You’re here, now what?

Well you drink lots of coffee, and you hit the ground running despite the rain and jet lag. It’s New York.

You visit some favourite places.

When it’s too wet, you hit the subway.

Then a quick costume change before a lunch at Balthazar for some spectacular people watching and great food.

Then time for another coffee before a decent walk off of a big lunch.

Down through Little Italy and then into Korea Town into Columbus Park and down into The Financial District.

As the mist finally lifted and some sunshine started to filter through, over to the 9 11 Memorial and One World Trade Center.

Before heading back uptown towards the hotel.

Time to put the feet up. For a little while at least.

This city you guys, this city.

We visited Anthropologie next to Rockefeller Center.
Had a coffee from Cafe Grumpy Lower East Side.
Had a sticky beak at Crosby Street Hotel.
Had lunch at Balthazar.
Had another coffee from Rubys.
Checked out the Oculus Train Station.
Visited the One World Observatory Tower.
Stayed at The Ludlow Hotel.
Wore Nat Sneakers from Frankie4.

There’s nothing like it.


  1. Last night I dreamt about New York.

    TayTay was right, it’s been waiting for you…

    What a magnificent joint birthday gift!!

  2. I am so jealous! It has been so long since I was in that part of the world!

  3. Looks magnificent! Am loving the pics!

  4. We stayed in an AirBnB right near Balthazar. I think Little Italy was my favourite: on the weekend evenings they close off the streets to cars and it’s a wonderful atmosphere wandering around there. Have fun and keep up the posts.

  5. Rebecca Simunic says

    Go for a meal at on the Lower East Side! Make sure you have the French Onion Soup dumplings!

  6. Ah, so envious! We were there for two weeks at the start of the year. I have so much New York love! Could spend hours in Anthropologie, Ludlow Coffee Supply do a good coffee too – think it must be close to where you are staying? And I’d recommend the Hi Line for excellent photo ops. But they are everywhere, aren’t they?

  7. Hands down BEST pizza is Numero Uno in West Village. Our Airbnb host (a local for 30 years) told us about it. I’d fly back just for slice.

  8. Living SO vicariously through you. Trying very hard not to be jealous ;). I’ll get back there one day, hopefully with my love. Enjoy and savour every moment. ?

  9. Loving your New York pics, almost feels like I’m having a holiday too. Almost ? And look at you all glam & edgy with the hair & the red lip ?

  10. Love the Lower East Side! Epitomises the Immigrant story of NYC. Especially seen at the Tenement Museum and the wonderful Jewish food at Russ and Daughters. It’s an institution around there. Near your hotel is great Aussie owned bar/cafe called Dudleys. Enjoy!

  11. Amanda G. says

    So Fabulous!! I dream about a holiday like this with my husbo. You are definitely making the most of it. Loving all your photos.

  12. It’s like I’m back walking the streets with you. Loved Little Italy, Columbus Square etc.

  13. Love it ? all of it, sooo lucky! Special couple time & New York!!
    Also importantly how are the Nats holding up, as good as Ellie? (Are these white or cream)

  14. Hi Beth, first time commenter but long time reader (8 years I think?!?!). Husband and I made a pact years ago to celebrate our 40ths in New York, but we’ve let life and moves and jobs and kids get in the way. You’ve seriously inspired me, I’m going to make it happen – 2 years overdue :).

  15. you are looking super cool hun!
    loving it all vicariously!
    it’s the feeling that counts!
    much love m:)X

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