Monday Meal Ideas: Family faves

Oh Monday, how quickly you come about. We all had a great but very quick weekend…how fast those days seems to fly by. We’ve got a pretty stock standard week around here but with added bonus of a birthday! Harper is turning 8 on Friday….talk about things coming around quickly! So until then, it will be heads down, bum up with lots and LOTS of work to do as well as lots of healthy eating and exercise.

Here are some of our weekly high rotation meals that everyone in the family like, they will be adapted to have lots of extra greens in as I am really trying to ramp that up in every meal, and because I know they are quick to make, they will hit the table all week!

Sunshine Rice
Chicken quesadillas
Wonton Soup
Sausage Pasta

How’s your week ahead looking? Whatever it is you are doing, holidays, work, deadlines, big things, small things I hope that it all goes well for you. Before we know it, it will be Friday and that’s something. Have a good one friends x


  1. inspiring always thanks beth, bev or betty!
    love m:)X

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