The Italian Job (and or dinner party for 6)

Have you been travelling via Instagram at the moment too? Watching the world enjoy the beauty of Italy or France while we are stuck here in Australia with our borders, well boarded up and our states locked down in the midst of winter? Some days it can be an actual salve for the soul, seeing that beauty and joy and simple moments that we miss and we know that one day we will enjoy again. I hope? Please? I have been following @Eminchilli on Instagram who lives in Italy and travels between Umbria and Rome and right now is deep in the joy of Italy in summer. Her walks, her coffees, her swims, her lunches on  the terrace and her dinners with neighbours and friends have almost bought me to tears with their beauty and I am so grateful that she shares them with the world  so that we get a glimpse too, even though we are a million miles away.

Last week I decided that I would throw together a little Italian dinner party for 6 (we are in regional NSW and not currently locked down and are allowed to invite a total of 5 people into our home at any one time). A little soiree to enjoy some Italian food, set the table and dress up and enjoy a little dinner and escape from the real world for. a few hours. Because there was just 3 couples I allocated a course to each of them: Lucy and Chris bought the entree, I did the main course and Annie and Adam did dessert. I bought out the fancy linen that Mum bought me for my 40th, I got some flowers, I lit those candles and we enjoyed La Dolce Vita even just for a few hours. And even though it was dark and winter and not an Italian landscape in sight.

Italian Dinner Party for 6

Pecorino & quince paste
Polenta chips

Beef Carpaccio with rocket, watercress & parmesan

Veal Saltimbocca
Crispy glass potatoes
Cavalo Nero with roasted garlic & olive oil
Slow roasted tomato salad with burrata

Lemon Sorbet
Orange chocolate biscuits

Almond bread
Baci chocolates

Daisy even made us a Spotify playlist which we listened to all night long. You can listen to it here.

I had a few people ask about the kids and what we do with them when having a dinner like this. Daisy babysat Lucy’s two at her place and my little two stayed and chatted for a while and then went to bed when we were eating. Thankfully this wasn’t a very late night with everyone home before midnight!

It was such a lovely evening – there is something about a smaller dinner where everyone is sitting around the table and having the same conversation that’s extra special. We escaped the real world for a few hours and enjoyed all those simple pleasures I have been taking such enjoyment from on Instagram: friends, family, good food and a table…all things that make my heart sing. I hope you have enjoyed it too from afar, I know how tough so many people are doing it and I hope it helped you escape, just for a moment too x


  1. Vicki Rogers says

    Beth Thankyou. I also follow Elizabeth and Sophi. Loving the Italian landscapes and dreaming of returning one day. The food looked delicious and the whole evening lookid divine ❤️

  2. Absolutely amazing. Fabulous menu and photos.
    The playlist is a treat!

  3. You might also like to follow @emikodavies. She is a Japanese Australian woman who has lived all over the world, now married to an Italian sommelier. Emiko’s parents live in Canberra so there is a very local connection. She has written 4 lovely cookbooks and posts often about her small Italian village, food and life. Emiko is lovely in person and her Instagram is delightful,

  4. Love it! We are in the midst of little kids at the moment so entertaining (which gives me my vim & vigour) is hard and I am missing it a lot. I love the effort you guys went to so much. Menu was perfection. And Insta story of you cooking saltimbocca was hilarious!! Thank you! And so glad you guys had a great night.

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