The Newborn Files #3



Here we are another week down in this crazy newborn bubble time. All that initial adrenalin and hormone rush that makes you feel like you can do ANYTHING not long after the baby is born has well and truly subsided and been replaced with exhaustion and a desire to do NOTHING. My brain is capable of keeping entirely up to date on all things Kardashian, eating cake, feeding every 4 hours and barely scraping together normal life with 2 other kids. Oh and tea, drinking LOTS of tea. Sure most of the cups don’t get drunk, but they get made and that’s something.

It’s been a tough week. Completely overdid it on the weekend with visitors and pretending that I could be ‘normal Beth’ rather than ‘3 week post partum Beth’ and of course ended up with my body SCREAMING at me to get back to bed immediately (which of course I didn’t listen to) so my body decided to give me mastitis which made me ACTUALLY listen and go to bed. Bluergh. I’ll be writing about mastitis specifically when I am actually feeling better, so for now I’ll just say that it sucks (literally) and that I have been in bed eating cake and watching the Kardashians and that’s about it this week.

Here’s my mastitis flat lay of the day:


As I mentioned on Instagram, the donuts were for medicinal purposes only. I ate 6 without even thinking twice about it. I tell you, the post preggo hunger isn’t subsiding any time soon.

It did mean that I got to hang out with Maggie in bed which is ALWAYS a good idea.

IMG_7016 IMG_7026 IMG_7013

I highly recommend creating a baby nest in bed and forgetting about the rest of the world, it makes you feel 46% better even with blocked milk ducts and headaches and aches and general malaise.

I did get some stuff done though in between, because it’s me we’re dealing with here and I am a fruit loop. I got some thank you cards for Maggs sent out (although her present pile sits in our room staring at me in a big, pink mess begging me to put it away) and I was grateful that my pile wasn’t as big as Kate’s for Charlotte.


Girlfriend has a WHOLE lot to send out. Well, someone has a whole lot to send out.

Now we need to talk about THIS that happened this week:

2965981D00000578-3118856-image-m-11_1433973293023 baby-charlotte-geo_3332305b baby-charlotte-geo_3332301b

Taken by Kate nonetheless! She is practically me, I mean a Mummy blogger, taking pictures of her kids. Except a whole lot cleaner and crisper. How adorable can they be?! THOSE SOCKS. I enjoyed everything about them and won’t hear another word on the matter. Kate, you’ve done very well my friend. I wonder if Kate has had any blocked ducts this time round? If she has been laying Charlotte on the floor and feeding on all fours in an attempt to unblock said duct? Probs.

Speaking of Instagram, it’s been my middle of the night feeding life saver. I do love my feed in the night when everyone from home is asleep (although I am a tad jelly about that) seeing people in London and New York, watching all of the Chelsea Flower Show last week, people holidaying in France….I am ALL across Jamie Oliver’s parents trip they are on at the moment on a boat with some of their friends.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 6.59.11 pm

What? Is that weird? I do love a good virtual Instagram holiday, especially when it’s freezing cold and the middle of the night back here.

I watched this in the middle of the night last night and loved it.

In other news I am STILL bleeding, my new “me time” has involved things like eating cake and drinking tea.


And buying myself flowers when at the supermarket which is TOTALLY exciting because 1) I’m out of the house by myself 2) Get to drive in the car in the real outside world and 3) I can eat as many chocolates from the check out as possible without anyone knowing or seeing. Did I mention I was by myself?


And taking endless photos of Maggie in the hope of catching ones that look like her dancing. HOLA!


Things really have changed, and this really is a strange time…perhaps I am delirious from a mastitis fever?!

What do you think Archie?

What’s that mate?

Yes, I agree, I am going bonkers. You make total sense to me.


Something I wrote that DOES make sense (because I wrote it before I had Maggie) is this post I wrote for the Origin Blog on ways to save energy when you have a baby. Because my goodness you tend to use up a whole lot more when you bring home a baby. We have gone through SO much wood, heaters have been on, washing and drying more than ever and did I mention that I have not stopped watching the Kardashians and making tea? Power is ON all the time. You can read what I wrote here.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to make another cuppa, feed the baby, drain the blocked milk duct, eat some fruit and nut chocolate and listen to Archie who is like my own personal Buddha at the moment. He just speaks the truth.

As I said, week 4 post partum is a strange place…especially with a case of mastitis thrown in for good measure.


Anyone else love an Instagram virtual holiday or wedding attendance?
Eaten some good cake this week?
All across all areas of television too? Quiz me on the Kardashians. I BET I know the answer!


  1. Hope your mastitis clears up soon!! What a bugger of a thing πŸ™
    But gee you’ve got one gorgeous baby girl there πŸ™‚ That last photo of you both is beautiful. And that cheeky smile on Maggie’s face – awwwww so cute!!
    I’d be clucky if I wasn’t in sleep deprived hell with my own almost 6 month old son. He’s number two and there’s no way we will go back for a third. No matter how cute Maggie is lol

    Rest up Beth x

  2. Oh bugger off mastitis, you poor thing!!
    For a horrible moment there I thought that was your present pile and I gasped, then I realised it was Kate’s. Just having all that extra “stuff” makes me feel a little nauseous.

    She is just too cute though. As sweet as that box of donuts.

    I hope you’re feeling better soon. x

  3. Hope that horrible mastitis is gone soon. Try & take things easy & don’t push yourself so hard. Those photos of Maggie are gorgeous. I am not on instagram, I take it I am missing something good…….do I need to get it ?

