Tasty 5 minute noodles

OK so you know when you are HUNGRY, like really hungry at lunch and you want something substantial and tasty and the leftover crusts from your kids lunch just WON’T cut it? Or at dinner when you want something that you can make in 5 minutes that will make you feel like you MADE something, rather than opening a tin?

I have the answer! It’s like 2 minute noodles. But not! Because it’s wontons and they take about 5 minutes! But I want you to listen very carefully…

You know in Harris Farm (or any kind of supermarket) where they have a frozen section and sometimes in that frozen section there are dumplings and yum cha things? Well, sometimes there are wontons! And they have been home made and frozen and they are just waiting for you to work out what to do with them.


Wonton dumpling soup (for 2)

1 pack frozen wonton dumplings (I think there are about 12 in a pack)
1 litre chicken stock
1 clove garlic crushed
1 knob (ha) of ginger grated
3 shallots sliced
Splash of soy sauce
Few drops of sesame oil
Coriander (if you have it no worries if you don’t)

1. Get a sauce pan and whack the stock in and turn on the heat. While you bring that up to the boil crush the garlic and grate the ginger, chop the shallots and chuck in the pot.

2. Next add in a few splashes of soy sauce and the drops of sesame oil

3. Add in the wontons just before it comes to the boil and let them cook for 5 minutes or until they rise to the top. Take it off the heat and let it sit for a minute before transferring into a bowl and eating the LOT. You can garnish with coriander and chill if you are that way inclined, or if you are like me, you might just want to smash them as they are.

I deadset promise you that this will make you feel virtuous. It will make you feel full. Content and happy. And it took you less than 10 minutes to do. Get thee to that frozen section immediately and make this won’t you?

What’s your go-to cheat recipe that you pull out?


  1. I buy mine frozen from a restaurant at my local – I also buy a piece of Chinese barbeque pork (already sliced) and then add some rice noodles and a bunch of Choy Sum at the last minute – makes a fabulous main meal – looks a million bucks – ps sometimes if I’m feeling generous I add some frozen green prawns – combination wonton – eat your heart out

  2. Yum, that looks delicious Beth. And would you believe that 1. I have never had a dumpling and 2. I have never been to Harris Farm nor would I know what the place was or looked like. How about Woolies? Perhaps I could have some flown out. ha ha ha. I will be trying this one day.

  3. Great idea Beth. I always have a couple of bags of gyoza in the freezer in case we wind up with a crowd for dinner unannounced.
    My go-to, hungry, virtuous lunch are frozen Thai fish cakes from the Asian grocer on the coast. I cook them in the convection microwave – no oil required.

  4. Faux Fuchsia says

    omg so going to try!

  5. Tara Mahoney says

    This is wondrous! I can’t believe I’ve never thought of tossing frozen wontons into broth! Hello easy work night dinner.

  6. Inspired, Beth. A quick dinner and a dumpling fix all at the same time! Winning! I’m totes going to throw a bag of wontons into my trolley when I go for groceries next!

  7. OMG! YUM! I will be stopping after work and getting the ingredients stat!
    Winning! Thanks for the recipe Beth!

  8. Oh wow I have never thought of using them that way!! Great idea…. bookmarking for later 🙂

  9. Yum! That sounds perfect- popping em on the list right now:)

    Thanks for the hint Beth.

  10. Yum, yum, yum! A quick meal’s a good meal as far as I’m concerned. Definitely going to give this a go.

  11. Yum off to Harris Farm x

  12. OMG! So totally trying this! Thanks for the genius idea!

  13. Oh my yum, I need this in my belly! Hubby goes back to work (he works away for a week at a time) tomorrow and I might just make this all for myself. Plus, its rainy and yuck here so why the hell not?!

  14. Having a Chinese partner, eating frozen wontons would be, well would be a major crime in his family. So I make Justin make them in bulk and then we freeze his. Again a quick easy go to lunch.

    • Of course…these look fresh and are have labels in Chinese so I imagine they were once yummy and fresh and then frozen…maybe one day I will get around to making my own!

  15. Brilliant! I never thought to do this. Buying frozen wanton on my next shop

  16. Oh that sounds delish! Unfortunately the Asian food is lacking over here, so sadly I seriously doubt I could find frozen wontons (let alone homemade frozen wontons).
    I’ll file it away in the memory bank though!

  17. Oh, this is genius! I make wonton soup from scratch but it’s so fiddly I only ever do it about once every few months. It never once occurred to me to buy the wontons. This will change the way my family eats. They’re always begging me to make wontons – now I can pretend to slave away in the kitchen for an hour while I drink wine and surf the net, and they will all get what they want. #winnersallround

  18. Throw in some leafy greens (baby spinach, silverbeet, bok choy etc) and some bean sprouts just as you turn the heat off. Let wilt in the boiling soup and instant veggie boost!!

  19. Boomerang jane says

    Yum. One of our family faves. But mum & me & the kids (even your kids’ age group woulld love to contribute) will have a wonton making day. Assembly line on the dining room table & we make hundreds. Freeze them & of course add to soup or fry and dip in plum sauce mixed with a bit of soy or chilli sauce. They last a while. We do this at least once a year.

  20. Awesome!! No doubt you feel almost virtuous after eating that!! This one is going on the list. Jx

  21. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I will put wontons on the shopping list,thank you Beth x

  22. Knob. Teehee…how wonderfully immature of you… Xx

  23. Since you posted this, I have eaten it SIX times. Lunch and dinner one day. FFS, I have an addictive personality.

  24. Thank you for such a great idea for dinner just made or my mum and I …. Yummo !

  25. Now I wish I hadn’t already taken my bra off!!
    This looks like such a great feed, I’m definitely going to try it Beth.

  26. Since changing careers from a EA to a cook, I now have lots of portioned things frozen ready for lunches, beef & veg soup, lasagne….. today while doing stuff I baked a whole pumpkin (yes uncut) and let it bake away for few hours then skinned and deseeded it. Put it in the pot with garlic, onion and good old Keens curry. Added stock and boiled, then added coconut cream, blitzed and topped with coriander… Added homemade bread and butter…. Lunch!

  27. Yum! I read your post just before leaving work, picked all the ingredients up from Harris farm just before picking up the kids from daycare, straight home to the kitchen and we have just finished off the whole pot! Delicious and very quick! Thanks for posting the recipe 🙂

  28. No healthy wontons here unless I make them from scratch – although I do cheat by buying the wrappers. They are easy enough but so fiddly and my kids wolf them down so fast there are barely ever any leftover for soup. Nice idea though. Soup or veggie curry is a current winter fave for me. I use up whatever veggies I have in the fridge or pantry and slow cook it with some stock, add spices if it’s a curry and it warms me up. Basically cooks itself and then just has to be reheated. Genius.

  29. That’s lunch then, off to pickup wontons and ginger! Must say though, love some of the other suggestions that have been posted, they should keep me busy this week!

  30. Thanks Beth, this was definitely a hit at my house and so easy!

  31. Susan Ravenhall says

    Do you think using prawn gyozas would work the same?


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