Trinny London: 4 weeks in

One of the most requested messages I have one Instagram at the moment besides RECIPE?! is how are you going with Trinny London? Is it worth the money? Are you loving it? Are you a little meh on it all? So I thought I better give you guys a proper update given it’s been about 1 month now since all my products arrived.

For those not playing along, Lucy and I did a IGTV at the start of May going through how Lucy loves loves LOVES her products and how she wanted me to get onboard too. You can watch that here. This goes for about 19 minutes. Lucy is 5 years younger than me and every time she would come into work with her dewy decimal system face GLOWING I would be like…why? How? Help! And so she tried. We ordered the products and literally in less than 7 days they came from London to regional NSW. It’s not bad is it? You have to hand it to them with the delivery…it’s fast!

So what did I get?

I suppose the hardest thing to choose is the huge range of colours and shades…it’s impossible to know! You can do a colour matching thing online with your hair and skin type/eye colour etc but I did have a few people tell me online that they used the zoom service service where you book in an appointment with someone (I think it takes 45 mins and the cost of it is offset against any products that you buy). I was going off Lucy’s choices so perhaps this wasn’t my best choice given she is 5 years younger than me!

We also got one round and then I realised that I had forgotten some things so had to go back and order some more…see how dangerous it is? I also think there is free shipping over $150 spent so you tend to add to cart till you get there (which isn’t hard).

I grabbed in total:

1 x BFF Serum De-Stress
1 x BFF Cream skin perfector (light/medium)
1 x miracle blur
1 x Just a touch (TRINTON)
1 x Candlelight
1 x Wisdom (eyes)
1 x Trust (eyes)
1 x Vision (eyes)
1 x Lovers (eyes)
1 x Freddie (Lip to cheek)

I do like to have quite a smoky eye so my colours are quite dark and I now know that I need to get some more lighter colours. See? Add back to cart. And don’t even get me started on how good all the videos are that are on Instagram. I would literally get into bed and watch one after the other. It was all very soothing and informative.

So how did it go?

I was so excited to give it all a go and have that dewy, collagen rich look that Lucy had every time she came into the office or any time that I saw my friend Mrs Munro out who looks magnificent and glowy with her Trinny on. NOTE TO SELF BETH: they are both 5 years younger and one geriatric pregnancy down on you.

Here’s me. Hopeful! Freshly showered and cleansed (I have been trying really hard to focus on my skincare for the past 4 or so years and currently use Ultracueticals which you can read about in any of these posts).

And then after the first time I used it:

I guess the main thing I noticed straight away was the lack of coverage I was used to with the traditional foundation/concealer trick that I have become used to over the years. I felt like my pigmentation was still there and still weeks on, that seems to be my main concern. Let’s go through each of the areas and how I find it.

Base creams

I love the BFF skin perfector a lot. It feels great, smells great and I love that it has SPF in it. It’s taken me a little time to get the combo of all these products to work for me, but on week 4, I feel like I am getting there. I do feel like I will run out of them pretty quick though. I love the miracle blur (especially for around the lips and in my eye wrinkles…it’s like spac filler for your face and at 44, I need that). I was confused about the just a touch foundation, but have gotten better at applying more and blending more on top. I think I will change my shade though as it just seems too light. I also love the candlelight, which is like highlighter that I put everywhere! Even as eyeshadow.

I think the thing I love most about these base coverages is the lightness of it. It gets better as the day goes on and it doesn’t feel like it’s rubbing off onto everything which I feel like with a traditional foundation. The coverage is just not what I hoped for (but this could be down to me having the wrong shades). It’s natural, light and doesn’t come off. I just don’t have that GLOW that others seems to have. Might be my cold, dead heart though. I have found on some days when I feel like I need it, I have gone back to my regular foundation (and on those days Lucy is like you look great! See? And I’m like, it’s not Trinny!). I also am waiting on the BFF eye concealer cooler thingy which is out of stock but Lucy said I need to get. I think I do too!


