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On Saturday night Rob and I were out at our village trivia night (a HUGE night) that saw us home by 10.30pm for our beloved babysitter Pene. Whilst Rob had been sipping back on a few brewskies, myself being pregnant and the official score girl for the night I was dead sober and keen to get stuck into a cup of camomile tea and a slice of banana cake.

We turned the TV on and watched a couple of episodes of Sex and there City (it was the season of Berger and controversially I have ALWAYS been a Berger fan) so I happily kicked off those shoes, sipped on my tea and ate a slice, OK two slices of cake. One for me and one for the baby…DER. There was a scene where all the ladies head out to a raw restaurant for dinner and then afterwards Carrie and Miranda are getting stuck into a slice of NY’s finest…pizza. I sighed and started up my usual NY pizza rant “OH MY GOD THAT PIZZA. Gimme. Why can’t I have some?!” etc etc when Rob turned to me and had the audacity to question the quality of the pizza in NY. I do believe that things like “inferior” and “too bendy” mentioned and THEN he went on to say that the only reason I have fond memories of the pizza in NY was because a) I was in NY at the time and well: NEW YORK and b) I was in NY at the tine with my mate for over 2 weeks without the kids around and anything would taste good.

Have you EVER?!

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I disputed his argument. The pizza IS better in NY. It just is! Of course I was having a great time being a Mum on the loose for 2 weeks but the pizza really was that good. Best I’d ever had. Although it has the appearance of the shitty large slices available at Kings Cross at 3am it ACTUALLY delivers on taste – the sauce, the cheese, the thin crust and the crispiness of said crust not to mention its charm being served in such large slices and on paper plates wherever you are.

Wikipedia tells me thatNew York-style pizza is characterized by large hand-tossed thin-crust pies, often sold in wide slices to-go. Distinguished by being light on the tomato sauce, it has crust which is crisp along its edge yet soft and pliable enough beneath its toppings to be folded in half to eat.[1] This style evolved from a type that originated in New York City in the early 1900s, and is particularly popular in the states of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. ” And further research into the matter proves that it’s the mineral content of the water in NY that makes the pizzas SO good. It’s a thing! They really are good and not just because of the sentimentality and location attached.

I will admit that a lot of my travel fantasies are around food and going to NY certainly ticked off a few for me. A diner? Tick! A Gray’s Papaya Hotdog? Tick! A proper NY burger? Tick. But they didn’t do the same things for me that the (many) slices of pizza I consumed did.

But that’s just my views. I’d love to know from any of YOU that have been lucky enough to have a slice of New York’s finest pepperoni or cheese pizzas. They are that good aren’t they? Or are we all just blinded because we are but Australians in New York?

This morning I got an email from our Airbnb host who sent me a lovely email saying that she still gets emails from people saying they found her apartment through my blog and thanking me for all the referrals. She also said it was time to come back and stay, this time with Rob and the kids. And now I just might have the perfect excuse to go. A taste test! And a chance for Rob to partake in a slice and see for himself that it really is very fine pizza.

Have you been to NY and had a slice?
Do you think it is superior?
Or is it merely because it’s in New York?
Anyone planning a trip?


  1. It was my main reason for going to NY! I loved the name Macy for our baby girl until my husband pointed out that it was all due to the fact that I used to go everyday to the Macy’s food court and buy their pizza for lunch. So what?! Her name isn’t Macy but those $1.30 slices of heaven rank highly in my travel memories. Can’t wait to go back!!

  2. You are absolutely right Beth!! It’s the best pizza and the flavor is just a huge surprise on that first bite. All my lovely memories of NY come flooding back. It’s about the food, the people, and the good friends we are with when travelling. I’m going back.

  3. Debs Sutton says

    Yes Beth I’ve been to NYC & LOVED every minute of it….pizzas in Little Italy, Chinese in Chinatown & even a McDs!!!!! Planning a trip to Sri Lanka in May…Can’t wait! xxxx

  4. Lisa mckenzie says

    I haven’t been but I believe you x

  5. Well I haven’t been to New York- but I’ve had pizza in Italy. It truly is the best- just the simple margherita, none of these thirty tonnes of toppings like we do here. So simple but unbelievable. I always harp on about it to my Husband, who doesn’t believe me.
    Also, big Berger fan.

