Babymac is now a teenager…

Yesterday, the 29th July saw the birthday of this blog click over to 13 years old. 13 years since Rob set it all up, gave me the login details and possibly even penned the first post in all its glory and sent me on my way. Here’s that amazing first piece of content!

This will be the 3,294th post.

I see so much around the traps (when I can and go get around, which is not very often) the question “Does anyone even read blogs anymore? Do they even still write them?” And my answer is always, yes! Here I am! Turning up week in and out for 13 bloody years.

And how can I possibly not? For me this blog is still about the same things it was then: sharing a piece of myself and our lives as a memory for myself. Of course it has changed in many ways since then: people now read it for a start, I am certainly not the (young) naive person I was back then but at the very core of it all, it’s still the same. And my love and passion for writing and sharing hasn’t changed, and I can’t see it changing anytime soon. I have cared and loved (and resented) this blog much like every member of my family…my oldest child who has changed my life more than I could have ever possibly known. It’s made a business for me, it’s connected me to people from all around the world – friends, colleagues, mentors (dickheads). It’s taken me all around the world – London, New Zealand, New York, Hong Kong, The Maldives and all around this great country of ours – Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Northern Territory and regional areas near and far. It’s helped me move to a place I never thought I would, created a life for our children that I am so grateful for. It’s ignited passions and creativity in me that was longing to get out when I worked in finance and in the corporate world: I love to write, share my musings, I love to take photos, I love to cook and entertain and connect people, to create moments of ME TOO! I feel like that! When we can all feel so alone in this big world at times.

It’s quite simply changed my life.

Perhaps like a surly teenager over the past year I have been in my room with my door shut a little more than I have been. This time last year I was in a tough place mentally with it all: I was busting my guts trying to make things work and just seemed to be hitting a wall. Clients who I had previously worked hard for wanted to move onto younger shinier things, the landscape continually changes and while I do my best to keep up with it all, sometimes the tap dancing can be exhausting and I kept losing step and self doubt crept in. I felt out of control and quite frankly worthless. I was in a job and suddenly it seemed like my position had been taken over without anyone consulting me about it.

After MANY talks to myself and from others talking me off the ledge time and time again I finally was able to jump back in the saddle, change direction and get back into the swing of things. Launching my online shop with my sister has been one of the most fulfilling things I have done in a very long time. It’s been something so different, it’s been bloody hard work, physically with boxes and packing and unpacking, it’s been mentally with learning IT, small business stuff like budgeting and forecasting, buying new stuff, marketing, newsletters, PR you name it, we do it and it’s been a VERY steep learning curve. But! It’s given me another way to connect to you guys without having to have a middle man (or client) in between. I am the client! I know what you guys like and want and I am thrilled that we have been able to find things that you guys love and want. That’s been the very best for me. Not to mention working with my very clever sister who has steered us in the right direction time and time again. Her long standing retail & online marketing experience at M&S and then David Jones has been invaluable and to have someone to TALK to, to share and laugh and get exhausted and sit on our hands and knees in the thick of it all, has been so important to me as this can be such an isolating job this online world. Weird isn’t it when we are all more connected more than ever?

So the blog has taken a bit of a back seat as I push myself in new directions, but I always try and get here week after week sharing a little still, starting conversations, connecting and creating me too moments when I can and of course doing exactly the same thing that I did 13 years ago, share a little of our lives. For me, always number one for me, and nothing much has changed there. It’s pretty mundane and yes, I am still turning up and doing it, all these years later, whether anyone is reading it or not.

I’m not sure where things will go in this blogging world – I think people still want to connect, they want to share and learn from people and sometimes you can only get that from a blog, no matter how many muted mustard tones you put all over your Instagram grid. I love that we can’t see the likes anymore, who cares? It’s ALL MEANINGLESS. It really is. I love that I can share a shitty photo (just ask me I have shared 10.3k over the course of my time on Instagram), just because, without any pressure on it. Of course clients will still get what they needs from the back end (that’s what you said last night) but we just carry on a little like we did back in the day.

