Green smoothies and how they are helping us all feel better

I am a sceptic when it comes to kale and some of the shite that I see health “influencers” go on about online. I see their collagen powder and concoctions and roll my eyes – I just do. Since the start of the year with all our sadness and grief and bad habits that come with that: comfort eating (because we need it) too much drinking (because we need it), too much sitting on the couch watching TV (because it’s all we can do), you get the picture, we were sad and feeling shite about ourselves.

Daisy was the one who asked if we could get a blender (we got a Nutri bullet because it was on sale when we bought it) it was summer and she wanted to get more fruit and veggies into her and thought that smoothies would be perfect for when she went back to school – for breakfast and beyond. So we grabbed one and I asked my friend Annie who is a convert how to do it. Her method was:

And then I zone out because I don’t know what that really means. I am sure there are plenty of people out there that DO know and will tell you all about it, so you should totally find them because I am clueless.

My method was more like: oh I like that flavour combo (lots and lots of spinach because that’s why I am doing this to be spinachy and green and WHOLESOME) and add some chia seeds in there because they seem healthy and people do that so I guess I do too. It’s probs not right but it works for us.

I had no clue really on where to start other than to know that sometimes people would want a milky version (for fruits and the like) in which case we would switch to almond milk, and sometimes people would want a fruity one (like a green smoothie) in which case we would use coconut water for them. So I bought some frozen fruit from the supermarket (even though it was summer and there was lots of fruits around I found the frozen ones easy to store in the freezer and access. They also give the smoothie a wonderful thick consistency when it’s hot it’s DELICIOUS…and off we went on our adventure of making it up as we went:

We soon worked out who liked what: Daisy does NOT want chia seeds in hers. Maggie likes pretty much all of them and they have SAVED my arse on afternoons when she is so bloody tired so she can get some green into her before all hell breaks loose in exhaustion at dinner time. Harper likes it with almond milk, Rob and I LOVE that green combo with mint and cucumber and lots of chia seeds, but I don’t like it with berries in it so much because it goes brown and no one wants to drink brown unless it’s a hot chocolate. A little lime, but not a lot is great. I know, it’s confusing. For us too.

The thing I found was that frozen fruit gives a great consistency: it’s easy to have it there so there are no excuses to make one. You can grab that in the freezer section of the supermarket usually near the pastry. I have been having one after I have exercised in the morning – I usually have a coffee in the early morning, then have exercise done after school drop off so it’s about 10,30 I have it and then I eat at lunch time. It’s not meant to be a meal substitution (well I don’t use it for that) I use it as a treat and a way to get that goodness into me after a wun (walk/run). Rob does the same. The girls had them more for breakfast in summer, but now it’s cooler, it’s more of an afternoon tea treat.

It’s been surprising to me how delicious these are and how much I enjoy them. I have had them pretty much every day for a month now and I think it’s something that I will stick with because they are SO YUM. They give me a boost of energy and are packed with greens which just has to be a great thing right? It just does. My skin is looking great, and while I am exhausted still and go to bed very very early during the week, I *think* I have been feeling better for it. I have also been out walking for the past 3 weeks again – getting 5kms in 4 times a week if I can, going to be early and waking early and trying not to drink during the week and less than I have been. It’s definitely made a difference to feeling better, and clothes fitting better, but it’s really all been about doing it for my mental health and any side effects from that are just a bonus.

I find walking such a great way to get my head around things: being outside and focused on a simple task of one foot in front of the other and the rhythm of that helps to process things I am worried or sad about, helps me process it all and helps with the flow of business and creativity. It’s weird and kind of annoying how that works for me, but it just does. I know I will fall to the wayside with the exercise again (as I always do) but maybe not with the smoothies, it’s a quick and easy way that is DELICIOUS and is helping me feeling better inside and out.

So I’ll take that.