  6. I am in New York now on holiday. It is our last day (sob) of an 8 day trip. I have eaten so much food. I seriously think I have put on 3 kgs. Everything has been amazing. Italian, Chinese, NY steaks, burgers. But I ran out of meals to try the pizza! Oh well, will just have to come back!

  7. Ha Beth!!!
    I was watching at the same time & thinking the same thing!!!!

  8. oh Beth, you lost me at Berger. I almost stopped watching during that season. Between him and bloody Aidan, I wanted to throttle Carrie. I was team Big all the way! *swoon*

  9. Gibbergunyah says

    I have to decide by the 28th whether I go to Prague at the end of May for my cousin’s wedding and to see my brother in London. On my own, without the family. Would Rob’s theory hold that everything should taste better, as a Mum on the loose? In New York I mustn’t have had enough pizza, but that could be because of the burgers (the burgers!), which I ordered at every opportunity. Italian pizza though, I loved, and am sure I have it to thank for baby no 1. We’re currently on a quest to make an approximation at home, although my hand stretching of the base often results in a square. I’m hoping I can find some buffalo mozzarella at Harris Farm. Hope your OB appointment went well.

  10. I’m with you on the food thing and I’m itching to get my hands on that New York pizza. May 2016 is hubs and I 20 year anniversary and I’m planning a trip to New York without children. Planning to stay in your very apartment too.

  11. It is the water! Someone told me the water in NYC comes from artesian wells in upstate NY. I do know the water straight from the tap is delicious. That’s why all their bread and bagels taste so wonderful. The pizza is yum too. I think it’s the thinner crust.

  12. My son has just this week moved to NY to live and work. Lucky boy. We are going in July to meet up and celebrate my birthday. I have been twice before and love NYC. Can’t wait. The NYC pizza was good but Italy’s pizza is better.

  13. Yes I have had the pleasure of indulging in many NY pizzas. When we were last there with our kids we were staying a few doors up from Al Pacino’s favourite pizza restaurant and despite intending to eat a large variety of foods when we were in NYC we ended up at the pizza restaurant every night. Ah, heaven on a paper plate!

  14. workingwomenaus says

    I took my 10yo to NY late last year and eating NY pizza was at the top of her list (and she actually had a hand written list!) I’d been before, but had failed to try it. The 10yo made me and it was AMAZING! I’ve learnt to listen to my kids.

  15. I went to New York and stayed in Andrea’s apt near the UN last Nov. It is a great apartment in a fantastic and safe location (hello officers on corner guarding the embassies!) in easy walking distance to everything in Manhatten (made ourselves walk to Zabars through Central Park) to justify massive pastrami sandwich and other delectable goodies collected on way home.
    We had pizza under Brooklyn Bridge at Grimaldis, the pizza and service and hospitality were brilliant. We had pepperoni on our pizza , the crust was thin, a medium fed three of us for the entire day!
    Oh, you’ve got me started
    I owe you big big thanks!

  16. I heart new York but if we are talking about sentimental meals I keep dreaming about a white chocolate gelato I had in Italy in a little town called Arco. Mmmm. Gelato… Mmm…

  17. Spending Christmas and New Year in New York is on my bucket list. I want to go to the Macy’s parade. And try their huge slices of pizza!

  18. Oh sweet baby cheesus, I think about that pizza all the time! Australian pizza is shithouse in comparison. I’m Sorry. I can’t. Don’t hate me.

  19. Ugh, No- always hated Berger. Seemed a perfect fit for Carrie in theory, but failed to delivery. Bad personality as well. New York is so on my to do list, maybe next year. This year am biting the bullet and am traveling to Japan in May. Exciting!

