The last weeks list

I’ve had quite a productive morning tackling my email inbox, my to do list, catching up with old mates on the phone and replying to comments on my blog for the past week. Once I had done a few essential items I found myself wandering to the next few weeks that lay ahead.

You see, once those girls are back at School next week I will find myself in a place of waiting. Waiting for baby and of course nesting like a crazy woman. Maybe. If I can be bovvered. But mostly just waiting and potentially eating Mint Slice biscuits at an alarming rate. So I figured that I would create a list. A checklist that bows down at the altar of self indulgence and laziness that can only be experienced in the last few weeks of pregnancy. You see, I may never have time like this again, or at least for a very long time. Someone pointed out to me last week that when this new babu starts Kindergarten Daisy will be in YEAR NINE. We are going to be parenting forever. So best we tackle this time with everything I have.

First thing I did? Booked in a pedicure and pregnancy treatment at Endota. Tick!


After that I am thinking of the ways to best enjoy this time. I’m thinking TV series on the couch and literally going back to bed as soon as those girls are dropped at School at 9.10am. Old movies to revisit…remember A Room with a View? I want to watch old gold like that! Perhaps a trip to Sydney for dumplings? The odd facial? Some acupuncture? MOVIES, go to the movies. Take Rob out to lunch to restaurants. Hair appointments? Waxing? Long walks? Meditations?

What else should be added to this ultimate list? I remember when I went on maternity leave with both girls I spent the time willing it away, wishing the baby was here. Bwahahaha how silly I was! I took myself to the movies pretty much every day with Harps (rolling a super sized pack of M&M’s while I was at it) and with Daisy I recall drinking a LOT of milkshakes. Strawberry ones at that.

So tell me, what needs to go on the list?
Just had a baby? What do you wish you got done?
Any old movies I need to watch? TV series that I MUST see?


  1. Ohhhh those last few weeks. I would spend a couple of days per week sleeping for my country – I’m talking 4-5 hour naps in the middle of the day. The other days I would take some time at the shops having a coffee (weak) and wandering in shops I couldn’t take my kids in (Myer, David Jones) and enjoy the Aircon (I was due in December). Honestly cannot remember doing anything of real importance – just being super lazy. Oh, there was one day where I cleaned the house from top to toe. Just one. I didn’t want to overdo it 😉

  2. I’m due in July & plan to take each of mine that are similar ages to yours – on a 1:1 date – maybe even give them a sneaky day off school by themselves & take them into town. An indulgence just for me though – if I had the $ I would book a weekend away & go & see a show or something. & Room with a View is one of my favourites – loved Mr so & so who also played the character that died in 4 weddings & the opera piece at the start.

  3. I had 3 weeks of maternity leave before my kid was born and I remember having day time naps…am cleaning like I’d never cleaned before. Got to love the mat leave! As far as movies go I think the best time with a baby is from about 6 weeks on at a weekday 10 am session, because the place will be practically empty and no one will mind a few squawks. I’m not sure if you’ve ever watched the Sopranos, but now could be an excellent time to start. Just saying. It really is the best tv ever made. x

  4. Sleep, and LOTS of it. (Sleep, read trashy mag, sleep, watch old movie, sleep, binge watch box sets, and repeat.) Well that’s what I would do all over again instead of nesting like a mad woman like I did with my two!! Whatever you end up doing, enjoy it and don’t feel guilty – you deserve it. X

  5. I am an at home mum with a almost 4yr old and a 5month old, so at 36 weeks my parents came over from Ireland to help for 9wks I thought I had a few weeks up my sleeve as my 1st was born around 41weeks but this little man came 6days after my folks arrived so a lot of stuff didn’t get ticked off the list so just enjoy your time and rest and sleep as much as you can

  6. I agree Sopranos is a great tv series to indulge in as is West Wing. Also, I know this isn’t exactly indulgent, but having the time to cook without interruption would be up there for me. Stock up the freezer for those times when the babe is feeding and the kids are hungry! Sneaky lunches with Rob would be a goer too!

  7. Oh your list sounds perfect already.
    I would be reading, baking, resting, cooking, going out for coffee… Stocking the freezer with premade food. Making those easy slow cooker style meals and freezing them.

  8. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Parenthood or Gilmore girls just watch something you’ve never watched before Beth and rest,go for walks ,coffee dates ,sleep,snuggle with Frank…whatever you do enjoy it and do it just for you Xx

  9. Cook and fill the freezers!
    Watch Out of Africa (verrrry old, but lovely). Save West Wing (or a similar series) for breastfeeds at night (about 45 minutes an episode was pretty good timing for a feed). Sleep, in the hope you can bank it.

