Have a cold? Try a hot toddy!

Is there sickness going around your place at the moment? As sure as we reach the end of term 2, there will ALWAYS be sickness in our house. I know this because I trawled back through the blog to find this recipe, and it’s practically to this day, from years ago that I shared it last.

We’ve had a cycle of colds for weeks now, Rob being the latest victim. I am trying to keep clear of it all and keep taking the Immune Defence from Ethical Nutrients. These are really good – I swear by them. Take one every day and 2 when you feel a niggle of a cold. Works well. Other than that lots of oranges and citrus and of course garlic and ginger & spice in cooking.

Here’s my recipe for whipping up a hot toddy. While not entirely curing you, will certainly make you feel better just before bed. Or at least put you to sleep if you add an extra nip of whiskey.


Rind from 1 lemon & squeeze of lemon juice
1 teaspoon honey
1 cinnamon stick
2 cloves
1 nip whiskey
1 cup boiling water (or tea)

[gmc_recipe 13578]

How’s everyone in your house?
Got any other tips for keeping colds and flus in order this time of year?


  1. We’ve had a nasty virus going around our school, my daughter had a few days off with really high temps that Panadol was only just keeping at bay. A cough then developed once the temps went down but we are now on the tail end (I hope.) I also got sick because TEACHER and PRIMARY CARER of sick children since hubby gives kids a wide berth when they’re crook. I’ve been using my doterra oils (diffusing and applying topically) and I reckon that’s helped reduce the length of our illness. That and alcohol.

    Term 2, Week 11: you’ve been fun. Now bring on the hols.

  2. Yep, it is that time of year again…. I had one off sick last week and the other off sick this week. Bring on the school holidays, we sooooo need a break.

  3. The sickness has been circling around our house for the last month too. Preschooler bought it home and then I went down with it, followed by our 5 month old, my partner has worked in childcare for 17 years so manages to avoid most of these things.

    I am now onto my 3rd round of this in a month and 5 month old onto his 2nd. I picked up the ethical nutrients immune defense last night at the suggestion of the pharmacist so I am glad to hear that someone has taken them and swears by them. I am ready to go postal from the never ending illness. I never got sick before our oldest started preschool and in the last 2 years since he and I have gone down like flies every winter.

  4. Georgina says

    Recently discovered Gin Hot Toddies wonderful even when your well!

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