This is my favourite thing about TRINNY. The luxe, creamy, rich eye colours. I love putting them on, I love blending with my fingers and I love that as the day goes on, they stay and they develop (if that’s possible) and seem to get better. I just need about 10 more to mix it all up! The ones that I chose (as I mentioned) are for darker eyes that I like so I need to try some more of the lighter colours and shimmers. I can’t recommend these highly enough – except for the fact that unlike a palette you might buy, and there’s LOTS to choose from and play with, you have to have a crack, wait, then play and then decide if you like it. That’s hard. But I will defo be adding more of these to cart.

Lip to Cheek

I only bought one of these and it’s my least favourite product of the lot. It feel dry and cake to me and not conducive to putting on my lips. Plus I don’t understand how you are meant to apply it on the go through the day but then you have it all over your finger? Using it as a blush isn’t bad, but I don’t think I will waste my time with these.

So what’s the verdict?

I feel like I am still deciding! Is that ok? It’s taken me 4 weeks to finally feel like I am getting the hang of it, and I need to see how long it takes me for those base cream tubes to run out before I decide fully.

I love:

  • the videos and resources available to help you on Insta
  • the way they all stack together and you can group them
  • the speedy delivery
  • the lightness and how it feels on
  • how easy it is to take off at the end of the day
  • the way the colours seem to develop as the day goes on
  • the creamy eye shadows that are was to apply and fun to play with (you can’t make mistakes)

I’m not so sure about:

  • how I’ll churn through it
  • the fact I can’t read the bottom of the pots to see what they are!
  • choosing the wrong shades
  • continuing to add to cart trying to strike gold (that’s an expensive exercise)
  • the coverage for my skin feels too light
  • applying everything with your finger can feel clumsy

So I will report back on another month I think and see how I feel then. Literally just this week I feel like I am getting the hang of it all…but now I want more eyeshadows to create more and different looks but really don’t “need” them you know?

My friend Nikki is also a Trinny super fan (and 10 years older than me) and has some great recent posts on skincare which you can read here and here and there are lots more on her blog.

But enough about me. So many of YOU are huge fans and I would love to know what you think. What I am missing? What I need to try? What I need to miss? Tell us everything, good or bad to see if we can help others make the decision or not.

Thanks for coming to my piss weak TedX talk!


  1. Marianne says

    I too have been using Trinny for a while. I don’t have as many products as you, I love the BFF distress tinted serum & the eye shadows. Also love the trinitron concealer – one of the best I’ve had. I’ve wanted more products but have resisted as very exy!! I also feel I need more coverage ( I’m 43), I think it’s getting used to a lighter look??

  2. I caught the Trinny train too, and yes it can get expensive and addictive. Wasted some money buying the wrong BFF serum colour as the match4me wasn’t right so bought again in right shade. Coverage was an issue with me although I like not having a foundation look on my cheeks to hairline. I use a bit of my old foundation on and around my nose and chin where it needs staying power and better coverage. I do like the just a touch product for better coverage too. The BFF eye ? I’m not a huge fan as it makes my mascara slip a bit. I use it occasionally. The ip products I’ve not worked out – I layer them over my base lippy, an Aveda one when I want some gloss but they’ve no staying power. Recommend buying some good makeup brushes for the eye and lip products- I got a good value Natio set which works fine,

  3. I’m a Trinny Fan. I found the match 2 me selector invaluable as I really have no idea about what will suit me. I have Freddie and it’s my favourite product. I will slap that stuff on my cheeks, my lips and my eyelids!

  4. I’ve been on Trinny bandwagon for close to a couple of years. I like the coverage ( or lightness of it the most) I think less is more works better on 50 plus skin. I agree on the lip to cheek but I do like them as blush on cheek but zero staying on lips so still use Mac. I love the eye products best too.
    Give the BFF/destress a further go.

  5. I had trouble with identifying my skin tone with Match2Me as I’m a bit pigmented and didn’t like the eye and lip colours I received – agree the lip2 cheek is very dry. I have rosacea and perioral dermatitis and feel like the range might work best for people who have pretty good skin in the first place? I love Trinny though. This was before the zoom consultations were available but the makeup is expensive and I’m not sure I’ll try again.

