat it without guilt.
    I am so tired of keeping everyone else happy, content & looked after but not even putting myself on the list. It’s hard but worth it. Keeping doing nice things for yourself Beth x

  5. Yes and yes! All of this going on in our house right now. Meanwhile, you must have that most comprehensive list of fridge and pantry components-I love how you can just whip something up, I’m always missing an ingredient or two and sometimes (especially these times) making do on your fave comfort food is not an option.

  6. Yum. This looks fabulous Beth. Yes I’m feeling exhausted and I still have another week and a half of events to go to!

  7. I am feeling all these feels. Currently running on empty keeping up with everything. Really need to try and be kinder to myself and take time out but it’s so hard at present. Reading this blog late at night I guess is a little me time.

  8. Claire Smith says

    I do a breakfast similar to this for myself most weekday mornings. Finely chopped or grated veg (usually one or 2 of; broccoli, cauliflower, kale, zucchini, silverbeet) an egg, a tablespoon of wholemeal SR flour and a bit of haloumi or fetta or other leftover cheese. Fried in about a tablespoon of olive oil. I started about 6 months ago and made myself get into the habit. I really enjoy it now, frypan on to heat, only 5 minutes to make the mix, clean up after school lunch prep while its cooking. I really enjoy breakfast and have the glow of virtue all day. Its been really good for my digestion too. I used to have 2 slices of wholemeal toast every day which I love, but too much carb and not enough vegetables

  9. Claire Smith says

    PS well done you for recognising that you needed nurturing and doing something about it. Such great self care

  10. Meagan Sambell says

    Bit late to the party on trying this one but it is so delightful. So fresh, filling and delicious that the hubby and I gobbled these up like the little piglets we are 🤣 I cannot wait to see what other gems you have waiting for me to discover.
    Your message of being kind to yourself is very fitting given the current state of the world with the Coronavirus. Just keep swimming Beth xo

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