Things I like {The 19th August 2016 edition}

How’s your week been? This little burst of glorious spring weather has certainly put a spring in my step. I was talking to a mate earlier this week about August and its ability to make people feel a little meh. She was telling me that the wattle pollen used to send people crazy in August and that Aborigines always used to go walk about. I could use a little walk about myself. Anyone else feeling that too?

Lots to like, as ever though. Always, and you never need to look far.

Daphne for a start. Glorious Daphne. Got the stuff everywhere and the girls are getting VERY sick of me saying “SMELL THE DAPHNE GIRLS CAN YOU SMELL IT?” They can smell it. They don’t care. Except one day many years from now they will smell it and it will always remind them of coming home  and walking inside our home in August. And maybe their Mum. I like that.

IMG_8672 IMG_8642 IMG_8680

I’ve been doing some hardcore pruning in the garden.


And getting rid of some black spot and yellow leaves on my citrus. Everything has been getting a bit of a feed too, need to get some more Thrive.


I’m liking that I can see the start of the shoots from my winter rose pruning.


And a new bulb here and there. Hello Daff!


Can we all take a moment to bow down to my hellebores. Wish I could cut them and have them in vase. Bloody things droop every time (no matter the scalded or crushed stems).

IMG_8673 IMG_8677

The odd earlicheer jonquil I can pick and pop in a vase inside. Gardening is good for the soul I tell you, it quietens the mind.


I’m liking leftover birthday flowers.


And seeing spring blossoms out the windows.


Need a closer look? Here!

IMG_8658 IMG_8663

Even bought in some blossom inside because: DER. Blossom!


And how can you not love the warm spots in the sun that a perfect for sipping tea in. That’s if you can beat the dog there, what a hog!


I’m also liking that fact that we have a fresh podcast for your reading pleasure this week. Have you listened to it yet? Here, go here and press play!

I’ve also started another walking competition with my sister like we did in January. I tell you it’s such great motivation to get moving when someone is beating you. Hope we can keep it up!

I’m also liking the fact that tonight I am going on a date! With my husband! For my birthday! We’re trying out a new Bistro in Bowral that’s meant to be amazing…taking the camera so will be sure to report back. Plus! Tomorrow we are heading down to Canberra for the weekend with the girls for a stay and look around and a cooking class for them on Sunday arvo…can’t wait! Hope you all have a great weekend, despite the fact that it looks like winter is back around these parts at least!

So tell me, what are YOU liking this Friday afternoon?
Got any plans for the weekend?
We have no sport! BYES! Thank you baby Jesus, thank you.


  1. Hi Beth, I’m heading to Canberra too this weekend to see my sister. It’s supposed to be a fresh 9 degrees tomorrow so rug up! Love the flowers!

  2. Gardening IS good for the soul. Because flowers. And nature. And a little winter sun to make you feel all thawed out and alive again. YES!

  3. Perfection! Gardening reminds me of my mum – she loves it!! I’m a bit of an over-hacker when it comes to gardening alas. Enjoy your weekend away. It’ll be warm-ish here in Brisvegas no doubt.

  4. Debs Sutton says

    Nothing much planned here, weather is meant to be awful with rain & wind….we have had some fabulous weather so it’s going to be hard adjusting!!!!! Next Wednesday (24th) new series Of GBBO starts….excited! Enjoy your weekend Beth.xxxx

  5. I am liking that even though the weather has been shit most of the day, there’s a tiny sliver of sunshine right now that makes it feel like Friday – I mean I know it is Friday, but sunshine really brings the message home 🙂

  6. My baby is celebrating his first birthday tomorrow so we’re having family over for a BBQ lunch.

    Sunday is a chill out day as Monday I’m back to work after 12 months maternity leave!! ?

    Your garden is just gorgeous! And I love that you always have blooms to enjoy inside too. I’d love a nice garden but I get lazy when it comes to yard maintenance .. Enjoy your date night too! I’d love one of those soon. It’s been WAY too long.

  7. Ahhh the sweet sweet smell of daphne. You make me jealous every year with those glorious pics of Daph!! Those gorgeous girls will remember the smell in years to come especially if they move north. I can’t grow it here in Balllina. Thank you for the memory smells!!!

  8. Pack warm stuff for the Berra, we have had some brilliant weather down here this week but as old mate on the McCain ad as used to say, “Marge! Marge! The rains are here”. Enjoy your weekend down here.

  9. Rays of sunshine fuel me for a fabulous day, it has such a positive impact on my mood! So lucky spring has rsvp’d early this season, with her fabulous blooms, earlier rays to get going and less of those crazy August wines

  10. *winds ?

  11. Love your photos Beth. And the way you share your live here. Enjoy that date with your husband. It feels so good to be out with your hubby with no children. x

  12. I think I’ve written about my love of daphne on your blog before, and it’s for the very reason you wrote about it in this post. Whenever I went home to visit my Mum she’d always put a vase of daphne in my room at this time of year, so when she passed away, I made sure to always have daphne around whether it was in a pot because we were renting or planted in the ground when we bought our first house. We’ve got 6 white and pink daphne ready to plant in our current garden, I can’t wait to cut some flowers and have the smell wafting through the house. A lovely reminder of my Mum. Have a great weekend in Canberra, MacDonald clan!

  13. I love smelling a flower and being instantly transported ‘home’. For me, the following flowers remind me of my Mum and coming home; jonquils, gardenias and star jasmine. We had all of these flowers growing in our entry way…my parents had a real estate agent come out and she said to cut down all of the star jasmine and we all ‘gasped’ – not the star jasmine. But I guess it only screams ‘home’ for us.

  14. Lovely pics of your garden and cuttings in vases, gorgeous! I have to say your winter seems awfully short, here in the UK wintery weather starts in mid-autumn and carries right through to late spring, whyyyyyy!!!???? Love your podcasts, your banter with the neighbour aways puts a smile on my face! Cheers!! Liz XO

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