Bucket list check off

This morning the only place that I walked to was to the fridge, to get water, because I was hung like some kind of dog. American hangovers are NASTY. Mrs W and I had a night on the town, up on the fancy upper east side at a fabulous bar and then an amazingly good meat restaurant but the combo of cocktails, 5-6 hours top sleep over 48+ hours saw me a little worse for wear. I did however, keep myself (mostly) pretty, and managed to get home, take my make up off, get into my jammie’s and pass out quietly (well it was quietly in my head) next to Mrs W.

We woke early, I spoke to Rob at home, did some reading, drank some water and made each other feel better with funny stories about how funny and fabulous we are, and then promptly fell back asleep for 3 more hours. We eventually got out the door, down the road for some breakfast to a place recommended by the woman who lives here. And not just any place…

A DINER! Only THE thing that I have wanted to do my entire life – eat in an American diner. And not just ANY diner – The Comfort Diner. I needed comfort in my diner this morning I can assure you.

It was just as you would expect it to be. Booths. A bar to sit up at with swivel chairs. Ketchup on the table. I ordered a BLT and Mrs Woog had the grilled cheese. With bacon.

How much fun does Milkshake Madness sound like?!

That coke was the best coke that ever did exist. Ever. SO much ice. And free refills. God Bless America.

I smashed that BLT, those fries, that coke but I didn’t have the stomach for some pie. If they served pie that is. I bet they did. I’ll be back for that pie…


  1. Stop it! I used to eat here at least once a week! I am so glad that you found it!
    If you are looking for a good bagel in that neighbourhood, Essa Bagel on 50th and 3rd is the best.

    And how good is fountain Coke? It is somehow better tasting than Coke from a bottle or a can…and it is better at curing hangovers!

    Unlimited Coke and ketchup! America is the best!

  2. I am loving reading about your travels! So jealous. I am currently travelling in Europe with my hubby and 3 year old. Not complaining I love her to bits but tonight as we strolled through Rome all I wanted to do was stop and drink wine at so many venues, enjoy uninterrupted adult conversation and relish in a hungover state tomorrow. Unfortunately the toddler refused to fall asleep in the stroller and my fantasy evening went down the gurgler. Thankfully I got to come here to bed and read about your adventures!

  3. I love it. Emmersing yourself in the culture. Have fun. And get a cake from Magnolia Bakery.

  4. Yes! Eating in a REAL American diner was a MUST on my list too πŸ™‚ Although the NY diners were awesome….I think the diner I did in a small town outside of Kansas was the winner – it was da bomb of all diner dreams for me! haaa!
    Loving your updates & photos Beth!

  5. Lisalaird says

    Just back from living in US for two years and we loved diners – a total genre we seem to be missing in Australia, along with those free refills! Excellent work, your fans are enjoying your updates!

  6. Do you guys not have free refills or fountain coke? I second the Magnolia Bakery suggestion. And I add Sprinkles. And Levains. πŸ™‚

  7. Oh an American Diner, there is nothing finer! Each one has their own unique style and feel, yet they are all so American. Love it. Loving your updates Beth. Seriously itchy feet.

  8. you my girl are living the dream x

  9. Ah loove a diner too! Well who doesn’t? No fancyness and just so handy and quick!

  10. Those short squat little bottles of Ketchup? NEED.

  11. God bless the USA. It gets a bum rap from alot of people, but it really is an amazing place.

    That diner looks off the hook! Please go back for a milkshake for me…


  12. Any place that has unlimited coke is perfect in my books. Living the dream Beth, living the dream….

  13. so exciting.

    I love the huge PORTIONS!

    Have fun x

  14. What a great meal post a night out!

  15. Oh, man! You need to add a warning at the top of this post *”Stretchy pants required”* My waistline just doubled reading about all the deliciousness. So happy for you and Mrs Woog.
    The Big Questions are:
    Does Cheese in a Can really exist?
    And, when Americans ask for ‘cream & sugar’ in their coffee, is it like Aussie style thick cream? Or is that just a luxe saying for boring milk? Enquiring minds want to know xxx πŸ™‚

  16. This is so incredibly special and so incredibly hilarious. I laughed out loud because of course for me as an American it’s so nothing – but from your point of view it’s amazing!!! I laughed so hard I had to read it my husband, especially about the coke with the ice and the refills πŸ™‚ – awe I love you so much. I’m sure its how I would feel sitting in a Paris bistro or cafe, and seeing the Sydney opera house – reminds me of all we can take for granted if we let ourselves. I think I totally want a milkshake, with a side of new perspective.

  17. American diners are great. I’ve nursed many hangovers in them! When I read you had checked something off your bucket list I was thinking gallery or museum!!! πŸ˜‰

  18. This post brings back memories – we ate there on our first trip to NYC!

  19. Great post lady, made me laugh. I have always wanted to eat in a real American diner too… that one looks just the ticket.
    But where are the photos from your Upper East Side night out. Now that sounds so fancy, a little bit Gossip Girl/Sex in the City. How exciting! xo


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