  6. I hear so many great things but the cost puts me off! How much did your initial haul cost you?

    Also now you’ve mentioned the light coverage, that would be a concern too, I’ve got freckles and I put makeup on to cover those bad boys up lol, no point if they’d still be shining through ☺️

  7. I have been using Trinny for 6 months or so. I love love love the BFF and the BFF destress but I only use them for everyday. I revert back to a more full coverage foundation for going out and night time. I love the dewy, light and fresh look for everyday. I also love the eyeshadows. I’m shit at blending powdered eyeshadow. Who knew using a cream and your finger would be so much easier?? I am not a fan of the miracle blur – maybe my 57 year old wrinkles are just too deep for it! I’m also not a fan of the lip to cheek. I find it a bit drying. I have also found that I spend far too much time watching the videos and I’ve become slightly obsessed with Trinny😳

  8. Hello. I’ve got loads of pigmentation and rosacea. I do: BFF30+, BFF destress, and then quite a liberal application of JAT but only on spots where colour is still showing through. Think it’s the best of both worlds.
    Also hot tip – share the e2e shades with a friend or two, using extra tpots (or no brand pots if you’re not fussy). Cheaper to get the whole range and see what you do and don’t like…..

  9. Do the virtual makeup consultation! Cost is given back as credit on products and it was great. Lovely girl (sorry woman – I am 59 and am so intimidated by cosmetic counter “girls”), convenient time even for us in Australia -I did mine on a Sunday morning! Got some good ideas for colour match as I doubted my self using the match 2 me. No hard sell either. They emailed a list of recommended colours that we spoke about too.

  10. I bought a shade darker of BFF cream than was recommended, (medium instead of light medium) bff eye concealer serum, a bronzer and the magic spac filler. I’ll be honest I don’t love the magic spac, it fells very heavy on my skin and like it’s clogging every single pore. I do like the BFF cream and the BFF eye concealer for every day, but I have always liked a lighter coverage and will usually mix foundation with face oil to thin it out. Also the bronzer is nice – makes me look sun kissed, which is what I was aiming for. I am still waiting to see if they cause breakouts and blackheads though, because that’s what makeup usually does to my skin. I think I like Trinny BUT I’m also still wondering if they were worth all the $$$!!

  11. I do like my Trinny products. I am a makeup minus 53 year old, so it’s good to be putting on a sunscreen (ultraviolette) and the BFF every day rather than nothing. I rarely put on a full face – brows, mascara and lippy get a run most days, so adding in something extra helps. I have miracle blur and just a touch, some lip to cheek and eye stuff – I bought the Christmas promo two in one pots. I think part of the Trinny thing is keeping it light and loving the skin you’re in. I do love the difference it makes when I make an effort. So there’s my tedtalk!

  12. Hmmmm the jury is still out for me. Can’t we have coverage as well as dewy youthful looking skin (I’m 45)? Why can’t we have it all? I feel my BFF is too light but not sure if I’ll bother buying it in a darker shade just to try. I’m enjoying playing with all my pots but I’m not sure if I feel as polished or fresh. I’ll persist a while longer. Keep us posted if you find ‘the trick’ to nailing that flawless dewy look.

  13. I’m 46 and Ive been using Trinny London for about 6 weeks. I reckon my stash is almost as big as Trinny’s that she spins around on that wheel!! Add to cart indeed!!!! I adore the BFF & BFF Destress (personally I won’t re-purchase the BFF eye as it’s very sheer and doesn’t cover my dark circles). I had to go up a shade in JAT. The eye shadows are so good, aren’t they! Long wearing, easy to apply & blend and no creasing! The Lip to Cheek, I don’t mind but you definitely need a gloss over the top of lips. Trinny’s lip glosses are divine and what I probably love the most are the Sheer Shimmers! These are lovely mixed over the dryer L2C or any other lip colours and add a gorgeous glow on top of an existing blush or on its own as blush (if a deep enough shade). If you want a youthful glow, definitely try some of these.

  14. I found the BFF and the BFF destress coverage too light for my 62 year old pigmented skin so mix it 50/50 with Clinique serum formula foundation, much nicer coverage without the heaviness of a full o foundation, love the eyes and cheeks not fond of the lipping, also upped my light distress to light/medium much better 👍

  15. I love everything except for the lip to cheek. They feel like old fashioned greasy lipsticks to me and don’t stay on. Won’t be repurchasing any of those. I like the lighter feel but need to use both BFF cream skin perfector and the BFF serum de-stress. I wish the de-stress had SPF in it so I didn’t have to do the double up.