    • Not really…it’s another time waster. I am a real visual person so I love it and I love stopping to capture little moments throughout my day x

  4. Just to make you feel better, I am so fatigued too and I ate a vanilla slice all to myself today. I never do that, never!
    My son has been sick with the norovirus and I feel like I am covered in snot and a sticky child who won’t let me out of his sight.
    I want to go horizontal, completely on my own for a week.
    Being vertical is overrated in winter.
    Best of luck with the mastitis, hope it’s better soon.
    Maggie looks like she can’t wait to grow up, she is so cute.

    • You eating a vanilla slice?! You MUST be tired xxx

      • That’s hilarious! You don’t even know me but you know me exactly!
        Well it was your influence, I was driving past a bakery and the custard tart flashed through my mind so I stopped and did a vanilla slice. See, all your fault!!

  5. Sarah Jane says

    Whilst my boobs are in good working order (something in fortunate for after reading your unblocking techniques, sheesh!), im the exact same hot mess express of emotions and ‘whatever’s, it can wait’ this week.
    Wishing clear thoughts, unblocked boobs and restful happy days upon you!

  6. How gorgeous is that last pic… Going well love! Good on you.


  7. You are damn funny Beth…even with mastitis. Little Maggie is just too gorgeous. I adore Kate and her children and won’t hear another word on the matter either. Those photos are quite something. Stay warm xx

  8. I remember the joys of mastitis. Bleh.
    Make sure after Maggie is done – get in a hot shower and massage those boobs!

  9. I bled for six weeks after Grover. SIX! Ridiculous. What was MORE ridiculous were the hemorrhoids I had for s.i.x. months after his delivery I did standing up. No stitches, just piles. Klassy.

  10. Love that last pic, you look almost as young as Maggie. May the week ahead be full of superior baked goods and mastitis free. Enjoy the Magster!

  11. What is your take on Scott? And everyone turning on Kris Jenner in the media – I think she is allowed to take a little time to come to terms with what is going on with Bruiser. Is Khloe ever going to have a decent relationship – that rapper person was so awful. If you cannot speak in a complete sentence I just cannot give you any love.

    Good lord – I need to stop watching the Kardashians. There is so many seasons I missed in the beginning thinking I was far too highbrow for such trash. Now I love it. LOVE IT.

    A new show we are all enjoying on Netflix is Shameless – the US version. Great cast.

    Enjoy the baby πŸ™‚

    • Oh Sally, I could talk Kardashians for hours. Scott is a troubles character no doubts, reeling from his parents death and the craziness of that family he has turned to the booze…did you see the ep when he was shitfaced? I felt terrible watching it…I guess they wanted to show what ‘poor Kourtney” puts up with. She is a miserable person don’t you think? Very tricky to live with.

      As for Kris, let her have her moment and don’t get me started on how French Montana spoke. Ridic! I’ll be sure to check out Shameless – thanks for the tip!

  12. I caught up on the Bruce eps & am now up to date with my Kardashians- thank god! I bloody love them & do not care one bit what anyone has to say about them, I love their brand of crazy.

    Fuck mastitis. I went to a parent teacher night with a baby strapped to my chest, boobs on fire & the sweats thanks to mastitis. They must of thought I was strung out on crack. I should have just stayed home…I hope you are better toot sweet. And have some medicinal donuts for me please xx

  13. That sucks that you got mastitis! Rest up and I hope it clears up for you asap. As for Maggie. She is just a darling. Loving all the pics. You’re doing amazing. Well done mama. xx

  14. MAGGIE! Gosh I love that kid. Hope you’re feeling better. Have a slice of cake for me, for I can no longer partake. x #foodintolerancelyf

  15. Feel well soon! Mastitis is balls.

    I almost put my toddler on Gumtree yesterday – she kept saying “Shoo Mummy” in between her tantrums, pinching me and general misbehaviour. Hopefully that made you smile.

    Haven’t had any good cake but being 17 weeks pregnant I have been smashing carbs as if I am running a marathon the next day. I really don’t think it gets better than pasta with cheese, butter and S&P right.

    Rest up!

  16. my ovaries just imploded with the cuteness. Archie is the BEST! Maggie is too cute for words. Makes me want to have another… alas that ship has sailed. snipped hubby firstly and prolapsed uterus the other… oh wells. just have to get my baby fix here.

  17. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Mastitis is horrible Beth I really hope you feel better soon,Maggie is beautiful and so is Archie you just lay in your nest and keep warm and enjoy your chocolate and flowers Xx

  18. Oh be gone mastitis!
    Hope you feel better soon. I am a totally Instagram obsessed. I love photos and dreaming πŸ™‚

  19. Beth I think you are doing a fabulous job.. especially that you are finding time to blog instead of finishing a whole cup of tea! πŸ™‚ That deserves brownie points. Don’t be wonder woman and entertain. Rest up and hope the mastitis clears up. That suxs. Btw..Maggie is so adorable and I loved the photos of George and Charlotte!

  20. Gibbergunyah says

    Beth I blame breastfeeding for getting me into Instagram. Seriously, it used to be the only time I checked IG. I remember looking at all your NY photos coming through when I was last doing middle-of-the-night, middle-of-winter newborn feeds. I think I’ve thanked you before.
    Those little socks on George! I bought 4 pairs in various colours for our little boys from the same shop (La Coqueta) during their after Christmas sale. Kate has excellent taste in little boy clothes, I think.
    I wasn’t expecting to see you at the fireworks. Rest up and feed yourself and that gorgeous baby. She looks so like Daisy already.

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