  20. We are planning a trip to New York for the New Year. Am looking for accommodation now for a family of 4 and would appreciate any recommendations on where to stay and what to see. My kids are 17 (girl) and 20 (boy). My son will love that pizza! Toni

  21. Oooohhh … this is timely because I have just booked a trip to New York in June this year! Sooooo excited! I am tagging along with husband on a work trip and ditching the kids for 2 weeks. Have never been before and cannot wait to get stuck into some NY pizza – also some chinese takeaway in those little cartons! And guess what? … I just booked your little mid-town apartment! Was so glad to have your review and pics as I really didn’t know where to start with accommodation but Andrea’s place looks absolutely perfect (told her I heard about her place via your blog) so thanks!

  22. I’ll let you know my verdict on the pizza in late August when I’m back from my first trip there with two mates. Can’t wait!!!! (Enjoying your NY blogs and getting heaps of tips from them – thanks)

  23. After living in NYC for a year now I totally agree with you! Will never get sick of the pizza here – pepperoni is my fav!! The $1.99 slice place is about 20m from our apartment which can be v dangerous! Especially after a few drinks..!!

  24. I’ve never been to NYC, but I’m dying to go. We have a pizzeria near us that’s run by a family from Trastevere (our fave neighbourhood in Rome) and their pizzas blow our minds. So. Damn. Good. And similar in style to your NYC faves – thin, sparse toppings but jam packed full over fresh flavour. I’ll take you there next time you’re in Rads. x

  25. I think the cheese has alot to do with it….we just don’t have the same here. The crusts are beautiful!

  26. Beth, I totally agree with you!

    Yes, I’ve been to New York, yes, their pizza is the best in the World. I think you’re either a Chicago Deep Dish person or a chewy strechy NYC person. NYC wins every time. Without doubt.

    Wish I was planning a trip….3 days was not long enough!


  27. Yes! Pizza definitely does fast better / different in New York. And now you are making me crave a slice…Oh, and diner food! The best! Mac and cheese is my weakness, I eat it pretty much every day when I’m in America, rating each version I try for cheesy deliciousness.

    We also basically travel for food – there is nothing in Australia that even vaguely compares to yum cha in Hong Kong, and don’t get me started on Italian tomatoes (seriously! how hard is it to get access to flavoursome tomatoes that have been raised with love and treated with care and respect!?!! The Italians can do it, why can’t we?…)

  28. Your post and then reading everyone’s comments has just made me very very HUNGRY. Or maybe that should be HANGRY, because as much as I would love to visit these places, our financial situation at the moment makes it out of the question. I’ll just sit here and drool…

  29. Please please please send me your Airbnb host link. Please.

  30. Oh I reckon baked beans straight out of the tin would taste like love on a spoon if I were in NY childless for two weeks, oh god – love I tell you! And I hate baked beans. That pizza does look good and I bet it tasted good too! One day I will get there and taste it for myself. And I have totally checked out that airbnb flat you stayed in.

  31. I have never been on a plane. I know, very sad! 45 years old this year and never flown. A joy flight over Warragamba Dam probably doesn’t count. I have been to NZ and the Pacific Islands on a cruise ship. I have to admit, when flying does happen, Italy is probably my choice of destination. I will report on the pizza when I get there…lol.

  32. love a good pizza! … haven’t been to NYC beth! but I would go! … you guys look like you’re enjoying them!
    we had the best pizza in Chioggia, near Venice, where we stayed for a week and ate with the locals, caught the bus and ferries into Venice! squealing now!
    cheers! m:)X

  33. I can’t do Berger but I can do NYC pizza.
    Although like anything, there is good NYC pizza and not so good NYC pizza….but the good stuff is GOOD!

  34. One of my greatest NY memories, is eating a slice of pizza as big as my head after a night out on the town with friends. Best pizza ever!

  35. yeah the pizza is good but I’ve had better in Italy. Awesome vego food though!

  36. New York has, hands down, the best pizza OF ALL TIME. I have been, I have tasted, and I have lusted after ever since! I’ve also have proper Chicago pizza – give me NYC any day!

    I need to be there. Like Yesterday.

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