Monday Meal Ideas: This old thing

OK Monday, let’s start over again shall we? Each week I think good, thank GOODNESS that last week is behind us because SHIT, that was pretty bad. And then we have a week like we just had, and I think thank GOODNESS that week is behind us because SHIT. Are we sensing a pattern here?

In any case, and unsure of how many more shit weeks we have ahead of us as we recover from this god awful whooping cough x 3  now with added extra colds x 3, let’s just move on much as we would normally on any given Monday. School is back (that is if you have healthy, happy children I can’t remember what they are quite like) and after a full week of routine, it’s time to get ourselves back into the swing of normal weeks. For me that means cooking some of the old favourites, just a warm up jog lap for the year if you will. Things I know and trust, things that will get eaten, and things I can make without having to think at all.

PicMonkey Collage

Sesame Hoisin Chicken
Chicken cacciatore
Chicken pot pies
Beef lasagne

I do hope that we all have a good week. That the sun shine and dries our washing, that our kids are happy and healthy, that we get some time in for ourselves (our something for the pot that I have completely forgotten about this past month). I hope we can laugh, even when everything seems helpless and awful, that we can see the beauty in the simple things in life and enjoy it.

Happy Monday friends, here’s to a non-shit week for us all! x


  1. thanks beth!
    hopefully onwards and upwards!
    whatever that is! love m:)X

  2. Hope you have a great week! The laundry drying makes such a massje difference to my week. Sad but I guess it is nice the little things that make a difference.

  3. Hoping that this week is a lot less crappy.

  4. I am with you Beth – Last week was SHIT. I had anxiety lik eyou wouldnt believe.
    My daughter started prep!
    I worried myself into a cyclone. I stressed. I snapped. I cried. I sat in the shower and cried. Anxiety is the PITS!!!
    Anyway here it is Monday starting another week. I survived. She survived.
    Neither of us died in the process of start school.

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