Blogs are still important and still have a place in this online world, even if they are a little retro. Hey, bodysuits and high waisted jeans are back everything old is eventually new again right? Every single day people come back here to read a recipe, have a new baby and read the Newborn files for some humour and support, want to learn how to fold a sheet or fluff a cushion, it might be silly and mundane but every single day thousands of people will still check in, I don’t see that happening on an Instagram post. I made this, I own it. It’s mine, warts and all. And I am incredibly proud of all I have achieved over these past 13 years.

My teenage dirtbag, the blog. And me.

So here’s cheers to 13 years.

Thank you for (still) being here and turning up when I post. Adding a comment, making my food, laughing at my jokes, getting me and my slant on the world, despite being old and not shiny and messing up the steps as I tap dance my way through this business. Thank you to my GREAT clients like Woolies, and Birdsnest, Frankie4 and the like who let me do my thing and get me and trust that I won’t fuck it up. I wish more brands would trust us all again and through some work our way. We might not cook with Hello Fresh and wear linen, but shit we know some cool women (and men) who are also a little un sexy and normal and make LOTS of financial decisions and buy your products. I can hook you up…for real. COME ON.

Thanks to my family as ever for allowing me to share our lives. They are al part of this family business and graciously allow me to share stories, frustrations and our lives to help other people feel less alone and connected and for that I am truly grateful. To my business partner and sister Lucy who has quite simply turned things around for me over the past year I can’t thank you enough. Look at what we have done! Look at what we are going to do! Look how many orders we have packed. I am SO proud of us. We’re doing it.


Maybe that’s the thing with life. You start one thing and end up doing something completely different, something you never even dreamed possible. There’s always going to be fear, and discomfort as you head into the unknown. There will be moments of self doubt, but if you stick to the basics (in life or in business or in blogging, whatever it is) strip is back to the WHY, then the rest will flow. It just will. Through ups and downs for sure, but I truly believe if you have your why sorted, the rest will come.

Don’t ask me.

Thanks guys, truly.
Now enough about me, tell me what you love about me!
No really, let’s talk about my blog and why you love it slash me.
Thank you, for reals x

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  1. Raewyn Douglas says

    Hi Beth

    I come and visit your blog at least once a week, love the way you write and make us the reader like we’re a part of your world. Always enjoy your pics – you take a great photo.
    Agreed the PR companies could do with stepping back and realising that it’s not all about the younger crowd!
    Keep on being you and cheers to your blog being a teenager 🙂

    xx Raewyn

  2. Love your blog! And you Beth! So very very much. It’s a bloody marvel!! Keep on writing and sharing xx

  3. Ummm, are you spying on me? Because just this week I came back and re-read not just your three birth stories, but your pregnancy chronicles too, as I try to make the decision to have the third child… and the funny thing is – I read all those same posts a year ago! Your writing style, honesty and thoughtfulness keep me coming back. Thank you for those posts, and your recipes and general self. All the best for the next 13 years!

    • Ha! Love that Emma! I wish I had more time for lengthy posts like those but boy am I glad I took the time to write them when I did. Appreciate your kind words x

  4. I love your blog Beth. And I love how you connect everyday. It makes me smile to see your insta stories come up first in line everyday. I also am the mother of 3 children similar ages, including the 4 yr old! But all boys! So I feel like I’m living a parallel life to you but in the city! I love your posts and photos of entertaining (i love it too), flowers, (my tiny daphne in a pot gets max 10 flowers so I’m super jealous of yours!), travelling and good old family life. Seeing your girls grow up has been delightful, and i am so there with you regarding f#@$ing dinner every night!! Love your work Beth. X Chelsea

  5. Maxabella says

    Love Baby Mac and all who sail in her. xxx

  6. Love you; love these thoughts and love this blog!

  7. Lib Beats says

    Happy birthday BabyMac. Thanks for sharing your corner of the world with us. It’s always a delight. I’ve been reading for about six years. Good blogs have substance and I think will actually outlive instagram.

  8. Love BabyMac. I may not read everyday but I love seeing your posts and photos pop up in my insta and Facebook feed.
    Happy 13th. 🥂🎈

  9. You are my ray of sunshine.i think I followed you about 10yrs ago as an aside to styling you.i always read your blogs.have tried a recipe or two and have laughed out loud in public as a result of your blog.please be proud of the wonderful work you do.Your Insta stories make my dayThey are my morning along with my coffee.
    Congratulations on 13years.