  10. Your list is perfect! Just as you know exactly what to do in these last few weeks, you’ll be a pro in those first few weeks. Although, can I just say the whole Daisy in YEAR NINE thing sent a chill through my blood. My hubs is desperate for another baby, and that right there shut down ANY thought of number 4!

    Enjoy these last few weeks, such precious time. I didn’t get that with Darbs with the little bugger coming so early. I’ll be thinking of you xxx

  11. I recommend Nashville. I don’t even really like country music and I LOVE IT! It’s just the right amount of trashy.

    When you announced your pregnancy I had a baby who wouldn’t sleep. I was very tired. All the time. I thought you were craaaaaaaazy for going back again when your two were both at big school.

    But a month ago my 11 month old finally started regularly sleeping through the night. He also stopped breastfeeding too which I found devastating. Here I am thinking…. maybe I could go back for number three. Apparently baby craziness is catching!

  12. You must see the series The Missing. It’s awesome TV. You need to go and get all your jobs done that are difficult to do with a baby – hair colour/waxing etc. Apart from that sleep sleep sleep – co you will probably never have another uninterrupted sleep for the next 15 years!!! Good luck 🙂

  13. Top of the lake- amazing series set in NZ. Get onto it. Oh and True Detective- loved it. I had my second baby 4 months ago today. I spent the last few weeks sleeping, lunching, watching movies and getting organised to bring a new baby into our family. I have found second time round with a baby much more relaxed so I think you will really who motherhood third time round. And you have two amazing helpers xx

  14. You could have sex?

  15. House of Cards!

    Although I wasn’t that classy on my maternity leave, watching all seasons of keeping up with the kardashians…

    • See that’s where I will be headed Nat…anything that I don’t have to think too much on. I have heard such great things about House of Cards though I really must get onto it.

  16. “My Brilliant Career” classic oldie Aussie movie (and a book) but I loved the movie.

  17. I can’t remember what I did just before the babies were born. Stress, most likely, as that is what I do!
    I do remember not having much time between finishing work and squeezing them out. Couldn’t resist the vague Donnie Darko reference. Only squeezed one out, the first was a caesar.
    There it is, get Donnie Darko (Jake Gyllenhaal in all his gloriousness) to watch and even if you don’t enjoy the movie, I guarantee you will enjoy the soundtrack. Tears for Fears ‘Mad World’. Mary McDonnell plays the best ‘Mother’.

  18. STRAIGHT back to bed after school dropoff!! I did just as you did… got pregnant just after second son started school…. what was I thinking!! I had twins… aarrghhhh…. it’s madness, I tell you, this urge to procreate.

    Anyway, too late…. twins started Kindi the year their littler bigger brother left for high school… BUT… twins in Year 3, big boys in Years 9 + 11 and life is MUCH EASIER. I just freak out when I realise I’ll be 60 when the twins finish high school… we can all go backpacking together.

    Enjoy these last moments of ease… and you know what, this babe will be so much easier. You know what you’re doing now and you can use your experience to this babe’s advantage and your own.

  19. enjoy and revel hun!
    soo important, pampering no 1! … especially at this stage … calming the bub!
    I like the idea of having a date day separately with each child and husband!
    special moments to cherish!
    “I love a room with a view” must watch that again!
    I saw “a room of one’s own” … a state theatre company production … really good! … it’s a book! … Virginia woolf
    just thinking! what’s kate up to!!! mmm;0 enjoy your camellias! love m:)X

  20. Karen Leschnik says

    Speaking of parenting forever, when my baby started school my eldest was starting Year 12!

  21. Sleep woman! Also, watch Nashville and Scandal. Definitely Scandal. I’d have binged watched the whole ruddy thing by now if I didn’t have, y’know a job and a husband and therefore need to sleep occasionally!

    Also, eat ALL the cake. In bed. Heaven.


  22. All of those things.
    I loved being spontaneous…I knew those last few weeks were the last time I was going to be able to do anything on a whim. So I wouldn’t really have much of a plan for the day…I would just see what I felt like doing. Some days I felt like cleaning the floor and some days I felt like watching Project Runway. And then one day I felt like having a baby!
    So very exciting!

  23. Enjoy these last few weeks. Get a pedi and mani. Before Phoebe came I just rested as much as I could with looking after two younguns at home. Jacob and I went to dinner the night before the birth to celebrate my 30th which was lovely. Xx


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