My blog is sweet 16 today!

Today, my blog turns 16. SIXTEEN. Have I ever done anything continually for as long, besides eat custard tarts? It’s hard to say. But here we are, 16 years, 3,550 posts and 73,824 comments later.


Thanks for still being here. Truly.

Amazing really isn’t it? I know that I haven’t had much of a chance to be on here as I would like, but I still try and jump on, share thoughts and pictures and stories of our lives. And it still brings me as much happiness all these years later.

Here’s how the past year looked:

It’s been a tough year for sure, with extended lockdowns this time last year and then living life with Covid and isolations and well, you know the rest, it’s pretty boring. We have had some wonderful times with friends and family at home and away so I can’t complain. It’s a tough time to be in business with so much uncertainty, the cost fo everything going up, sickness, you name it, it’s just plain tough. I keep trying every day to make our business the best that it can be, and while that means less time here, it’s because of here that I have a business at all, and I know that and thank the stars every day that Rob started this blog for me all the way back in 2006.

This space has seen every single moment of motherhood and family shared. All our ups and downs, our moves and our dreams come true. 16 years ago I had NO clue about so much. I didn’t know how tired I could be. I did’t know how proud my kids would make me. I had no idea what a wonderful Dad Rob would be, how he keeps me on the level. I didn’t know that 16 years later I would still be visiting parks, or that I would be waking in the night for small people with little worries, or be up on my own accord with big worries for our bigger kids and our big life. Imagine knowing that pregnancy insomnia I had would place me now as peri-menopausal insomnia now. I didn’t know how amazing our little family would be. Look what we did Rob!

I’m excited about the next chapter of our home and what is to come over the next year as we renovate and get ready for the next 15 years of life with the girls at home, and then not. The end of school seems closer by the moment for that baby that started this all. Decisions and questions about her future are being asked and it seems like madness to me because wasn’t she just born?

I’ll keep sharing our moments here, because I don’t know how not to. I know that people ready my blog and certainly (I do) to check recipes every week, but primarily this blog remains for me, for my family. Perhaps that’s why I am still here and still show up, because it’s a personal legacy and if you are here and getting something from it, that’s great, but it’s not why I am here. It’s for me, for my family, to share our story and connect. It’s very 2006. And I am OK with that. I think 2022 needs a little 2006 sometimes.

Thanks for still being here, all these years later. For reading, commenting, sharing and cooking the things I love to cook, going to places we love to go, bringing people around your table, just like I love to do too. We are more similar than we ever expect, even in a connected world so different from 16 years ago, people still want to sit and read and look at pictures in this long form way and I am grateful that this space means something to you too.

Let’s hope that things brighten up for us all over the next year. It has to right? It’s been such a tough 2 years. Whatever may happen, I’ll be here, in this cosy corner of the internet sharing stories and photos. Reminding myself and you of how lucky we are to experience normal, ordinary days. This place has documented many of them and the older I get, the more I am certain that they are actually, the secret to a happy life.

Here’s to 365 more of them.

Here are some past blogging type posts you might like as well. They are much more business focused, advice focused and well, different to how things are now. And that’s ok too.

When the blog turned 15


  1. Dear Beth, thank you for sharing…I reckon I’ve been reading for about 12 of those 16 years…and am so glad to have met you too. Love Denyse xx

  2. Thank you for your blog l love reading it

  3. Dear Beth,
    Your blog is always so lovely and brings a smile to lots of people’s faces. My sister and I often look at your dinner parties, festive wreaths and garden photos and comment back and forth …..noise!!!! I am a year 6 teacher and often use your descriptive writing of a crisp morning or a cosy fireplace to remind kids how you can feel emotions with words. Thank you for sharing with us all- the beautiful space and your gorgeous family.
    Love Bee x

  4. Hey Beth, I recon I’ve had at least two tabs open of your blog/recipes at all times for the past 16 years. Whenever I feel anxious or alone, I have a flick through…. And in later years your stories. Always resonate with me. I was hoping you’d share that beautiful pic of you with your daughters- it’s so beautiful! What a milestone! Happy sweet 16 baby Mac! Love from Lauren

  5. That’s sensational! Although I’ve been blogging for that long I’ve had a few different spaces. I wish I’d kept my original one!

  6. Congratulations Beth. I’ve followed you since the beginning and have laughed, cried, pondered and cooked with you. I may not comment frequently but know your blog has brought me comfort and joy from afar.

  7. Love, love, love your blog! You inspire me with your stories and your beautiful tables. And the recipes!
    Please don’t ever stop xx

  8. Sharing is caring.
    It’s this love of sharing, that is in your dna.
    The very highs and the not so great lows, the joys and sadnesses of everyday life that affects you, your ability to capture them and translate to others experiencing the same, that makes this blog special.
    One proud mamma of this16 year production.
    Long may it stay. ♥️

  9. I don’t know how I stumbled upon you Bev but I am so glad I did, I love your quirky catch ups and you amazing talent for laying a table. I have tried many of your recipes too and they are always a hit, So congratulations on 16 years and here’s to many more 🥂

  10. Josephine says

    Felicitations, Beth!
    I’ve been a regular visitor to your blog for about 12 years (since my eldest was a baby), and your writing and sharing in the space has been a comforting boost in my life over that time. It’s been a delight to follow your family and, now, business adventures, and I’m very grateful for what you have shared here.
    Good luck with the renos! I hope things go as smoothly as such things can…

  11. Thank you Beth. You’ve helped me all those years in the midst of motherhood darkness. You, Edenland, styling you and Woogsworld were my first introduction to the blog world and man, you guys gave me so much joy and entertainment. So many ideas, help, recipes and information. Keep it up! Love your work 😍

  12. Thank you for you Beth.

  13. Oh Beth, here you are all sweet sixteen! God knows how I stumbled across the funniest baby birth photo ever that led me to your corner of the net. But I did, and here I am cheers-ing you from my dining table after having collected the teens from various after school locations before the next wave of afternoon activities sweeps me along.
    God bless you and keep you, my dear internet friend!

  14. Congratulations Beth, your blog had provided many hours of comfort and delight. I look forward to reading for another 16 years xx

  15. Debs Sutton says

    I ALWAYS get sooo excited when I see a new blog post from you Beth.
    Here’s to another 16yrs!

  16. Please keep blogging when you have the chance. I love reading what you write and following along. Your Insta posts are hilarious and I often tell my friends, I want to be best friends with Beth.. and now they follow you. Congrats on 16 years and everything you have achieved. Can’t wait to follow along for the next adventures.
    PS… That photo of you and your girls is a cracker… so beautiful

  17. A bit late reading your post, but congratulations Beth .
    I always love to pop on and read your blog posts, there is inspiration in every one xx

  18. Thank you Beth, your blog posts have been grounding, inspirational and a whisper to be aware and grateful. May it long live in this corner of enternet 😊

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