  10. Carol KAY says

    Love your blog, your recipes, your photos and your honest writing style

  11. Leigh Rowan says

    I love your blog! It seriously is the only blog is visit weekly. I gain so much inspiration from your writings, recipes, everything. If I see one more Hello Fresh …. I think I’ll scream hahaha Congratulations BabyMac

  12. Congratulations! I have been following your blog well over 10 years and enjoyed every moment of it. In this largely artificial social media world, you are a breath of fresh air and real, and the stories you share about your wider family are heart warming. You are so very lucky to have family close by! Thank you, and keep writing and sharing please!

  13. Renae Foottit says

    Happy 13!! I always get excited when I see a new post from you, waiting to be read. You are entrenched in my life without you even realising! I have a few staple recipes from you that I cook regularly, that get eaten regularly; I love being inspired by your style; I love your honesty and realness about how hard it can be sometimes, and what helps you get back on track – no magic fix, just good people, kindness to yourself, a walk in the sunshine, less booze and carbs (or more depending on the situation!!)
    Thank you for your voice. It’s a meaningful one in this fast-clicking world xx

  14. Congrats Beth on raising your blog! Love each post, the laughs, the tears, the recipes and your musings on life. They all make me feel a little less alone as a stay at home mum, just trying to do my best every day. But sometimes when i feel as though I have failed, fallen down, I know I can come here and have a giggle and not feel so alone in this journey that is being an over 40 mum.

    Cheers to you and your family!
    Thank-you all for the past years.
    xx Manda

  15. I adore you. Always have, always will.

    I also read recently that if scrunchies can make a comeback, then so will blogs! I hope so! I think it will come full circle. We want to go deeper, and blogs give us that connection (and ownership!) that Instagram just doesn’t. They’ve always been the number 1 road to online connection for me. I’m not always consistent with my own blogging, but I’m always reading.

    Thank you for your consistency and devotion my friend. You are magnificent. xx

    • Oh bless you you gorgeous woman! I have loved seeing you follow along for so many years…we have ben through a bit haven’t we? Thanks so much xx

  16. Oh Beth, I adore your blog. Have for years. It’s like talking to a friend. I love the book recommendations, knowing there’s always a great recipe to find and some awesome fashion find. I wear Frankie4s because of you, cook my pumpkin soup in my scanpan tray (also bought because of you) and remind myself that no one is perfect – all because of you and your blog. I love that I can now support a small business via Add to Cart and its an easy one to drop hints with for family that now live close! 😉 keep writing Beth, keep being you and never stop drinking Prosecco! 😘😘😘

    • Di That is NEVER going to stop! The prosecco bit that is….thank you for being here and for supporting all my adventures along the way (especially the shop!) x

  17. I’ll never let go.

    I check your blog multiple times a week and read all of the things – kid things, country fair things, travel things, royal things, recipe things, clean floor things. I love that you share your life with me. In turn, I share you with others, saying hey, look what Beth made/did/experienced/said/snapped/cooked and it’s such a great pleasure to turn new people on to you.

    Happy birthday BabyMac. Happy, happy, happy birthday.

    Long. May. You. Reign.

    • Thanks so much Annette – I am glad that you are here and always love to read your wise and insightful comments. I’m glad we got to meet many moons ago…just thank you for being a part of all this. I appreciate it, and you! x

  18. I was late to the game to find your blog, like you I feel a little less shiny these days, nut who cares, its called life, experience….maybe blogs are retro but they make me happy. When I click on your site and see a new post is up I smile and settle in for a read. Thank you, keep doing what you are doing!

