Full & Thorough reporting: The Melbourne edition

Last weekend Lucy and I ventured down to Melbourne for the weekend for retail Trade shows…a whole new world for us and a BIG learning experience. The shows are a one stop place for all the brands (big & small) to show retailers their new stock, and where all the shops (big & small) place orders for the new seasons ahead. It’s a chance for people to be discovered for the first time, it’s where old relationships are strengthened, and it was a huge eye opener for me to see and learn so much.

Thought I would share a little of what we got up to!

Friday morning we were up and at it early (which I was a little weary from having gone to bed late the night before with Harper’s recorder concert on at the Opera House). Kids were dropped off here and there and we hit the road to Canberra where we flew out of. Man I love that airport. Fresh, clean, not too busy, stylish and easy and cheap parking! I even had points to upgrade us. When you never fly…you absolutely enjoy the 50 minute flight in style. Always exciting to use the lounge and of course roll some champs at 10am in the morning right?

It almost felt like we were heading back over to London again. Ish. I mean the whole thing was over in under an hour! As I said, you take it when you can when you are normally at home 24/7.

We arrived in Melbs and headed straight to Big Design Trade where we were straight into it. Loved catching up with the fabulous Margie from Moochinside in Hardys Bay who has the BEST style. She has been so kind to us both with advice for the shop, sharing her knowledge and expertise with us. We met some great new people and brands – I love being able to meet the makers and designers behind them all – putting their hearts and souls out there into the world and connecting with them – the best for sure.

We got our mitts on some GREAT new stuff that will be coming in the next little while and hopefully is the start of a great new relationship with us and them.

From there we hightailed it over to our AirBnb which was in Carlton. It was such a great house…2 bedrooms with lots of space and high touches…would highly recommend for anyone that needed to be in this part of Melbs. You have got to love Airbnb for value! I sure do – beats a hotel room hand down every time.

We didn’t muck around there though…it was straight over to St Kilda to a showing in the most amazing house. Wow! All the rooms jam packed with artwork and things for sale…this place was truly something else though…what a treat to have sneak peak into someone’s property.

Then it was straight back into another Uber to head to South Yarra for our showing with Elms & King and Arlington Milne and all their new Spring/summer stuff. YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO LOVE IT IS ALL I’M SAYING. Caps lock required. We then went out to dinner on Chapel St for some delicious Italian with some mates…lots of drinking and eating before heading home to collapse. I am still thinking about this linguine that I ad that was so delicious. What a TREAT to be out! On a Friday night! In Melbs!

Saturday morning we were up and at it where we headed to out showing with Kip & Co for Autumn/winter next year (hello it’s FABULOUS) then over to Life InStyle where in the Royal Exhibition building which was JAM PACKED with retail goodness. Boy is it overwhelming to see beautiful product one after the other all lined up, showing their stuff. It was exhausting and so much fun and I just wish I had a 45 gazillion dollars to gran a little of it all. How do people stop? How do people fill their bricks and mortars store jam packed with goodness? I have such an appreciation for all the hard work and money and creativity that goes into making a retail high street store what it is when you wander in and want to buy something…it’s so many steps before we head in there and hand over our money. I applaud all these people so much.

It was about this time that I REALLY wished that I had packed another pair of shoes rather than just my high heel boots (hats off to Frankie4 though who create boots that you can wear 3 days in a row walking over 5kms a day. These are the ones that I wore).

We got home and collapsed in the afternoon before having another amazing dinner at Rice Paper Scissors in Fitzroy…another special treat to be able to eat amazing dinner, be in a bustling restaurant and see actual people! Living exciting lives! We don’t get out much clearly!

Sunday we went to Reed Gift Fair and realised that we needed 2 whole days in here. Goodness was it overwhelming. I had retail fatigue (which I think is a real thing) and was amazed to see everyone in action buying! BUYING! BUYING! Some of those big stall spaces by big interior companies were amazing to see…I guess it’s a years worth of orders that happen for people at that time. People had scanners and they were scanning and buying ALL OF THE THINGS. Really such an eye opener. And there was SO much weird stuff too…all the stuff that you see in weird tobacconist shops (I’m talking Jesus calendar stuff) or suits of armour, or weird tourist stuff you see in shops…all that was there too. As I said, ALL of the things. Next time I need much more time here, and a plan and flat shoes. And a backpack! And maybe a map!

We were back on the plane early afternoon, home at 4pm and back into the swing of things. Yesterday we spent the day placing orders (spending all the money) and working out timings for Spring and Christmas and everything beyond. We are pretty tired, but excited about what’s to come. Always good to be learning new things and we certainly have lots of that to do.

How was your weekend?
Get up to anything fun?
Have you been to one of these things before?


  1. Thanks for update. I went to Reed Fair many years ago with a friend who had a homewares store. Was also great fun but so daunting as it was her first time. So much to choose from. Interested to see what you have coming up. Keep up fantastic job you are both doing🐶👍🌟

  2. Can’t wait to see the new stock! I spent many a year traipsing the Reed Gift Fair when my parents ran a retail business. Gosh it’s huge isn’t it, definitely need comfy footwear and electrolytes at the end of each day!

  3. Hanging out to see what you got so I can do some Xmas online shopping
    Live in Melbs, love it, made some good choices re : restaurants.
    Happy days, thanks for sharing

  4. Last weekend I was actually in Las Vegas which was also an eye opening adventure. I also spent lots of money but unfortunately with nothing to show for it #casinos #busy #exciting #exhausting #memories
    Thanks for sharing. Excited to see what comes into Add to cart 😍

  5. Shivaun Clifton says

    Sounds like you had an amazing time! Melbourne is such a fabulous place!! I LOVE your floral wide legged pants!! Where are they from! Thanks so much 😊😊

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