Monday meal ideas: Bananas!

No matter what lately, there are always bananas leftover in our fruit bowl at the end of the week. The very tough crowd I feed, seem to think if there is a slight discolour, then they are no good. And there they sit, unloved. That is, until they are magically transformed into a baked good and then we are all good to go!

Here’s some ideas for those sad bananas left in your fruit bowl each week.


Banana Cake (I love this recipe of Fat Mum Slim’s)
Banana Bread
2 ingredient banana pikelets
Frozen banana ice cream

How is your week looking? As busy as ours? I can feel the start of the crazy festive season and end of year hurtling towards us and I’m not sure I’m ready. Are you feeling a little the same? Sheesh, let’s hold on and do this….


  1. perfect timing Beth. I’ve got about 8 little ones sitting in the bowl that need some re-purposing! I usually make banana bread … but that cake looks delicious. Thanks. x

  2. thenks bev!
    take it easy hun!
    thinking to make ice cream as have some in the freezer
    and it is actually hot enough to eat it!
    harps looks so cute in her hat!
    love m:)X

  3. We use them in smoothies, peel them and freeze them, makes a smoothie colder and creamier.

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