  19. Happy birthday baby-mac. I haven’t been following for a long time, but love that you make me laugh, think, remind me of those days with children and show me new ways and things to create a home.
    I’ve recently left insta but I’ll always read blogs.
    Thankyou for sharing with us.
    Cheers Kate

  20. Hats off to you lady!! You will always be in my feed, I’ll always read every post & after all these years I still love sharing your life. Thank you Beth xx

  21. Congratulations on a job very well done. Yours is one of the first blogs I ever read many, many years ago. I lurked for ages and finally found my voice to comment a couple years ago. You’ve taught me heaps of things my mum never taught me (and by the way I’m a couple of decades older than you 🤫) like how to arrange a cutlery drawer or fold a fitted sheet. Many of your recipes are on my regular rotation and even my husband has commandeered your sausage pasta recipe. Thanks for all the sharing, the beautiful photos of your home, your gorgeous family, your trips but mostly just thanks 💐

    • Thank YOU for these lovely words and for being here Maria – I always appreciate your comments so thank you for finding your voice x

  22. Wooohoooo. Such a great achievement. My absolute favourite blog/insta lady. Seriously love all you blog about and have to say and your beautiful family. Life goal to pop a bottle of prosecco with you. 🍾

  23. Reading your blog for the past 8 years has been fantastic. I think you once wrote it’s like a warm cup of tea with a friend. Settle into your favourite spot at home & snuggle in. What a ride! Thanks for sharing & being real & not giving a fuck. Thanks for all the recipes, my family think I’m a great cook thanks to you. Your company on my screen is greatly appreciated.

  24. I feel so strangely proud of you! Well done on doing anything for 13 years – but to keep a blog going is an amazing achievement. Made my first order from add to cart over the holidays – with more to come. I hope you celebrate in style.

  25. Love your blog!! Love your recipes!! Been following along for at least 7 years and your blog has given me so much inspiration in cooking, entertaining, mothering/parenting, exercise, fashion and homewares! Thank you!!

    • Thanks so much Melissa – I know I haven’t done much inspiring on the exercise front lately…but cake! CAKE I can do! Thanks xx

  26. Love your blog! I don’t even remember how I found it or when but I’ve enjoyed it for quite some time. Always a fun read! I love hearing about life on the other side of the world. How very similar we are even though we’re just about opposite time zones. Congrats on your Blogiversary!

  27. Abby Duffy says

    Happy birthday to the blog! Please keep going Beth! I love to read your blog posts. Your photos are inspiring. I love how you discuss the day to day small moments of life reminding us that those moments are actually what is really special and important. Thank you. X

  28. Congrats Beth! I love reading your blog & you constantly have me smiling at things you say & do. I’ve cooked your recipes – Ginger Fluff brought a smile to my 90 yr young mum, wearing Frankie’s & devouring book reads. Cheers with a Spritz!! Caz

    • Thanks so much Caz! A Ginger fluff will bring a smile to anyones face and that makes me SO happy that it is shared with others xx

  29. This is my first foray into your blog ( having been referred from styling you! ) . But having been impressed with and brought online from the Baby Mac shop👍🏼. Being grandmother to five, with another on the way maybe I look at this blog from another perspective 🤔, but hell what I read today reached out and touched a lot perfectly normal thoughts that everyone feels ( and with a no holes barred language). Love that you write the way you do and are reaching out and connecting with your readers in this way😊. As I said there is another little one on the way👶 so will follow you into the next stage with interest . Wow what a new road to go down !!👌🏼😉

  30. Linda Jenkins says

    I love your blog Beth ! I remember when I found you I went back and read all your posts from the beginning and followed along your journey of your big move and all the changes it brought for you and your family. I love your recipes and styling tips.Like Di, I wear Frankie 4’s because of you and bought a scanpan baking dish ! I love your honesty about parenting and trying new things. As a Mum of 3 now adults and a new Grandma I can relate to so many of your stories. Thanks for sharing ! Also I have a little wishlist for Add to cart and hope to shop soon. xxx

  31. I’ve read every post, I’m sure. though this is my first comment. My eldest is 14 this week, then two quick upcoming birthdays for her siblings – turning 12 and 10. We just celebrated the surprise child’s 4th. So your often in a very similar phase as I am and I connect. Also recipes, made so many over the years. Thanks Beth and happy 13th!

  32. Hey Beth
    I am compelled to write and comment like the old days on the blog to tell you how much I value you and your work. I was directed to your blog from Mrs Woog and I have a group of bloggers that I read through to the end and HEAR THIS have purchased from companies featured on your site. I have no interest in Instagram and I have searched on your blog or on google for one of your recipes. Honestly well played to those who have stuck by you and may their business flourish. Still waiting for your book! Congratulations on thirteen years and for sticking with something tricky. Many thanks!

