Monday Meal Ideas: Family Faves

Well here we are on Monday 11th where here in NSW some of our freedoms are returned to us today. Shops! Restaurants! Bars! A little regional travel! I swing wildly from let’s never cook anything ever again in our homes to overwhelm and exhaustion and let’s just stay in a little bit longer. I’m sure many of us will be feeling the same way. AND until I have my kids back at school (Maggie is next Monday and then the big two the following Monday 25th) it won’t feel that different. That said, it’s still a big improvement and we have lots more on this week than we have had for ages. Here are some of the things I have in mind for our week ahead:

Lamb & salad wraps
5 minute wonton soup
Potato rosti 
Green pig pasta

However you are feeling this week – excited, overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, elated…I hope that you get through it all. One day at a time. We are headed into week 9 at home with the girls but there will most definitely be a spring in my step for sure. Hope you are doing ok x


  1. All the feelings Beth, all the feelings … possibly anxious at the top of the list … as it has been for the last, oh I don’t know, two years or so …

  2. These recipes are fab, thank you.
    I’m definitely going to make the Green Pig Pasta this week and the lamb & salad wraps has reminded me how often i used to make pumpkin and feta wraps when we lived in Australia, so i might do them again this week.
    We’re finally in October school holidays this week after the most ‘normal’ school term we’ve had in Scotland since March 2020. Kids were back to all their activities & its all been v full on. Its a hard adjustment to make. I’m starting a new job next week – based next to Edinburgh Castle so its not all bad – but feeling all the feels about commuting, meeting people in real life 3d, balancing home and work again etc. Its a lot!
    Oh, and please can you tell Rob that I’m loving his podcast! I listen to it at lunchtimes when the kids are out at school and my husband has office days and it makes me laugh and feels oddly comforting having his lovely Aussie voice reading me a story!

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