The Newborn Files #2

Tomorrow Maggie will be 3 weeks old. I could say where does the time go but in the first 6 weeks of your newborns life every day feels like 3 days. I know exactly where the time goes. It goes in 4 hour blocks with not much difference between daytime and night time except for the light and … [Read more...]

The Story of Maggie’s Birth Day {Part 3}

You can read Part 1 {The Background stuff} here. Then you can read Part 2 {The Business end} here. So, here we are, a little teary and delirious and certainly very tired looking, but at the other end of the birthing process. Thank you so much for sharing your stories, and for letting me know how … [Read more...]

The Newborn Files #1

Well here we are on the flip side of the Pregnancy and into the land of newborn babes. I thought it best to continue with the Preggo files into the Newborn files because if you can't laugh at during this sleepless, messy, emotional, hormonal time then you will just cry and that's no good for … [Read more...]

Things I like {The newborn edition}

It's just ticked over a week we have been home with Maggie. The days seem to arrive and end so quickly without doing nothing at all except just the normal day to day stuff which now seems extraordinary because Maggie is here. Everything takes so much longer though with a newborn. The fire … [Read more...]

The Story of Maggie’s Birth Day {Business time}

{Pre warning...this is a long post} There's no question I am a fan of Beyonce or, as I like to call her, Bey Bey. Her song "Who runs the world?" (GIRLS) is something I will often sing to my girls at any given moment and even though sometimes I get confused by her messages of women and power and … [Read more...]

The story of Maggie’s Birth day {The background}

There's so much to share and tell about all this that this may be ridiculously long and all over the place, but it's something that I want to share mostly for me, like most things on my blog. You see this blog while read by thousands of other people every day, is a reminder of things for me. Like … [Read more...]

When time stops: The first days

It never fails to amaze me that all that time there was a baby in there. A real, whole person. As Harper said to me on Sunday morning "Mum all that time, it was Maggie kicking in there." The miracle of a new baby. Is there anything more precious? Finally meeting a new member of your family, … [Read more...]