Saturday Sipper: Aperol Spritz with a twist

I’ll never forget the first Aperol Spritz I had when we were in Italy when I FINALLY understood the allure of this orange cocktail. We had been walking about Florence in the STINKING heat when we stopped at a cafe/bar and the icy Spritz cooled me down and quenched my thirst like nothing I had every experienced before.

All the versions I have made since have never tasted as good as that one in Florence, although this version I made last weekend was a cute Australian twist that worked just as well on a stinking hot January day by the beach in Australia.

I happened across this quite by mistake as one of our visitor’s kids staying with us didn’t like their Frosty Fruit (obviously they are NEVER welcome back…how can anyone NOT like the delicious Frosty Fruit) so instead of eating I whacked it into my Spritz and HELLO! Magic.

It adds more sweetness no doubts, but that may work for those not used to the bitter taste of the Aperol. In any case…a perfect summer drink! One the Italians would NOT agree with!

Aperol Spritz with a Frosty Fruit Twist

1 part Aperol
2 parts Prosecco
Dash soda water
LOTS of ice
Thin slice of orange
1 Frosty Fruit ice block

I use the measurement of PART instead of an exact ml amount as I free pour depending on the weather or what my children have been doing on any particular day so just use these rough measurements as a guide. I use LOTS of ice and it will need a good mix before you add the orange in.

1. Add in the ice to a large wine glass

2. Pour in the Aperol, then Prosecco and dash of soda give a good mix (I use chopsticks!)

3. Garnish with the orange slice and then whack in a Frosty Fruit upside down

For a hard earned thirst and all that, this will do the trick!
What’s been your go-to drink this summer?


  1. This is truly brilliant and I will be trying it 👌

  2. I recently discovered Jacobs Creek Prosecco Spritz and my daughter in law and I enjoyed a few glasses over the festive season adding frozen lemon/orange slices and bottled Wild Hibiscus flowers ( even better you can buy the prosecco at Aldi)

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