  16. I’m another fan but definitely mix and match Trinny products in with others. I also went a deeper shade with destress and BFF. I quite like the combo of BFF with a tiny amount of another foundation over the top on days where I feel like more coverage, but also like the usual Trinny combo. Just depends on what I feel like and what look I want – and that’s not the same everyday.

    Love the E2E, but also like the maybelline and revlon pots (plus much cheaper esp when 50% off) so happy to mix and match to broaden out my colour options without breaking the bank. I do blend them out with a fluffy brush after finger application to really make them seamless. Ive never been much of an eye shadow wearer before – never able to get them to look much good – but Trinny has changed that so it’s probably the biggest impact for me. I’m much more playful with my makeup rather than just slapping on the same combo everyday.

    I also use max factor and elf cream blushes and find them similar to Trinny but much less $$ and gives me more options to play with.

    I guess the only downside to mixing with others brands it that not everything stacks – but I’m not one for touch ups on the run anyway so don’t carry a stack around with me in any case. I’m the same with my skin care tho – I’m not brand loyal and like to try different things – so perhaps no matter how good I’d still mix and match?

  17. The eyeshadows intrigue me, but I’d probably buy a brush to put it on with rather than my finger

  18. Caroline says

    I am so not a makeup person but feel I ‘need a bit’, esp to sort discoloration and sunspots. I am also almost allergic to spending money on this sort of stuff. But … then I discovered Trinny! I did the online Match 2 Me and while I had trouble identifying with any of the women totally, the colours I ended up with work beautifully. I use BFF and BFF Destress followed by a HINT of Just a Touch on my blotchy bits, literally a finger gently tapped into the product and then onto the blotch. (Beth, I heard you refer to it as foundation and I wonder if you are perhaps overdoing the JAT? It is so much thicker and chalkier than the beautifully silky and glowy BFF pair and would produce a different end result if used all over.) I am still using the same pot of JAT I bought more than a year ago, and am onto my third BFF in more than 2 years. I’m still going with the Destress I bought at Christmas. (I wasn’t sure about Destress to start with but I adore it now – I really do feel and look better at the end of the day when I’m wearing it. I was applying too much initially and ended up w nasty tidelines but now just use one pump to do my whole face and it’s perfect.) I use the JAT daily and the BFFs 2-3 times a week (I use a Garnier BB if I’m at home on the farm), although a little less in 2020, due to lockdowns. I’ve just bought my first Flush Blush and love it – so natural and so easy to apply (doesn’t dislodge the JAT on the sunspot on my cheek). I can tell it will last for ages too. So, all up I’m more than happy spending the $ and just love how these products make me feel and look. I leave the house feeling glowy and fresh – and I’m 61!

    • That’s so good Caroline! I have actually been LOVING it this week – like I have turned a corner with it. Thanks for sharing x

  19. Katherine says

    I agree with a lot of your comments. I am
    slightly obsessed with Trinny and her face looks amazing when she just slaps everything in but it hasn’t really worked for me. I bought the BFF destress and liked it a lot but used it v quickly. I find the eye colours lovely but they seem to slide off and not last so for the money I prefer the Laura Mercier eye crayon thingos. I have some of the lip to cheek and I do like Freddie and Wiggs but I use a brush now and also add a gloss over my lips and cheeks as the colours are so dry. I’m not completely convinced. The stacks are fun and I do like the multiple uses but overall I think it’s hard to beat the Nars multiple sticks (south beach and orgasm) and some of the other brands like Milk and Nude Stix. More to fuel your addiction and send you broke 😳

  20. Haven’t tried Trinny yet but am a huge fan of Ultraceuticals, I’m yet another five years older than you probably and I have seen huge improvements with my skin texture and pygmentation…one thing, though…you say you like a smoky eye, but the photo of you in full make up looks very natural and light to me…

  21. Kylie Hawker says

    Hi Beth, how are you going with the Trinny products after another month or so has passed?
    Any updates?

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