Monday Meal Ideas: veggie snacks and sides

Good morning friends! Boy was it hard to get out of bed this morning…those Monday mornings sure do come around pretty quickly. I hope that you all had a great weekend enjoying the beautiful weather that we had here. Sunshine! Cooler days! Beautiful light! Autumn is here and I couldn’t be happier to revisit my favourite season of all.

I have been focusing on our health again over the past week with LOTS of veggies and smoothies where possible so my focus today was to share some snacks and sides with veggies that are good to keep the hunger at bay. Make a batch and snack on these when that hunger arrives mid arvo – my kids will also give these a go too when they get home from school STARVING…I always find that if you can get them when they are so hungry you can steak in some veggies without too much trouble.

Fried eggplant
Parmesan & cauliflower crisps
Cauliflower crack
Zucchini chips

How is your week ahead looking? We have some heat weather and cooler temps on the way I think which always makes me happy. Our garden is looking so beautiful again after all the rain we had – it’s a reminder that no matter what, things can always come back. A garden can be so forgiving. Always lessons in nature out there. Hope you all have a great week – be kind, be brave, be gentle with yourself x


  1. delicious! thanks beth!
    good lessons too!

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