A little mid week woo woo

Most mornings I wake up and while Rob makes my morning coffee I spend a riveting 5 minute telling him the intricate details of whatever dream I have had. It must be truly fascinating for him (sorry Rob). I have always been a vivid dreamer, someone who has a strong intuition for things or people, whatever you like to call it, and so dreams can be a bit full on.

The past few months have been particularly so, I dream of people, dead and alive (although mostly dead the last few months) I wake crying, I see all sorts of graphic and full on images that wake me in the early morning and sometimes (with a combo of per-menopause) have me starting my day at 3am. It’s as fun as it sounds.

Before I had Maggie I visited a kiniesologist to help me with a little voodoo about being ok with change and being in the right frame of mind for the huge life change that comes with having a baby. With meditation and a mantra I was in such a good frame of mind for all those tricky (previously) months that come for me when I have a newborn. And it helped, it really helped. I thrived with her birth and her early childhood was a hugely healing and instinctual time for me as a Mum.

A month or so ago I had an urge, one day out of the blue to find a Kiniesologist again. Not sure why, but I did it and a quick search later I had an appointment booked in. I wasn’t even sure why exactly I was going…I had some changes with work that we were stuck on, I needed to get through some barriers and I thought what’s the harm of going for a session?

I arrived and when I was asked what and why I was there I simply had to say “I don’t know” but here I am. And we spent an hour or so placing crystals here and there, her holding my foot for a long time for my plantar facititis and then getting some drops to place under my tongue for a few days. So did I feel better? I don’t know. I know that over the next week or so I had some breakthroughs in business and that I dream of dead people more than ever. In fact, I feel like my intuition has ramped up a bit. So I don’t know…

I think with any of these things you already know the answers or changes that need to be made. It always helps to talk to someone or even just say it out loud to yourself, or someone else to have the answer (that you knew already) come to you. It’s just the way things work right? I certainly don’t think it was a bad thing, but I also don’t know if I had the clarity and direction and focus I had the last time I saw one before Maggie’s birth. Maybe because I didn’t actually know what I was looking for.’

In any case, like I have been trying to get my skin sorted with facials every few months, like I try to read and go to bed early, get up early, this is just another tool in my kit to clear out any energy in my body that might need moving. I think I might need to get back there and get a few more sessions sorted before I have a definitive answer on any of it.

But I would love to hear from you guys about this stuff?
What are some ways you work on you?
What’s some woo woo you tap into?
Got any tips for me on getting my intuition sorted and stop visits from dead people/or not and getting more sleep?


  1. This year I will celebrate my 30th wedding anniversary. We decided after a few years of marriage to never talk to each other about our dreams ( mostly it was me doing the talking) because we decided that there is nothing so boring as listening to other people’s dreams. So good on Rob for listening!!!! I am at a roadblock and need to figure a way through. Maybe acupuncture? I enjoy your stories, but maybe not your dreams…….

  2. I’ve been seeing a Chinese medicine acupuncturist & she’s incredible. So much more than just acupuncture. She’s really helped change many aspects of my life! I’m now off dairy, having 20 minute naps at 2pm, drinking celery juice & loads more – all for self care.

  3. I come from a conventional health background but am open to a bit of woo woo. I recently went to a chakra balancing/meditation/essential oils and sound bath workshop. Loved it! Helped quieten the mind and was deeply relaxing. It’s called AromaZen, check it out. Next week I am attending a Forest Therapy session which is supposed to reduce stress by being in nature, a friend is training in this field. I think it’s important to seek out things that help us and to teach our kids about finding ways to manage stress, we are good at teaching them everything else but do we teach them how to relax too?

  4. Sue Buckley says

    Beth, try a large handful of lemon balm placed in a mug with 250 mls of boiling water In the morning. Leave this to steep till 30 minutes before bed. You should get a good sleep and wake up restful . I also take a high strength magnesium tablet with the tea. Also use time falling to sleep concentrating on breathing in and out and not what’s on your mind. I also have strong intuition and hate my dreams and do not revisit in my thoughts when awake. Truly love your posts and good luck.

  5. Christine says

    Hi Beth, I found this very interesting. I’m much older than you, more your mum’s age. However, I wake early and can’t get back to sleep, worry all the time. One of my main problems beside a broken shoulder is plantar fasciitis, I was advised to try kinesiology but have been too scared (I don’t know why) to try. I’ve had it almost a year now. Just wondering did it help your foot at all? Wishing you well with the other issues.

    • I have plantâr fasciitis too – it’s such a killer! Might be worth trying…that said I still am in agony with mine! I do think it has to do with digestion etc which also corresponds to the 3am wake up time too. It’s all connected! Good luck x

  6. Hello Beth,
    I think if I dream of loved ones, family or friends, who have died – I am flattered I have been chosen to see and remember them. I believe they are taking care of us; perhaps they appear for a reason, which doesn’t make itself apparent straight away. Perhaps they would like to think you might welcome seeing them, smile at recognition and return to sleep thinking the reason for seeing them will just appear when least expected.

  7. Hi Beth, sounds like you have a special gift. I love a bit of woo woo! Waking early not fun though. Re the Plantar Fasciitis … I am a part of an Intermittent Fasting group on Facebook with Gin Stephens and also listen to her podcasts – Intermittent Fasting Stories with Gin Stephens and I hear so many people say that Intermittent Fasting has cured their Plantar Fasciitis (I don’t actually know what this is but I always hear people saying that it is better after IF). I have been IF for 10 months now and I did come for the weight loss at the beginning but I am totally in it for the health benefits now… so easy and I have never felt better. So much energy and I have never been more productive. I also have started taking magnesium and think it helps me sleep – but I actually take it to help keep me regular. Anyway- way too much oversharing and feel like I am preaching a little too much IF here… but just thought of it when you mentioned your foot problems and also noticed another lady – Christine – mention it too.

  8. Narelle says

    Well done on following your intuition Beth!
    I am a psychic medium who first realised I could connect with the departed in my dream state.
    I would recommend you find a down to earth psychic medium who you resonate with and decide if it’s something you would like to develop.
    I was a financial planner for 7 years when spirit gave me a big push to help people intuitively and then through mediumship, I thought how can I a Mum in her 30’s do this work, especially as I look so mainstream and don’t like crushed velvet!
    I had grave concerns with coming out of the ‘spiritual closet’ and in all honesty I still do at times, but the absolute joy of connecting people to their past loved ones and providing them with evidential evidence that their loved ones are still very much apart of their lives and facilitating healing makes it so worthwhile.
    Wishing you all the best always: xx

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