The blog is now 14!

On Wednesday this week the blog ticked over to 14 years. I know, I can’t believe I am still here either! Thousands of posts and comments, likes and shares, recipes referred back to, tree changes made, third children had, holidays planned and booked. This little corner of the internet still ticking away after all this time. I always love the opportunity to reflect and look back on the year that was, and given at at NYE when I normally would, we were otherwise occupied with Alan’s death, why not stop and take it in on this occasion. All the small and large moments of our lives snapped and recorded right here, on this blog.

It’s been a big year for us and these past 7 or 8 months particularly tough for our family as we navigated the death of Rob’s Dad, terrible bushfires where we live, losing poor Kevin, floods, a pandemic, being away from family, home schooling, man it’s been a doozy.

Thanks for being here with me as I share the highs with the lows. For listening, or sharing your stories, recommendations and letting me know when I help you guys out. It’s been a very hard 2020 for so many of us around the world, I’m not sure there will ever be a time so fraught with worry and death and uncertainties in our lifetimes. I know that I often don’t write as much as I used to, it’s truly just a time management thing as I focus on work and the family, but I know that when I do it’s like coming home to an old friend. Opening my favourite page of my favourite book and feeling comfortable and content.

You know how much this blog has changed our lives. Taken me on adventures I would never have dreamed of, given me opportunities that I am eternally grateful for. It’s hard work, a constant beast of content that needs feeding, but as I work on other parts of my business I know that this is always here for me, my space, as it was where it began 14 years ago. Sharing MY story, my family and my journey through life along the way. That hasn’t changed, all these years later and for that, I am proud and quite frankly bewildered that I am still turning up each week.

So thanks for being here you guys, especially this past year which has been very hard on my heart. So many worries, deep sadness and grief at our loss, worry for the bushfires, for Rob, for my Mum’s home and of course this pandemic. Thanks for your comments and thoughts, for laughing at my jokes, questioning me when needed and just for still turning up.

Who knows where this next year will take us all? One thing I DO know is that we are all here, still, seeking connections with other people. Blogs are a (perhaps outdated) form of doing that in a real and authentic way and I am so proud that BabyMac still sits here, a little worn around the edges, sometimes neglected, but just like that favourite old book, comforting and ready when you are.

Thank you friends. Here’s to another year ahead x

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  1. Dakota Morgan says

    Beth, I’ve been following your page for over 10 years. And you are right it’s like an old book you come home to and read and read and look up recipes in, life events, styling and everything in between. Your blog has helped so many times in my life, weather it be a recipe, catching up with the macs, travel adventures or some other great story. It’s been there when I’m lonely, or just need ideas. Thank you for 14 years and opening your life to us. I will be forever grateful for finding your page.

  2. It’s a real achievement to have kept this lovely space going for all these years!
    I love supporting your ventures-especially Add to Cart, it’s my ‘go to’ now for presents for others or a treat for me!
    As a recent first time mum your baby posts-especially w Maggie, really helped me process my own feelings and confidence in trusting my intuition and doing whatever felt right.
    Thanks for sharing your life so openly and honestly!
    Love your work x Tash

  3. Thank you 💜💖💐

  4. I don’t know how long I have been reading along but it has been quite a while. I keep showing up because your blog is quite a character. There is a real life vibe with amazing experiences, food recipes and the Travel / book / TV / Music recommendations. You have a gift with keeping it interesting and honest. Keep up the great work. x

  5. Happy blog birthday Beth. Thanks for being here like a friend to check in on us. I love reading your blog. Please don’t ever stop! Thank you.

  6. Happy birthday BabyMac. Beth I continue to enjoy reading your blog, trying your recipes, relating to your experiences and appreciating all that you share with us. I hope you can celebrate this milestone with your loved ones with a buttery chardonnay or a perfect G & T and some good food. with love and appreciation, Linda

  7. Warmest congratulations dear Beth! I’ve been with you for 9 years but I caught up on the early years as I love your humour, generosity and the way you keep stuff real. You are a legend and as long as you keep turning up I’ll be here to enjoy a laugh, shed a tear, steal your recipes and watch your gorgeous girls grow up. Thanks for sharing your wonderful words and stunning photos 🌸

  8. Still my favourite stop with my coffee, love it, please don’t stop. Xx

  9. Vicki Smith says

    No, thank you

  10. Happy birthday Babymac! Thanks for sharing your life with us Beth. The lows alongside the many highs keep it real. I feel like you’re the friend I’ve never met. Larissa xx

  11. Happy blogiversary, BabyMac!

  12. My daughter is 7 years old so that’s how long I’ve been a follower. Thank you for your generosity, the laughter, the cool stuff, the heartfelt stories, the honesty. You are a little ray of sunshine on the internet and it may be old school to have a blog but I am na oldie so that’s alright by me. Again, thank you 🙏🏼

  13. Happy blog birthday! I love your recipes and life musings. You sometimes make me cry and often make me laugh! Keep it up! Good chat…x

  14. Beth I love your blog so much. I moved overseas 6 years ago with most of that time in Singapore. Your posts keep me connected to Australia ❤️

  15. When I first started following you, I went back and read every single blog post you wrote. Created so many of your recipes and watched your gorgeous kids grow up. I adore your family, where you live and your life. You make me laugh even on shitty days, and sometimes I cry along witb you. I hope you stay here for another 14 years. Happy 14th Birthday. X

  16. Congratulations, Beth. Thanks for sharing so much with us. Your blog is such a warm and welcoming place.

  17. Happy birthday BabyMac.

    A shortcut link to BabyMac is saved on my work desktop, first among the few (like three) blogs I love and read every post of. How many Friday nights before I knock off have I printed out a cheeky recipe or two, we’ll never know!

    I love what you do and the way you do it. I love how you live and the way you appreciate it.

    Don’t ever stop, please!

    My favourite post series of all time – the preggo updates with Miss Maggie, and I’m not (and never wanted to be) a mum! So human, so vulnerable, so beautiful. Can you believe that ride started six years ago???? Thank GOODNESS for Miss Maggie.

    Big hugs to you Beth, you’re a superstar xxxxxxxx

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