  33. I have always read your blog but really got involved when you had your littlest one, because I very soon after found out I was pregnant with my third, so devoured everything with interest/as a student! That would be me checking in once a week clicking on “Anne” or “Roast Chicken” or “Sausage Pasta” the list goes on, in summer it was the fattoush salad once a week! Love your work, keep it up, the only person in my family with an active Instagram is my dog and he only follows other dogs, so I don’t get the hype frankly!

  34. Wow I can’t believe how long I’ve been stalking/lurking around your blog! It’s always an honest, refreshing read! And I cannot tell you how many of your recipes I’ve cooked and shared with others. Congratulations on 13 years!!

  35. Happy Blog Birthday, despite being over the other side of the world, raining North Yorkshire to be precise and my children being much older than yours, I love your blog, it makes me laugh and cry. Wonderful photos and allowing us to share your life, warts and all has been a blast. I started reading your blog when my eldest son moved to Australia, it made me feel more connected to him, I must say he is impressed when I can tell him when things are on sale in Woolies, thanks to you I get some credit. Looking forward to many more years following you and your wonderful family.

  36. Congratulations on your Blog becoming a teenager!! But gosh Beth, you had me scared for a minute, this sounded a bit like a goodbye. I’m so glad you’re not going anywhere, because on the really shitty days when I need to spark myself up or remind myself that I’m not the only one wading my way through a crappy day, I look you up. I read some old blog posts or watch one of your videos where you tell it how it is with a glass in one hand and a dash of reality in the other. You’re not afraid to admit that life isn’t always perfect, and we love that about you.
    But you also share the fun stuff, some great recipes (love holiday baking to a Royal Podcast), fashion, birthday parties, the goings-on in the village and your beautiful family.
    So glad you’re sticking around.

  37. Congratulations on 13 years on the blogging world.
    I am grateful to you & your blog for holding my hand during the first few years of parenting when I felt incredibly alone, frustrated & a little depressed.
    You kept it real & I realised I was just like lots of Mums our there doing my best & trying to keep a little of myself in the process.
    I have loved the home stories, the food, the fashion & I have adored the travel!!
    Many things I have purchased thanks to your recommendations & shares because I trust you as a fellow Mum.
    Here’s cheers & I hope you never stop writing. 😘

  38. Babymac is one of my fave places on the internet. You’re my first call for recipes and I love escaping through your beautiful photography and stories. So glad blogging brought us together ❤️ xx

  39. Congrats to you, what an amazing achievement! I have been following you for around 6 years now (when you put it that way it sounds a bit stalkerish), and I don’t comment very often, but want to thank you very much for sharing 🙂

  40. Elisha Love says

    Thanks for keeping it real. You are an inspiration and I ❤️ reading your posts. Congratulations on doing what you love.

  41. Congratulations Beth. Your Blog really did change my life… it was the first blog I ever wrote and I felt like you just got me, I felt like you were writing for me. I really resonated with what you were saying and I really needed to read that first blog back in 2014. From reading your blog and then deep diving into it I then decided to write my own blog, I then met you in real life, have had you up to the NT, followed along with your life and read every single post. So thank you! I have now started my own business – a women’s network with my gorgeous friend Ed and we are so excited to have you, your sister and your online shop coming to one of our ladies days with a pop up shop. Isn’t it amazing where the internet can take you. I really does blow me away. It is all about connecting! You totally nail it Beth and I can’t wait to see you and your friends in October xxxx

    • Oh love it sure is a funny old business! Thank goodness you found me…love that it has taken me to the NT. Can’t wait for October!

  42. First blog I ever “read” not wrote…

  43. Congrats on being a teenager – how much fun will turning18 be! Love your blog and insta.

  44. Happy 13th Blog Birthday Beth! I have been reading your blog for around 5 years. I have 3 kids under 7 and love your honesty, wisdom, musings and humour about life, parenting, kids…you’re a bit like an online mentor just one step ahead in a lot of the parenting journey and I check in most weeks to see what you’ve got to say. So much of it is relevant to me, not to mention entertaining. It’s like talking to an old friend. Please keep it up! I’ve tried following other blogs over the years but I’ve just got time for one now and that’s YOU!

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