Monday Meal Ideas: Feeding the endless masses

Hello friends, hope that you are feeling Ok this Monday morning as a new week greets us. I can’t believe how much of this current state of affairs is a mental battle: it’s a rollercoaster and I am spending so much of my time psyching myself up to stay positive as I ride the waves. I am keeping busy, keeping to a routine and creating rhythms for us all that give us something to look forward to. There’s lots of walking, lots of exercise and LOTS of eating…which means lots of cooking which is a good thing for me! Here are some ideas for batch cooking for the week ahead as I’m sure that your place is like ours and constantly needing food.

Pork & Chorizo Sausage rolls
Best cafe style blueberry muffins
Jam drop biscuits
Soft bread rolls

Hope that you guys have a good week ahead, stay positive where you can even though the news is certainly depressing in NSW and looks like it will continue to stay the same. I am keeping away from the news where possible…watching lots of TV and listening to lots of podcasts…it’s a non stop distraction project! Hope that you are OK xx

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