Monday meal ideas: Soup {with pasta or noodles}

Brrrrr it’s chilly in the Highlands this morning. It has a distinct Monday morning feeling about it but I am determined to hold onto a little of that holiday relaxation that I managed to enjoy so much all last week. We’ve still got another week of school holidays here so it looks like it will be a juggle of play and work although I suspect that there will be a LOT of down time and pj time…after non stop action I think a lot of home time is in order.

And after WAY too many hot chips I think there will also be some soup making. Lots of veggies and chicken and because it’s been so cold I think some extra carbs are called for pasta and noodles turn that soup into a MEAL. Yum!

Wonton noodle soup
Chicken & vegetable soup
Asian chicken noodle soup
Tomato soup with risoni

What’s on for you this week? Whether it’s back to school (QLD I think?) or just starting (Adelaide and Tassie) or into your second or third week (NSW & VIC) enjoy every moment of the down time. May the wi-fi signal be strong, the food plentiful and the whinging and complaints at a minimum!

Have a great week!


  1. Ahh, sounds like the perfect holiday balance of adventure and rest ?? We are in Qld and heading back to school tomorrow after three weeks break. I think I’m sadder than the kids! I love the freedom to do what we like and not being on the wild merry-go-round everyday. Four kiddlywinks in our household so always someone to play with! Three bigs back to school tomorrow and one little man still home with Mum who will feel lost for a few days I think! We’ve kept Mondays for pj days these holidays and done lots of fun outings and play dates on the others with one weekend away thrown in. Oh, I have to tell you, your date scones have been a huge hit! I think I must have made them 5 times and taken them to lots of catch ups ?. I’ve been halving the mixture and making half plain (for the kids who like those best) and half date. I even threw some lemon zest into the date scones, very fancy! And yum!! Thanks so much for sharing that winner of a recipe! I was taken with it from the moment I saw your morning tea post at Lucy’s place ?. Enjoy the rest of your holidays, chilly days relaxing by warm fires. What could be better? ??

  2. Cold in Perth too and I’m completely sick of grey skies. No kids at home though – those days are a distant memory 🙂

    I made your tomato risoni soup last night. I kept it at ‘sloppy risotto’ consistency and grilled some little lamb chops that I put on top with the pesto. Really nice and ready from go to whoa in about 20 minutes.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


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