Blanket Bay Lodge New Zealand

I’ve never stayed somewhere like this before. I’m not sure I ever will again. It’s been quite something else. Seriously grown up. I think it’s up there in one of the best lodges in the world. And it’s no wonder really – it has surpassed any expectations. And you know I would have had quite a few – I only stalked the website 345 times a day in preparation. The architecture and style has been amazing – the huge logs and beams of wood everywhere. The homeliness. The decoration – all looking as you would imagine a lodge in the mountains to look – wood, stone, rugs, blankets, roaring fireplaces. The service has been the thing that has been the most fabulous thing. To be able to experience somewhere like this where you are SO well looked after. They know what you like to drink, to eat, if you want bread or not, how you like your coffee. Anything. They just seem to know. I’m not sure I’ll be able to cope with normal life again after today.Here is a snippet of our time here. An afternoon and evening down at the main lodge.

We start with drinks in our spot in the late afternoon/early evening sunshine. Some wine. Perhaps a G & T. Some canapes and a serious view.

The gardens are something else. Lawn that had Rob in a state of excitement and wonder.

Huge windows to soak up that view. It’s from every angle.

So many places to just sit. And be.

The staff were amazing. So friendly. Relaxed and funny. I’m not sure they see people as loud as us around here, but I think they liked us.

Last night we had a special dinner in front of the fireplace outside.

Blankets on the back of your chair – just in case you get cold.

Every night a soup. Then an entree. A salad. A main. Dessert and coffee. Lucky we have been doing so much exercise because otherwise I would have been in trouble. EVERY. NIGHT.

I’m not going to forget this place in a hurry. If ever.

If you can ever get here – do it.


  1. Looks amazing!! Glad you had fun. The photos are very special.

  2. Something hubby & I have on our bucket list, for sure.

  3. Wow that look so amazing!! That food, that scenery, those gardens!! Ahhhh how lovely for you.

  4. awesome – just beautiful!

  5. GORGEOUS photos. Looks like a wonderful destination.

  6. Beautiful Beth. Just beautiful x

  7. Isn’t it nice to be in a grownup environment every now and then? It looks heavenly.

  8. Love the architecture amongst everything else it just seems to be a reflection of the mountains behind…..le sigh

  9. Wonderful place! But we have just come back from new Zealand. Will just have to add this to the list for next time. Sigh…

  10. Your photos are gorgeous and I am sure they don’t even come close to showing how wonderful the area is. Lucky girl.

  11. It looks amazing. I would love to go to NZ and stay in such a place. One day!

  12. I really like your blog but I can’t read these posts of this luxurious indulgent holiday while I am on a treadmill that is going faster than I can keep up with and I don’t see a break ahead to get off it like you do. Work, family, two kids with special needs and all of their extra therapies, appointments on top of the normal school and evey day stuff, so I’ll come back to your blog some time later….It doesn’t do me any good to read about your breaks but hey maybe it’s karma huh? It does me better to read Edens blog, cause then I don’t feel so bad off when I see the people living in the slums and I don’t start to feel sorry for myself, but when I read your blog it makes me feel jealous and wonder why can some people have it all and others not? guess this is the poverty gap isn’t it…the gap between the have’s and have nots is widening….food for thought….

  13. Delighted! Will try to got here… Thank you so much for tantalizing my kiwi taste buds!!!!!

  14. Amazeballs! Thanks for taking us there Beth.

  15. Looks amazing, I could so take off to a place like that right now with hubby. Looks like the ideal place to relax, reconnect, and just enjoy each others company 🙂

  16. gorgeous – love following your travel adventures & all the rest.

  17. So greeeeeeen. Thats pretty much the 1st thing I noticed about NZ and the pureness and the people and the.. and the.. Oh i love that place.

  18. Looks amazing! What an incredible week you’ve had.
    Mmm RWT, Clint and I had a bottle on our wedding anniversary, delish!
    Doesn’t Rob look like his Dad!

  19. breath taking. The images you took are sensational, too. Hubby and I have had some serious chats about checking out Queenstown in the near future. We head to Auckland each year to spend time with my family for Christmas but I am dying to head back to the South Island, it has been a long, long time. x

  20. Thank you for your beautiful words and stunning pictures Bev. You have inspired me completely! On the Bucket List it goes. Xxx

  21. These posts have all taken my breath away… I’ve loved following along. Thank you so much for sharing. xxx

  22. Thanks for sharing those wonderful pics. All your beautiful photos of NZ bring back so many happy memories of our holidays over there in the early 1980s. I am reliving a lot of the happiness just through your own holiday now. It was all just soooooo wonderful and we were so much younger then and really able to enjoy it all to the full.

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