I also have a highlight in my stories where you can see the recipes and types of things that I put in there daily (or when I remember to take a photo)…you can see it down there at the start called (funnily enough) SMOOTHIES.

This person seems much different from the one just a few weeks ago, I’m still crying (a lot) and getting cranky (a lot) and going to bed way too early and not reading enough, but I feel better in my head. That’s the main thing.

How are you feeling at the moment health wise?
Need to make some changes?
I am always amazed how much difference you can feel in such a short amount of time (like just 2-3 weeks)…
What’s your fave smoothie combo?


  1. I became a smoothie convert about a year ago. I’ve always been a breakfast avoider for a number of reasons, but now I really love my smoothies. Banana, chia, almond and date is my fave, but I do love a green smoothie too.
    And yes, it’s amazing what a 5km walk can do for the mind. Glad you’re taking it gently step by step. Xx

  2. We have just started with green smoothies. We are just on the one recipe at the moment because the whole family enjoy it!
    Frozen banana (the ones you shove in the freezer as they are past it and perfect for banana bread)
    Frozen mango
    A dash of vanilla extract
    And as much baby spinach as you can fit


    Wonderful to hear your head is in a better space!

  3. Hmmm, my health is a bit crap at the moment. The cooling of the weather and the damp easterlies are giving me jip. Also this perimenopause seems to be messing with my metabolism and the weight is creeping on…sigh. Probably not helped by the afternoon slump, tiredness shovel all the carbs/sugar in situation. Man I am so not health!!!
    I love a good fruit smoothy but maybe in the interests of feeling better i could try introducing a smoothy into my afternoon. Perhaps something green and energizing, filling and virtuous to get me through that slump and stop the carbfest.
    cheers kate

  4. I have been a green smoothie lover for many, many years & I wish the people in my house would get on board like your family but it’s a hard no from all of them. I know lots of people shake their heads at green smoothies but I don’t get the hate? If you’re getting an extra serve of veggies & some fruit in your body where’s the problem!!! plus, they really are freaking delicious!!
    And I figured out a while ago that if I eat a tonne of shit my mental health soon follows. For a long time now I have tried to focus on overall health & not weight loss because I really like being healthy, it makes me feel good in lots of ways but sure, having a less bloated tummy is nice too. I still have times when my health takes a backseat to other things but I feel like I’ve built a really good foundation now so I’m never really starting from ground zero anymore.
    This week has been a different story. I’ve had the worst gastro bug ever take over my body so all I’ve been able to keep down is vegemite saladas & gastrolite- FUN!!! I am hoping my guts sorts itself out soon so I can go back to eating normal food 😬

  5. Big smoothie lovers here. A great way to sneak some greens into my 10 year old daughter, and a terrific way to fuel my 13 year old son before and after his never ending sports training! For me, it’s a great way to get something in my tummy on the way to work or an appointment, or when I’m chasing kids and trying to break my muffin habit!

    We also use lots of spinach. I add LSA and sometimes some raw oats for energy. We freeze all our non eaten fruit – mango, banana, berries etc. whatever doesn’t leave the fruit bowl ends up in the freezer for smoothies or baking.

  6. Sue Paterson says

    I’ve been feeding smoothies to my kiddo for years and recently started having them myself. I like berries, coconut water, flax seed, chia & spinach. Sometimes with some cacao powder added too.
    Kiddo is on a high calorie diet & likes banana, coconut milk, mango with a squirt of honey (with occasional protein powder & nuts thrown in too)
    I freeze any fruit that’s past its best – just chop & chuck it into a big tupperware in the freezer with whatever other fruit is already in there. Kinda have to dig it out with a spoon as it get a bit stuck together, but life’s too short for more prep than that!

  7. Well done on feeling better. I’ve never been a smoothie drinker but I’d like to have a go. I don’t like the flavour of coconut water when I’ve tried it on its own. Can you taste it in the smoothies (and if so what could you substitute) or does its flavour get overtaken by the spinach and fruit?

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