Easter ideas

It's now the Wednesday afternoon before a very busy Easter weekend and I have only just allowed myself to think about the food needed and shopping to be done for the weekend. I am unsure why just everyone shops like the apocalypse is coming, but I do know that my trip into Bowral tomorrow is not … [Read more...]

Easy Easter Entertaining with Created with Jamie

A sponsored post for Woolworths I don’t want to alarm anyone, but Easter is NEXT WEEK. I know, I’m the same, there are lots of us all feeling the same. But somehow instead of it being early February like my brain tells me, it’s April next week and Easter is upon us. This is doubly scary for me … [Read more...]

So that was Easter…

The last of the guests have left, the floors cleaned, rubbish picked up, excess food eaten and packed up and Easter done for another year. We had such a lovely weekend packed to the brim with time with my beautiful family and friends. We did not stop eating or drinking, chatting, laughing, sitting … [Read more...]

Easter lunch: slow cooked lamb

A sponsored post for Woolworths Macro An Easter tradition for our family is a long lunch on Easter Sunday. Long after the chocolate hunts are over there is time for everyone to sit around and enjoy something delicious for lunch before heading off for a long afternoon walk in the crisp autumn … [Read more...]

Cheat Easter cookies

It's Easter school holiday time and you know what that means? Well, for a start your children will tell you they are hungry 138 times a day. They will also tell you that they are bored 139 times a day. I have a solution! Something that combines food AND activity. And there isn't a fucking rainbow … [Read more...]

Easter Table Ideas

A sponsored post for Woolworths Select You know me, give me a chance to set a table and I am THERE. Give me an actual annual key day of celebration like Christmas or Easter and I am REALLY there. Suddenly you have a theme that you can work with, a table filled with friends and family and loved … [Read more...]

Easter Sunday

We always have visitors at Easter. Always. But not this year. For some reason we were left with just the four of us, and after a hugely busy day yesterday, it was just what we needed.We spent the morning hanging in our pyjama's, playing in cubby houses, making a mess, doing Lego, reading. I cooked a … [Read more...]

Easter table idea

For fear of getting my eyes poked out for calling this an Easter table scape (!!) I wanted to share with you an idea for your table this Easter. Sure, it looks and smells like a table scape, but let's call it an Easter setting instead shall we? Good.I thought of a little idea for your table setting … [Read more...]

Easter: Simple & Happy

Take a few days off, some sunshine, a couple of family visitors, two beautiful children, some good food and wine and we had ourselves one very happy Easter indeed. Sometimes the simple things are often the very best things.Thank you Kleenex for the bottle of bubbles (won at the DPCON12). Mum and I … [Read more...]